Surmounting Unreasonable Situations

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I hope you all are faring well; it is great to be here today to share with you all yet another interesting topic.

The topic at hand today may seem pretty straight forward however when scrutinized in the deepest sense of it, one can see that it is very intricate. The first part to getting a thorough grasp of any situation we deem unreasonable is to first ask ourselves; by whose perception is this situation being seen as unreasonable? What we may term as being unreasonable, may be seen by someone else as totally reasonable. So there is a question of perception. It is natural for many of you to start to question this point right away saying, “what does he mean by this?”

Usually when faced with an unreasonable situation our first response is to react accordingly with what we deem as “reasonable” and thus shut out anything else that is opposed to our ideology. Speaking from personal experience I must say that the instance we take a moment to reflect and analyze a situation critically not from our perspective but wholistically, we begin to see through the unreasonableness. My Dad has the habit of saying “it is unreasonable to act unreasonably in a situation we think is unreasonable”. Sounds like a pun, but truth be told many people can’t even tell the difference. I know it sounds kind of contradictory to say that situations which we perceive as unreasonable are due to our perception and then few minutes later, tell you that people cannot tell a reasonable situation apart from an unreasonable one.

Allow me dispel this doubt, by citing an example. To an adult it is unreasonable to run around in one’s underwear and roll about in the sand, but to a kid this is fun and in fact you are missing out if you cannot join in. This is a situation of perception due to difference in ideology. Now should the adult spank the kid or try to give the child a sermon about how to be properly dressed at all times, the effects could be counter-productive and even brew hostility. Both parties here are right in their own perspective and trying to sway one from one side to another wouldn’t help much. With time the kid would grow up and also someday understand that he/she cannot expose themselves in public. This example is quite simple and many of us may have other examples which are a lot more complex and probably even more “unreasonable”.

One strong method to surviving unreasonable situations is to “do nothing”. Yea, coming from someone who is an advocate of being productive and active, doing nothing sounds like a bad advice but in a minute we shall see why. Take for instance you are having your bath, and you are covered in lather and suddenly a known lunatic comes into the bathroom and grabs your towel and dashes out. You have two options, jump out of the bathroom naked, covered in lather and give the lunatic a hot pursuit in the attempt to recover your towel, or just remain calm and stay put in the bath. If you decide to take the first course of action of chasing the lunatic, you have just succeeded in making a lunatic out of yourself. People already know the guy with your towel is a lunatic, but seeing you running around naked, covered in lather, they may also draw the conclusion that you are probably insane too. If you choose the second option, you save yourself the embarrassment by refusing to act unreasonably in an unreasonable situation. This you have achieved by actually doing nothing.

So yes, sometimes life or people may throw situations at us which are seemingly unreasonable but our response to such situations show how much we really want to surmount them. Another aspect to unreasonable situations is what I refer to as the “back door” effect. When we deal with people we judge them based on what they say, do and what we think. In some cases we may also try to extrapolate their words or actions in order to try to “figure them out”. Thus naturally if someone bumps into us on the street, we immediately feel, “he/she is rude and lacks courtesy”. If we however try to see through the “back door” which is the underlying and unseen reason why most things happen we may be lucky to see a lot more. A person who bumps into you in a mall, may have been shoved by someone else from behind unknown to you, they may have tripped on someone’s foot, or maybe they were about to fall down from fatigue or an illness and you happened to save the fall but it appears as if they bumped into you. Seeing through the “back door” is just my own way of saying be more compassionate and try to walk a mile in the other person’s shoe before we try to crucify them.

What if they were actually just being rude and disrespectful? Do we also bump into them in retaliation? Do we hurl insults and curses at them? No, these only add to the unreasonableness of the entire situation and it could degenerate into something really nasty in a very short time. Again we do nothing, and just keep moving, and if it was unintentional, usually the person would apologize. If it was intentional, still we are not a victim, we don’t aggravate the situation and thus we surmount the unreasonable.

Thus a brief recap;

  1. Most unreasonable situations are to a large degree associated with our perception.
  2. Try to see through the “back door” for underlying reasons, thus giving the situation a better look.
  3. Be compassionate
  4. Accept the situation
  5. Do not act in an unreasonable manner, if you cannot tell the difference, Do nothing.

In life most things won’t make sense to many people, at least not when they happen at first and usually it takes a lot of time of reflection and even experience in life to be able to deduce lessons from the events in our lives. How can we learn if we obstruct those lessons by constantly acting in a manner that is also unreasonable?

I hope this sheds some light on the subject, till next week do read, reflect and share. Do remember to follow this blog for more.



Humans, Elementals, Aliens and Demigods

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It is with great delight that I again share with you all yet another interesting topic on this platform. I Hope you all are faring well.
In previous articles I have made it a great point of duty to share information that helps people in general irrespective of their socio-religious affiliations and to achieve this I have taken great care to divulge things that are easy for everyone to assimilate. Today I shall however go outside my usual circle of operation and divulge a little more about some very interesting topic, one that usually generates a lot of controversy or even conspiracy theories. The million dollar question is; are we alone in this universe or even on this planet? Well believe it or not, the answer is NO, we are not alone. How do I know? There are a myriad of ways to prove the existence of other beings present in our universe and even planet, that are beyond the scope of science but logical enough go be understood scientifically.
I shall start my dissertation by elaborating a little bit more on the most familiar of all the above mentioned beings; Humans. It may come as a surprise to some of you that there are thousands of species of human beings, probably many people only know of white, black and brown humans. Well there is more than just three species of humans. The Eskimos may be seen as brown but do not necessarily fit into the category of brown people from Asia, because we all know they can survive at temperatures that many people cannot. Another interesting fact is, if you take one person each from west, north and south Africa, the chances are you will get three very distinct and different looking people with very different physical attributes even though they are from the same continent.
Besides physical characteristics which science may try to attribute to adaptation and evolution, we can see that there are many other attributes which make us very distinct individual species of the human race. Some human species can do favorably well in hot climates and even have bodies designed to resist heat and ward of radiation while others cant even stand such temperatures. On the other hand we have other species who have become so in tune with nature that they seem to possess abilities which others see as supernatural. I wont dwell too much on human beings as we have enough examples around us to study with our physical eyes and all we need to do is step out of our little bubbles. I shall however spend more time talking about those beings many of us cannot see with our naked eyes, at least until we either develop ourselves spiritually enough to see them or are in their own dimension.
Next on the list are beings called elementals, they are so called because they have bodies which is predominantly dominated by one of the elements and are found to live in that element.
The elements are Air, Water, Fire, and Earth with a fifth Ether. Some categorize them into gnomes, undines, sylphs and salamanders, just another way to describe them as per the elements. Elementals are similar to humans in certain ways and also different in certain ways. Depending on which element they originate from, their attributes also differ. For example elementals of the Earth element are strong, they live long, they possess great wealth, healing abilities and vary in height. Water elementals are elegant, beautiful, possess great wealth, healing abilities, very knowledgeable and can unravel mysteries easily. The air elementals are strong, some are mischievous, rather easy to communicate with as compared to the other elementals, they are good in revealing knowledge which is not easily attained etc.
The fire elementals are very powerful, good teachers, possess healing abilities etc. it is worthy to mention that the above characteristics are just a brief description of their qualities, as to describe in detail their qualities here would be impossible. This is because every elemental is different and unique and each has very outstanding qualities. Now one may begin to imagine that these beings may be very powerful and even superior to human beings, but it may come as a surprise to hear that despite these amazing qualities that the elementals possess, they are still inferior to human beings in the hierarchy of living beings and with the right training and practice they could be seen and even made to carry out different tasks.
Many psychics of the past and even the present have been able to communicate with these elementals and have gained a lot of knowledge from them. Next on our list are Aliens, or at least what people refer to as aliens. Contrary to what is depicted on TV and movies these beings are not all slimy and deformed. However one correct depiction of them is their advancement in technology. The reason been these beings come from realms which are not as conducive as planet Earth and as such need a lot of technology to survive. I know many people feel technology is a sign of advancement but to be honest, the level of advancement of a civilization is the degree to which they are not dependent on technology. If people need technology to do everything then it shows how un-conducive their environment is, and how limited they are. The elementals for example do not need machines to move from place to place and can move at the speed of their mind and thoughts; this is a much superior means of transportation as compared to machines with issues of pollution. (I know this seems contradictory as I said humans are superior to elementals, however the positive side of being human is we can develop abilities too and even surpass them).
It is also a wrong idea to think that there is no life on any other planet in this entire universe just because we cannot “see” them yet. There are so many things we cannot see that exist right before our very eyes, but with the right help we eventually feel their presence or see them. Before the electron microscope was invented, no one would believe that there was a thing called bacteria or even virus, but now we do. If I have to parachute from another planet and land in the sahara desert, I just might leave thinking that there is no life on Earth, because there will be most probably just sand and dust all around. To think that an entire planet exists “vacant” is even contradictory to the laws of science which says there is no empty space, even the most empty of spaces has air and air has microbes, etc.
I would like to take a pause here and let my readers digest these and next week I shall deliberate more on Aliens and Demigods. Till then have a blissful week and do read, like and follow my blog space.

Managing Desires

Dear readers, it is yet another week for sharing wonderful insights on very esoteric topics. I hope you all had a great weekend.
Today we shall discuss on a topic more personal and relevant in our spiritual quest and something we all face practically everyday; the concept of desires.
As living beings with various impressions and contacts with different forms of energy and multi interactions with numerous people we are sure to be subject to a wide range of desires acquired through these various channels. We also live in times when there is always something out there to desire, to want and to long for. The media constantly feeds our mind and we are almost at the mercy of the steady influx of advertisements which further stimulates our thoughts and desires.
Due to the fact that we are entities with desires, one sure factor which we cannot rid ourselves off is the factor of desires. We will always have them, we cannot be “desire less”. Contrary to some school of thought who claim to be able to rid people of their desires by teaching them some “techniques” or meditation process, it is rather more of an irony as the desire to rid oneself of desires is also a desire in itself. Suffice it to say that due to lack of proper understanding of the concept of desires many people have fallen into such cheap traps.
So what is wrong in having desires anyway? Well to be frank there is absolutely nothing wrong in having desires; provided they are selfless and God centered. The average person has many desires run through his mind and consciousness everyday but how many of theses desires have anything to do with pleasing the Supreme Lord or even geared towards that direction. We desire big houses, big cars, big bank accounts, big titles, honorifics and positions, we desire to basically dominate everything that we see or interact with. Why is this so? The intrinsic nature of the soul which is our very core and essence; our true self, is that of one without limitations. So naturally it has the nature to want to do anything it pleases unrestricted. Second and most important reason is because the nature of the soul is that of eternal bliss. Thus the soul is constantly searching for that which will give it unlimited bliss. The only problem is that it does so by trying to connect with limited things.
One cannot find unlimited bliss in objects that are limited in themselves. It would be as though we try to power a torch eternally with cells that last only a few months, futile one would say. Well the sad part is despite the fact that we never seem to derive that unlimited bliss while constantly trying to fulfill our desires, we somehow or the other think if we can just fulfill the next desire maybe, just maybe we can get that bliss unlimitedly. So how does one get this unlimited bliss that I speak so much about?
We have to redirect our desires to an unlimited source,one that is inexhaustible and one that is very similar to our very own nature. This source is no other than the Supreme person from who we have all emanated and so it is only natural that when we dovetail our desires with activities related to the supreme person then not only do we get the satisfaction of fulfilling our desires but we also have the great benefit of pleasing the Supreme being from who we then derive unlimited bliss. By using our desires to please the Supreme being we are sure to get unlimited bliss because the Lord is sure to reciprocate with us and His reciprocation is always more than we can imagine.
One important idea to consider with desires is that they don’t reduce by trying to satisfy them neither can we fulfill them all. Trying to satisfy our endless stream of desires is like trying to put out a flame by pouring fuel. It only gets bigger and bigger and burns with more intensity. Thus naturally we should try to seek the company or association of those who aren’t into the “fueling” business, that is we seek the association of those who know how to redirect our desires not by trying to endlessly fulfill them all but by using them for the satisfaction of the Supreme being.
The explanation given here is the gross form of desires which most of us have and can easily manage, with the right training, attitude and association. However we also have desires which are subtle and beyond what we have usually. This is a lot more difficult to deal with and is what many spiritual practitioners face as obstacles in their spiritual quest.
I will speak about this in my next article, probably a part two of this or a continuation. Till then do have a blissful week ahead.
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Dear readers, it is a pleasure to be with you all once again. I hope you all are faring well. The last week has been pretty busy but quite interesting. I have been able to reschedule my activities and we are in ‘god-speed’.

Today I felt I share a very powerful topic with you all, Prayer. Irrespective of your religious background one thing that is sure is we are all encouraged to pray. Prayer is a form of communication with a divine force, energy or person. Just like we have chats, dialogues, meetings etc. on our physical realm, we also have prayers as a means of conversation beyond the physical. The question is why Prayers?

Besides the obvious fact of communication with the supernatural, prayers have been an integral part of the existence of living beings. In order to get the audience of a respectable personality here on Earth we have to write a letter requesting for “audience”. In this letter we employ the choicest of words and usually speak in a mood of reverence. When this letter gets to the person in question he/she pleased/displeased by the words may or may not grant the audience. In the Vedas we have numerous cases of the Demigods, the administrators of the supreme Lord, offer various prayers to Him in various occasions. Sometimes, they offer a prayer to seek audience, sometimes they offer a prayer to ask for protection, or sometimes just to glorify the Supreme Lord. The previous and present prophets and spiritual teachers have made very conscious efforts to teach us the mood, words and attitude to employ when praying to God.

In the Bible, Jesus Christ taught his disciples how to pray by employing the Lord’s Prayer; Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name…..” It is interesting to note that the introduction of the prayer gives praise to the name of the Lord. For in prayer the name of the Lord has to be employed. It is further mentioned in the Bible that the Lord is present where two or more are gathered in his name. This is also very vital information. First the Lord is non-different from his name and second by calling his name he is personally present. (Of course to the degree we surrender to his name to that degree we feel his presence, or even see him).   The Koran advocates the calling of the names of Allah, and all true Muslims are expected to daily recite his name and glories on their prayer beads. The next question is how should we pray? Well nowadays most people “prey” on the Lord, thus the need to learn from the past and present saints how to pray to God. The idea of going to God with a list to always ask for something is not the best of prayers.  Sometimes some of us even forget to pray until there is something really bad happening in our lives then we suddenly remember God. This is not the best way to make use of such a wonderful relationship.

No doubt it is given that irrespective of one’s material inclinations, weather full of desires, no desires or desiring liberation, one should worship the lord, it is still a 100 times better to worship and pray to the Lord without desiring anything in return. A simple prayer could be; O lord, O energy of the Lord please engage me in your service. This prayer is totally selfless, asking for nothing but to be engaged in the Lord’s service. By rendering service to the Lord the devotee derives great satisfaction because the Lord is equally satisfied by this service. One might ask here, how can there be freedom of expression if one is ‘taught’ how to pray? Well the truth is just like any endeavor in life, one needs to learn the basics and with time when maturity comes there can be spontaneity. There is no harm if we express our feelings in the most genuine manner however if we desire to give real satisfaction to the Lord through our Prayers then we need to follow in the mood of spiritual mentors, prophets etc. They can show us how to pray with a mood devoid of offenses. Thus in order to make quick progress in our spiritual endeavors it is in our best interest to constantly call upon the names of the Lord in our prayers. The Bible says that from dusk till dawn one should call on the name of the Lord.  There is no limit to how many times we should pray. Our prayers should however be genuine, selfless and filled with love. Prayer is the direct contact “number” we have to reach the Supreme Lord. It is free, and the only “Wi-Fi” required is our faith. Unlike other forms of communication, the Supreme Lord is never too busy to answer or “calls” or prayers. He is always on the line speaking to us; the truth is we are the ones rather not listening to him.

I hope this short dissertation on prayer begins to affect our mood towards prayers and how we pray. I hope it motivates us to genuinely pray from our hearts with love and devotion.

Please feel free to share this with family and friends. Till we meet again next week, do have a blissful week ahead.


Sound Vibration 3

Good day dear readers,

I hope you all are having a wonderful week.  This week we shall deliberate on the third part and hopefully final part of our sound vibration series. Last week and the week before we looked at sound as energy, its transmission between the source and the receiver from a metaphysical view and also we partially answered a two part question. Today we shall endeavor to answer the final part of the question. For those of you just reading this this part please read

{{part 2:}} and

{{part 1:}} here.

Let us quickly recap the question that was asked in our first segment. Q: Two things, much importance and why does the mindset of the talker/singer hold? (Never mind answering if you intend to touch the subject in part 2) a follow-up: should a serious student of spiritual(ty) abstain from sound, produced by atheists, as much as possible or is it not as harmful when s/he understands the sound through(from a) spiritual (perspective) (i am however referring to Vedic) perspective?

In the second question, the reader wants to know if certain sounds affect the mind and consciousness of a spiritual practitioner and if yes should they be avoided? By certain sounds the reader means sounds which are not spiritually charged or inclined.  The simple answer is yes. However on a deeper look, it would be nice to have a clear glance at how these sounds work on our consciousness and minds. As mentioned earlier on in part 2 of this series, I had clearly showed how different sounds produced have different effects and we had looked at a few examples. Today we are going to look at how these sounds could be of either positive or negative impact on our spiritual lives. When we hear the sound of a flute playing or say the piano, or water flowing down rocks we experience some sort of calmness and we tend to relax more. When we are relaxed are more open to “suggestions”, these suggestions could be positive or negative.

On the other hand when we hear gun shots, we are automatically at alert, afraid, and in some extreme cases some people might experience panic attacks from sound sounds. This is because the sound of gunshot is associated with death, pain, and grief, thus when we hear that sound we respond accordingly even without knowing. This natural response comes from our subconscious mind and the subconscious mind is like a bank where we keep “money” we don’t know we have. This “money” usually comes in handy when we need to purchase a feeling, a thought or an action. Similarly, when we hear sounds formulated on the basis of certain moods we also subconsciously assimilate that mood. When we listen to a love song with lyrics that are filled with love suggesting words we become open to that emotion and thus begin to act on that capacity. If we listen to a song if we watch a performance filled with nudity, we assimilate the sounds and visuals and also begin to act on that level. Thus a spiritually inclined person does everything within their possible best to avoid hearing sounds that suggest things of a lower nature and tries as much as possible to hear sounds that suggest things of a higher nature.

This is a constant choice we have to make as spiritual practitioners because we are bombarded on a regular basis with different sounds of low energy and visuals from different forms of media around us. It is on the Television, the radio, and the topmost of them all the Internet. As a natural follow up to the second part of the question, the reader asks if it is possible for the spiritual practitioner to listen to different sounds even those of low nature but still ascribe them to a higher energy due to his or her spiritual evolvement. Well the answer to this question is of two phases, a yes and no. I will explain. A highly spiritual person due to his or her years of practice might be able to draw gold even from a trash can as regards sound vibration, however despite their spiritual advancement, rarely would you see them trying to show that they have this capacity. Why is this so? They know the dangers involved with exposing our minds and consciousness to such sounds irrespective of our spiritual levels or realizations, hence they don’t gamble with it. Second is they are cautious of giving negative example, as a neophyte might see them engaged in listening to certain “non-spiritual” sounds not knowing that they have the ability to deduce the best from it. If the neophyte blindly copies their actions he is sure to have a devastating setback spiritually, thus the highly situated practitioner is careful of what he does.

More so, we have to continuously endeavor to perfect our hearing process, as this process in turn affects our speech and our actions. To the degree we are attuned to higher uplifting spiritual sounds to that degree we are able to assimilate higher consciousness and energy, however to the degree we associate or imbibe sounds of lower energy to that degree we are affected and also become vulnerable to lower energies and suggestions.  I hope with these brief explanations we have been able to shed some light on this topic. It would be worthy of note to mention that this topic is really vast and trying to explain it in about 4,000 isn’t very practical. The idea is to however give as much insight as possible without confusing our readers.

Should anyone have questions on this topic please feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below. I’ll also like to request you to kindly share this within your circle and outside if it inspires you in some way. Thanks for your time and have a great week ahead and I look forward to serving you all next week with another mind enlightening topic.



Good Day Dear esteemed Readers,
It’s nice to be back here, shedding more light on various metaphysical topics. As I promised last time, today we shall continue on the topic of sound vibration starting off with a question from one of our readers. The question asked would be the pivot for our discussion. Happy read!
Q: Two things, much importance and why does the mindset of the talker/singer hold? (Never mind answering if you intend to touch the subject in part 2) a follow-up: should a serious student of spiritual(ty) abstain from sound, produced by atheists, as much as possible or is it not as harmful when s/he understands the sound through(from a) spiritual (perspective) (i am however referring to Vedic) perspective?
A: First and foremost, a quick look at the questions one after the other. In the first question, the reader would like to know why there is importance attached to the source of the sound (in this case, the person talking), and how does the mindset of the speaker or source affect the listener?
This is more like a two in one question and in other to answer it fully we’ll have to dissect it in bits. It is important to note that the mindset of the source of the sound or the person talking is just as important as the sound they make. The mindset of the speaker gives the sound the required energy to take the requisite effect and action on the object (person listening). The Object responds to sounds that have the right energy to back them up and gear the listener or object into action. At this point a few examples will help us fully digest this idea. A Captain in a March pass issues the order, ATTENTION! And all the Soldiers immediately halt. Now if a mere civilian were to issue the same sound, with the same intensity the Soldiers won’t budge a muscle. Why? Well one might say well because he is not a soldier of course and he is not dressed in uniform. Well partly correct, however even among Soldiers in Uniform, not everyone issues orders and everyone follows. The Captain has been invested with the power to lead and control and his voice (sound), his image (persona), etc., all have the required energy to instill action into the object listening.
Another example is in Opera singing, there are notes that certain singers can hit that have the intensity to shatter a wine glass if held close enough. Another example is Music, say Salsa Music. The moment we hear salsa music, our bodies move with a certain rhythm, tempo and speed. Why? The music has the energy required to instill the required action in the object. You don’t see people doing the Tango to Salsa music, the sound is different and the energy likewise. More so, when we hold conversations with people and we try to share our minds, there is a lot of unseen energy exchange going on and this is actually the conversation on a much deeper, psychic level. With the right amount of psychic training, conversations are no longer just words been exchanged, it becomes a whole new level of energy exchange. Have you ever asked yourself, why does the President have to go through so much preparation before giving a press conference? Have you ever noticed that irrespective of the colour of the President, or age, there are certain hand gestures and mannerism that accompany some exact statements, which have been made by many Presidents across time?
If the mindset of the source or the speaker wasn’t so important why would they pay so much attention to such details? In the same vein, as spiritualist, on the path of self-discovery or righteousness, or salvation, it is important that we have the right mind set in whatever spiritual activity we undertake. The mindset is so important that it is the distinguishing factor on many levels. For gaudiya Vaisnavas, the mindset of the sadhaka is what places him or rather gives him the required impetus to move from vaidhi to raga marga/bhajan. For Christians, without the mindset of actually “receiving” the power to accomplish deeds, words spoken are just like empty barrels. There are many examples in the Bible but a quick one is the story of Jesus calming the Storm. In the dead of night out in the sea, amidst a great storm, the disciples of Jesus Christ were having a hard time rowing their boat, not to talk of keeping the storm off. Jesus woke up, saw their plight and uttered few words, “Peace! Be still” and the sea became calm. In Vedic times, we can remember King Vena was killed by great sages just by the utterance of selected mantra, powerful words/incantation/ sound. This was possible not just due to their mystic opulence, but due to the fact that the sages assembled had had enough of King Vena’s tyranny and their mindset and intention was to put an end to his body.
Similarly when we pray or meditate, our mind set at the moment is very important and goes a long way to determine the kind of result we get from our meditation or prayer. If our mindset during prayer or meditation is low and gross, we can’t access higher spiritual energies. We can’t become instruments for divine work and purpose and above all we won’t get any fulfillment. Thus going to Temple, Church, Mosque etc. is just a step, the main question is, what is your line of thought while you are in these various places of worship? Are you praying, while contemplating on things outside the circle of spirituality?
In summary, just like Electricity cables transmit Electric power, in the same vein sound transmits various energy. Let’s not also forget that sound is in itself a form of energy and when that energy is infused with energy we have double the effect. To the degree we know how to manipulate this energy to that degree we can use it to our advantage, however to the degree we do not know how to use it to that degree we become susceptible. Similarly, just as Electricity can be sent through wires, it can also be stored in batteries or capacitors for use in various forms, sound energy can also be manipulated into various uses depending on the intention from the source or person whence it came.
For a smooth and convenient read, I have decided to answer the second question in the third part of this series, and hopefully last part for this topic. Till our next read, do have a blissful day ahead. If this post inspires you or triggers thoughts or questions, feel free to share this blog within your circle. Leave your questions and comments and I’ll definitely answer them. Thank you. Cheers.


Sound has its presence in our everyday life and the absence of sound would be something “even words won’t be able to describe”, literarily. This cosmic manifestation is built on sound and sound sustains and maintains it. From childhood to old age, sound is part of communication, sound is education, sound is love, sound is fear, sound is war, sound is peace, sound is life, and sound is also death. We grow up registering different sounds in our subconscious minds, and brains and as each sound presents itself we receive, register and decipher the meaning before we react or respond. When a baby cries, the Mother hears the sound and then responds to the sound by being present to fulfill whatever need the child has.
When we hear the sound of bells as kids we know school is about to be in session, the same bell at a different time tells us it is recess and the same bell at a later time tells us it is time to go home. One sound produced three distinct times, and subsequently three different interpretations. This naturally brings us to our next point in focus, the differentiation of sound. In Calculus when the word differentiation arises immediately we know we are about to reduce a function, or in simpler words “break down”. In the same vein when we have various sounds around us it is essential to break them down to see which soothes us best. Often times as spiritualist we may find ourselves justifying various sounds we expose ourselves to by saying, they don’t really matter and thus it isn’t such a big deal. This concept is delusional and even today with secular logic it can be refuted. Let’s use music genre as a quick example, combining a saxophone, drum brush, a keyboard and we can create a simple jazz composition. If we take the same instruments, add vocals and replace the drum brush with drum sticks we can create Rhythm and Blues (RnB). Similarly when we expose ourselves to certain seemingly innocent sounds our bodies react differently because these sounds are translated differently by our subtle bodies and our subconscious mind, where majority of these sounds are stored.
The subconscious mind is so powerful that even in our semi-conscious state or our dreaming state we can still identify a sound or sounds. It is to this effect that we can see that of all our senses, only the sense of hearing remains fully active in our dream state. A sleeping man may not necessarily be able to see you walk in, or smell your perfume as you sit next to him; however the moment you mention his name, there is a high possibility that he’ll jolt out of his sleep. This is so because the sound of his name has been registered in his subconscious mind and when that fact coupled with the power in sound comes into play; his sleeping state can be altered. Not only can sound be used to alter one state of consciousness to another, it can also be used to alter the physical state of things. We have many examples of spiritualist who have developed high levels of mystic opulence that can change the physical state of matter by the simple utterance of high powerful words (mantras). If we look back into various spiritual texts or Holy Books we can see the power of sound in various aspects. In the Bible, the entire Creation starts by God saying “Let there be Light” and so it was. [Just as a quick side note it is worthy of note to see that when there is a sound there must be the origin of the sound, so if sound comes from an origin the sound cannot be the origin simultaneously. Simply put, sometimes we hear that God is sound, however many people never ask what is the source. God is all these and more.] In the Vedas we have a more detailed description of the Creation and the first thing the Creator experienced was sound. He heard a sound beckoning him to engage in austerities to give him the spiritual impetus to start the creative process.
Furthermore, sound as means of connecting with someone or a higher being is an area I’ll like to harp on a little bit. When we meet a friend we exchange words and pleasantries, when we meet a lover we also exchange words and pleasantries however the undertone is different, when we meet a superior we exchange words and maybe some pleasantries and we all know for sure the undertone and mood is different too. Similarly when we try to connect to a higher being or Personality, say the Supreme Lord or God, we do so by the utterance of sound vibrations we call prayer and there is no gainsaying the mood is also different. So in other words, sound arranged in a particular mood and with certain words directed to a specific higher energy could be a means for liberation from the entanglements of material nature. This sound can be called prayer, praise and worship, namaz, mantra; japa etc., the designation of the sound doesn’t change the function, which is to help Man connect to the absolute source of energy, sound and love, who is the Supreme personality of Godhead.
Everyone will definitely agree with me if I say that one of the most personal things anyone has is their name. If you hear someone call you by the name in a crowded place, you immediately know whomever it is that is calling me knows me, as compared to someone making sounds to beckon on you. More so, if someone calls you by a childhood nickname or a nickname only your friends knew you by in say high school, immediately even without seeing the person you immediately understand that the person calling you, knows you way more than your average circle of contacts. Similarly when we try to connect to the Absolute, the Supreme Lord by making sounds, we don’t get as much results as we might get should we call on a more personal name embedded in a transcendental sound vibration.
The topic of sound as it pertains to our spirituality is a vast topic and usually in order to keep my blogs within reading limit for most people I try not to make it too long, thus at this junction I’ll add a few closing remarks and probably do a second part of this blog. Our major life line in this material world is the sum total of what sounds we have ingested and produced during our existence here, thus if we produce sounds like a frog beckoning for a female to mate, we just might end up attracting the snake of death that traces our croaking back to us. Till we meet again for subsequent reading, do have a splendid day with lots of positive and spiritual sounds.
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Energy Depletion

Hello dear readers,
I hope you all are faring well. Today is the last day of this month and its been one month since I started this blog site and I’ld like to thank those of you who read and follow my regular updates. I hope to be able to regularly write on topics that inspire and guide those who seek some direction or just ideas on various issues.
The topic of discussion today is one many spiritualists or religious practitioners may have heard of, experienced or even dabbled with. There are so many groups and esoteric schools that speak about energy, energy levels, aura etc. These schools try to educate their adepts about the psychic nature of our energies while teaching them how to protect themselves.
As social entities we are in a constant mix with people from different walks of life, most of whom we have very little idea of whom they are in depth. We take the subway, we meet people, in the elevator we meet people, on the bus, at work, everywhere we go we are constantly surrounded by people with various energy levels and intentions. Now before delving into our topic, let’s quickly look at some very familiar instances we might have experienced at some point in time or the other during our interaction with people. Have you ever walked into a room full of people and suddenly feel as if the air was dense and something was right? Have you ever spent sometime talking with someone and walk away from the discussion feeling weak, tired and even drowsy, or having this “emptiness” inside? Have you ever been sad, down and feeling somewhat depressed only to exchange a word or two with a total stranger and suddenly feel revamp or re-energised?
Well if you have experienced one or more of these situations, there is no gain saying that you might have experienced some energy play at various level of subtlety. As spirit beings in a material body we are naturally very spiritual and psychic, however due to our association with matter we become deeply conditioned and our level of spirituality or psychic abilities drop drastically. Having this at the back of our minds we can see that in order for our psychic side or spiritual side to be dominant we need to feed that aspect of us constantly. One very sure way to do this is through sound. This is why many spiritual groups engage in either sound meditation or some sort of holy singing or chants. This enables them to raise their consciousness. ( The topic sound will be treated properly in subsequent blogs). When we engage in activities that don’t enhance our spiritual aide we fall deep into nescience and thus our energy levels deplete.
Since raising our energy levels could be difficult for some, the association we choose is very crucial and thus plays a major role in our spiritual lives. By associating with spiritually inclined individuals, with like minds and similar spiritual objectives we can harness into the “group energy” and thus raise ours by association. In gaudiya vaisnava philosophy we can directly experience this in the congregational chanting process or harinam sankirtan or group kirtans. Other esoteric groups have group meditations, divinations, circles, etc as a means of joining forces to raise their energy levels.
Substances that we ingest either as food or some sort of nourishment play a vital role in our energy balance. Those who are prone to drug abuse are more open to hallucinations and thus have an ethereal body open to all sorts of things because they have become porous. ( This is a very interesting subject where one gets to see how lower beings can manipulate our bodies if we fail to secure ourselves. Hopefully in subsequent blogs I’ll discuss this topic).
To the degree we keep our spiritual practices or sadhana in place to that degree we have our energy on the high side and to the degree we comprise our spiritual practices and sadhana to that degree we become porous to energy vampires and lower beings. The beautiful side about raising our energy levels isn’t just about having high energy level, or just about avoiding energy vampires but to be able to also help raise those who are in need of higher associations and seeking a chance to raise their energy through their consciousness.
In all fairness the topic of energy levels isn’t one to treat in a thousand words, however as usual in order to keep my messages brief and concise I try to press in as much as I can and hopefully the inner meanings can be deduced. If however there are things or points of interest my readers would like me to deliberate on, please do leave a message.
Till our next read do have a wonderful day ahead.

Time zones: Don’t compare with others

Hello and welcome to another exciting read…
Different countries around the world have different time zones and this shows in the time it takes from sunrise to sunset. Travelers moving from one place to another know very well that if they are in transit, there is no need to change their time piece or clocks if you wish, because despite the fact that the time is different their sojourn there is very short. Moreso, a traveler in a different country doesn’t worry about the difference his home time has as regards his new place, why? Because he has to function in his new environment and hence trying to function based on past time is of no use.
If we carefully extrapolate these ideas to real life and try to see things from a metaphysical perspective we can deduce a lot from these idea. Often times in life we set our lives clock based on so many time zones. These time zones include, parent time zone, friends time zone, peer time zone, society time zone, just to mention a few, however a few people, and I mean a very few people can snap out of these time zones and set their clocks according to their place, circumstance and space.
From a very early stage in our lives, we have our clocks set for us by parents and initially this is very good and usually needed. However if we do not reset this clock and keep trying to work our lives according to the clocks of our parents we begin to live their lives instead of ours. This can be seen in many choices people make just because parents insist that they should. There is a short story of a young man who spent seven years pursuing a medical degree, and on his graduation day he handed over his degrees to his parents and said ” This is the degree you wanted me to get, now am off to study Arts”. Not many people are able to actually snap out, and not many areas in life have straight forward paths like this example, hence setting our life clocks according to our time zone helps. Another interesting time zone many people set their life clocks to is the friend time zone. “Oh my friend is doing this, thus I must do it. My friend has this, I must get it, and so on and so forth.” This is a very common example and I’m pretty sure many people can relate this. Without much ado on these examples, the real question is why can’t people just set their clocks according to their own time zones?
The answer even though somewhat simple is quite branched, and the reason is because many people have identity issues. As gaudiya vaisnavas the first thing we learn is “we are not this body”. We are spirit souls who are part and parcel of the Supreme Lord. If we understand this on the surface level, we take a step forward and begin to make a lot of choices, from food to life style etc. When we understand it a little deeper we take another step forward to understanding our live’s mission and purpose and if we take a step forward we can actually get to the final point where we identify what our original identity is. However for the purpose of this blog we shall reference the second level which is beyond the physical, metaphysical we might say but not totally in the spiritual realm.
When we understand who we are as spiritual beings we understand that we are from a higher realm than the current one we are experiencing and thus when we make choices and “set our life clocks” we do so knowing fully well that we are setting our clocks according to our original home time. Now some people call this home Heaven, some call it Paradise, some call it Goloka Vrndavan, irrespective of the name ,the point is our life clocks should be set to a more eternal time. Someone who knows his identity as being an eternal citizen of such a spiritual realm can not set his or her clock according to the clocks of people on this planet, whomever they might be.
Every spiritual mentor who is bonafide will advise his students to learn every tenet of the spiritual path but ultimately acquire enough knowledge and wisdom to walk the path in their own lane, in other words set their own clocks. Now at this point, conservatives might say if we all set our clocks differently there will be chaos, etc. Truth be told, the clock of one’s life can not be set according to anything of a lower value, their will always be frustration. Real satisfaction will come only from setting this life clock according to higher spiritual values as they apply to YOU.
The ancient and the oldest scriptures known to man, the Vedas of which the Bhagavad gita is a part, clearly states that its better for one to do one’s work with fault than to do another’s perfectly.
There is only one YOU on this planet, with a specific mission and task to achieve and the moment you set your life clock according to some other values or people that are not eternal, your mission is aborted until you reset. Imagine how many missions have been terminated just because of life time zone settings.
Till the next blog, have a blissful day ahead. If this blog inspires you please feel free to share the link with family and friends. Save a life mission today.

Sastric Praman and Common Sense: The meeting point.

In the midst of an irregular snowing day at the end of April, I have decided to pen some more thoughts on paper,or should we say on e-paper. Now before I commence, I’ll like to dispel all ambiguity the heading might raise. This article in no way claims that common sense is superior to or better than sastric praman. This is more of a methodological approach to sastric praman from a common sense approach. That been said let’s get started.
It is clearly mentioned in the scriptures and repeated by many acarya’s; saintly teachers, that one should see through the eyes of the scriptures i.e sastra caksusa. I totally accept this fact and do advocate the same, however there seems to be a blurry gap between identifying a situation requiring sastric approach and a situation requiring common sense approach. In other to look at this deeply we shall examine a couple of real life situations and then try to see what fits best. Every situation we face is usually spread across three divisions namely; physical, subtle and spiritual. Usually many people confuse the subtle for spiritual but there is a difference.
Just as we have physical bodies, subtle bodies and our spiritual bodies, different situations affect these different aspects too. Trying to administer a physical solution to a subtle problem not only compounds the problem but doesn’t yield any tangible result. In the same vein trying to solve a spiritual situation using material solutions is just as counter productive as the former. Without getting too much into logic let’s quickly look at this example. A devotee walks up to you and says “hey, I have a little problem that whenever I am chanting I fall asleep.” Now the typical scenario that occurs is this, the listener immediately starts quoting sastric reference to prove that your mind is not focused and that you are not attentive and then summarizes the whole talk by saying it’s a spiritual defect. In as much as I accept that all of these could be “possibly true”, I’ll suggest a different step by step approach.
First and foremost, ask the devotee involved “how many hours of sleep do you get a day?” If he says two hours for instance, common sense tells you that a Man sleeping two hours a day is definitely prone to fall asleep at 5:00am if he is praying. Second question that would be logical to ask is how much of physical activities do you engage in during the day? Do you eat heavy at night before bed and hence wake up feeling drowsy even though you get enough sleep?
These and many more, are physical questions one can ask first in order to see if the physical aspects are all clear. Now in a case where the devotee has about 8 hours of sleep daily, doesn’t physically exert himself, has a good diet and everything seems okay, then we can take it a little step forward and suggest doing parikrama around Tulsi while doing Japa meditation. Most people find sitting down a natural sleep inducer, and prefer to walk to keep sleep at bay. If however all physical conditions are perfect as mentioned above, and the devotee tries walking but still sleeps even while walking then now you know this is clearly beyond the physical. At this point a subtle approach could be administered.
Finding someone else who doesn’t sleep during japa, who chants audibly enough to keep one awake as a chanting partner could be a nice step to help the devotee in concern on a subtle level. Now one might ask how is this subtle? Having a friend who sits besides you, whom you know will gently tap you to wake you up whenever you dose off, is a nice reassuring manner to adress such a situation thereby giving the devotee not only physical support of keeping him awake but the subtle need for companionship and mental support, making him/her know that this problem is not peculiar to you alone and I’m here to help you provided we both agree to go through this process together.
Now if the physical approach is all clear, and the subtle remedy also isn’t providing much help then we can thus see that the problem might be more deep rooted than we envision. At this point, we might want to see how this person performs in other activities in their lives. Do they also sleep at work? Are they lackadaisical to important activities? Do they exhibit tendencies of someone in gross ignorance, like sleep, inertia, madness? If all these are checked as positive then we can at this point administer some spiritual remedy backed by sastra.
At this point some of my readers might say but why go through all these if I can see it immediately that it is a spiritual problem? Well the answer is a multiple choice one. Owning to the fact that we don’t have perfect judgement due to our imperfect senses, one can not be totally “too sure”, except if you are a Nitya siddha jiva, an eternally liberated soul, who sees beyond time, place and circumstances. If you however do not fall in this category, it is safer to try to administer “help or treatment” after proper diagnosis of the situation in depth. A good example is visiting a doctor, you might have all the symptoms of fever and the doctor could clearly see these symptoms just by looking at your eyes, mouth and asking a few questions. However a good Doctor would for the benefit of doubt and for double clarity, run a few tests either by blood or other body fluids. The reason for doing so is not only to confirm if you have fever but to see if there is more to your ailments than just the fever itself.
Why do we think that the process is any different for spiritual diagnosis? Why do we feel the need to sermonize every problem? One would agree without a doubt that His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupad was very successful in the management of “issues” while physically on the planet because He had an all round vision of everything. He could analyse things from a Father perspective, from a Family Man perspective, from a Business perspective, from a Spiritual perspective, from a Subtle perspective, and over and above all from the perspective of an eternally liberated soul. This gave his answers and decisions a very wholesome approach that defy time and space.
In conclusion, let us try to step back and double check whenever we have to administer “help”, there is always more to somethings than meets the eyes. Hope to get your feedbacks on this line of thought. Till our next read, have a blissful day ahead.