Hello and Welcome !

My name is Yamunajivan Das aka  Timi A. I am a disciple of HH Bhati Tirtha Swami and HH Bhakti Caru Swami, first and second diksa respectively. I was born and raised by vaisnava parents in ISKCON and have served in a good number of centers around the world.

On the secular side I hold a Bachelors Degree in Industrial/ Production Engineering from WA, and a MBA from India alongside a Bhakti sastri from Mayapur Institute. My interests include Martial arts in which am a Blackbelt  Shotokan Karate Instructor. I have had the good fortune of travelling practically half way around the world before hitting three decades of my life and the experience has been phenomenal.

As an avid reader, books are an integral part of me and they constitute more than half of whatever I call possessions. Deity worship in my life couldnt be more stressed as I have wonderful deities that I worship daily. We all love a good feast and thus cooking comes in as one of my many hats. Needless to say I strive to better myself in all areas necessary. To my language hat I can humbly add English, French, Yoruba, a lil Slovene,  some Spanish.

The afforementioned description of myself is in no way a “self horn blower” but a little attempt to give my readers a glimpse of whom they are reading from. I intend to share and give light to a variety of topics on this site using logic, good argument and above all providing sastric references that are interpreted in everyday life, not as laws on stone but as living texts. Simple put from a metaphyscal perspective.

I welcome fair contributions and ideas and hope this page can act as a light bearer for dark and trougled hearts.

Thank you, Merci beaucoup, Hvala, Gracias.

Striving to better myself I remain,

Yamunajivan Das



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