Psychic Attack/Manipulation

Dear readers,

I hope you all are faring well. It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all again yet another interesting blog this week. Over the last couple of weeks, I have had a couple of discussions with family and friends on the issue of esoteric and psychic manipulations. A few days back, I also had a long talk with a very good friend of mine, whom I share a very deep sense of spirituality with and from that conversation I felt I share a few thoughts.

The one conversation that actually got me thinking that it would be worthwhile to share this topic, was the one I had two nights back. Psychic manipulations are real and for the uninitiated, these are manipulations carried out on a subtle level. They could be by human beings who have learned and mastered the art of utilizing dark energy against other people, usually for a selfish or malicious end, or they could be by subtle beings, usually with lower energies (dark), but higher access to their subtle side. To make this easier to grasp, let look at the human body. There is the physical body, which we all see and feel. This body can, however, be subject to disease if not properly taken care of.

The disease gets into our body through unsafe/ unsanitary habits, thereby introducing certain virus or bacteria into our system. Our antibodies or immune system will try to fight to the point where they are over-powered and then the body breaks down. There is a similar scenario for our subtle body, which is the connection between our soul and gross body. The subtle body is not made up of gross elements like earth and water, but of mind, intelligence and ego. The subtle body is thus less restricted as compared to the gross body. It is also vulnerable to attacks just like the physical body. The antibody for our subtle body is our spiritual habit/practice. Just as good hygiene helps to keep away diseases, good spiritual practices helps to keep away subtle attacks on the subtle body. We can be victims of attacks for many reasons, however, one sure way to attract such lower energies is to allow oneself to be a “walking vessel”. When we fail to keep our subtle bodies armed by daily engaging in spiritual practices, we are naturally inviting these attacks.

Often times people fail to realize that, just as there are innumerable microbes that we cannot see without the aid of an electron microscope, similarly there are innumerable beings from different dimensions roaming around, that we cannot see with our naked eyes. I know at this point, some skeptics may feel this is just another “conspiracy theory”, but I must say this is far from such. Every now and then we get to see people losing a sense of whom they are and begin to feel as if their minds were operating on its own. There have also been cases of people who actually admit to using subtle means to manipulate people to do their biddings. Even some Governments have admitted to using mass control methods to get people to act in a certain type of way. Thus, it is no longer  a question of “is it true?” but one of “how do we tackle this?” When the subtle body is weak then it becomes porous to attacks just like a weak immune system.

The physical body has a lot of impacts on the subtle body and vice versa because they both need each other to function. When the physical body engages in activities that are not spiritually uplifting then the subtle body suffers for it. Take for example someone who is constantly in a state of inebriety, first the physical body is weak, out of consciousness, and sometimes dirty. The speech of such a person is mostly incoherent, and sometimes with foul language. He/she can hardly recognize people or make sense of anything. In such a state, his/her body is not theirs and as such, they are in an altered state, that is induced by an external stimulant and not by consciously raising their level of awareness. When this happens then such people become susceptible to beings that “prey” on such physical bodies. So just as virus and bacteria “prey” on body’s exposed to low hygiene, subtle beings prey on subtle bodies that are not protected spiritually and porous to attack.

When the subtle body is attacked and taken over, we still see the physical body going about its functions and may never suspect anything unless we are psychics or have some training to feel and understand these energies. Some people may be able to tell that they are having some attacks, while some may not be able to do so. Just as sometimes we may have an ailment and be able to tell, while sometimes we require a specialist/Doctor to run a diagnosis. Whatever the case may be, we can try to prevent these attacks by keeping our “spiritual hygiene” intact. We can try to avoid substances that alter our consciousness; for in an altered state of consciousness, we have no grip on our reality. We can try to have a daily ritual or practice where we spend some time every day, connecting to higher divine beings through, prayer, meditation, chants, hymns, etc.

We can clean up our living spaces to avoid clutter, as this aids dark subtle beings who are attracted to such an environment. The less clutter we have the less dense our living spaces are and more light we can get in. We can also try to make sure that we keep our physical body healthy and clean by daily taking a shower to help keep us clean and sound at all times. Just as germs won’t thrive on a clean physical body, a clean physical body helps sustain a better subtle body. We can avoid activities that invite dark energy or beings, such as seances, graveyard visits, left-hand tantra etc. We can also minimize our association with people who are known to dabble with dark energies. This was we can greatly reduce our susceptibility to such attacks.

Till next week, do read, share and follow for more.


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