Doing it right! (A prayer)

Dear readers,
Please accept my warmest greetings. It is great to be able to share with you all again yet another topic and I hope you all are faring well.
Today, I’ll like to share with you all a prayer, like I do from time to time. The prayers I share here are usually written in a mood that allows for my readers to connect not just with the words of the prayer but also with the mood with which they are written. As usual, I’ll like to say that my prayers do not in any way reflect my stage of “advancement” however they are my deepest cries and call out to the Supreme Lord in various times.
Dear Lord, I know I try to connect with you every day in my meditation, my mantra recitation and my worship, however when I write you a prayer it is different. In my writing, I have the opportunity to offer you my intellect in the form of choice words, strung on the thread of various moods just like a flower garland. Sometimes it is difficult for me to find the right words but as always, I just start and let you lead me from within. Today my request is simple, not one too materialistic neither too spiritual, but a perfect balance in between them both. Please teach me how to do it right.
Dear Lord, having a material body means I have to take care of it by eating, sleeping, mating and defending. However, I do not want these tendencies to take over my intelligence and cloud my ability to discern right from wrong. I know the modes of material nature are at work 24/7 in their quest to keep me entangled, but I also know that your grace is sufficient for me. As I eat to nourish my body, let me only eat food which has been offered to you in sacrifice and accepted as communion. Protect me from eating anything that will cause pain to any living entity, knowingly or unknowingly. Please teach me how to do it right
Dear Lord, as I sleep, let my subconscious mind and subtle body create dreams that help me rise up to higher planetary systems and connect with great teachers from the past and future. Let my dreams be a continuation of my reality as I try to learn more about your pastimes and glories. Let my subtle body learn to travel to realms that are free from sensual activities or filled with hostile people and creatures. Allow me to experience different spiritual activities in a way that may not be possible with my physical body. As I mate to procreate, please help me do so with a partner who is a gift from you, and may the act itself be a source of bliss and joy for us and the world, because we would be bringing forth souls that are pious. Help me understand that my partner is a gift from you and as such I must take care of her, seeing you in her at all times. Please protect me from my own mentality of being an enjoyer but rather one to be enjoyed by you. Please teach me how to do it right.
Dear Lord, as I defend myself either through my navigation of daily activities or against envious people who try to thwart my effort, let me always remember to do so with a sense of detachment and love. Help me see that even those who try to cause me pain are nothing but instruments in the hands of material nature and as such I have nothing to prove to them. Help dear Lord to rise above the spirit of being vindictive, for revenge is of you and as such I must have faith that time and karma would eventually fight for me. May all those who wish me bad not have to deal with my sense of defense, because with time you will place me on higher grounds above them all just to show that you are loyal to those who serve you. As I pray to you to keep me safe from having to defend myself unnecessarily from wicked an envious people, Lord please also protect my mind from finding fault in others. Help me always remember to mind my own business and not make the affairs of others my priority. Please teach me how to do it right.
Dear Lord, as I try to use material things in spiritual activities with the sense of dovetailing them, please help me remember to whom everything belongs. Help me see that you are the proprietor of everything and as such all that I have is but a gift from you. Lord, please help me stay true to the promises I make to family and friends when it comes to providing them with material amenities to support their spiritual functions. Help me so that I can create a system that allows them to remember you always because they do not have to focus too much on the material aspects of life. To those who serve you with explicit love and devotion, you carry what they lack and preserve what they have. Lord, even though my love and devotion for you may not be explicit, please do not forget your promise. In your words, I have faith and believe that just by keeping true to them I will surely receive the blessings thereof. Please teach me how to do it right.
Dear Lord, not a day passes by without me committing some sort of offense knowingly or unknowingly, I sincerely pray that you please overlook them just like a father overlooks the faults of a child. I in no way try to purposely offend you, however living in this world can take a toll on you sometimes, so much that you act in ways beyond your control. Lord please see and remember my service to you, no matter how insignificant they may be. This simple servant of yours is simply just trying to live right. I know I may slip at times but I promise I’ll always find my feet back up again. Please teach me how to do it right.
Till next week do read, share and follow for more.


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