Thought Bending

Dear readers,

I hope you all are faring well. It is a pleasure to be able to share with you some new insights this week. Today before we delve into our topic for the day, I just want to say I had an amazing weekend, most especially because I could connect with my god-family and also had the chance to make new acquaintances. The buildup to last weekend for me was pretty exciting and I must say I have picked up a few more things.

I needed to make a journey and as such, I had to make arrangements such as flight and other travel logistics. Prior to this journey, I had a few doubts as to whether I could make it or not. The entire process of preparing up to taking my flights had some hiccups that I had to practically power my way through mentally. This kind of reminds me of my travel experiences as a teenager. The power of visualization had helped me go through some of the most hectic travels all before I actually had them. Even though at the time I had some vague idea of the power of visualization, I didn’t really know how powerful it was and to what extent I was influencing things. One day, I actually had a conversation with my Dad and I had mentioned that I used this technique to sort of cushion trips I knew would be “tough”.

Of course, he knew about this concept and used it on a more advanced level and did share a few pointers but I sort of “outgrew” the practice with time. Every now and then I’ll channel this process whenever I had a “blockage” in any of my activities but it was sort of an occasional means to be one step ahead of matter. Last weekend while travelling, I missed my connecting flight as I wasn’t familiar with the airport and the concourses they had. So it took me longer than usual to find the boarding gate for my flight and by the time I got there, my flight had taken off. At this point; panic, fear, regret and more negative thought patterns can easily envelop you and before you know it, you are sunk in self pity. I had quick glimpse of all these but there and then, I guess subconsciously I knew it wasn’t going to help me. The ticket attendant, did what she could and I was scheduled for another flight that was 2 hours away; as pending and another 6 hours away that was confirmed.

I accdepted my fate and went to sit in the waiting area as I began to refelect on the events that were unfolding as nature’s way of allowing me to reorganize my energy. I had 6 hours to look into my trip ahead and the entire weekend’s activities. This is where the concept of “thought bending” comes in. For every positive thought I tried to project there was an equal and opposite negative one just waiting to tell me that I was wasting my time. I’ll refocus and then try again to send out the vibes I needed. This part requires mental power that isn’t easily affected by the hundreds of negative thoughts streaming into our minds. For each positive thought I created, I had to back it up with some detail. The subconcious mind has its way of also allowing us tap into reserved positivity or negativity; depeding on which we have cultivated more in the past.

Just like the animated series of Avatar, where you have tribes that bend the elements ( Water, Earth, Fire and Air) to serve their will and purpose, similarly thought bending  is a process of been aware of our thought pattern and bending them to become more favorable. I must say that as simple as this sounds, it is very esoteric in nature and those who haven’t had any experience with projecting energy may find this write up somewhat vague, and I do understand how they feel, nevertheless do not give up on trying. To those who already have some experience on this subject matter, I say that practice, and only positive thought patterns should be cultivated.

My dad once told me during one of our esoteric conversations that “magic is order”. I got a hint of what he meant at the time and how he had used the phrase to explain an incidence, however little did I know that when order is instilled in our thoughts, the result is nothing short of a magical expereince. When we can weed out the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, so very often while believing in the materialization of the new thoughts then we can aspire to have a better chance at thought bending.  A quick example I’ll like to share to give more insight to this concept is a simple one we can try at any time. if you can lay your hands on a packet of straws, scatter say 30 straws on a table and without trying to arrange them, grab them in that pile and try to make them all conform to any particular distortion of your choice. You’ll find out that it is almost impossible, as the straws will keep falling off your grip. It might be even very difficult to pick them all up.

Now if you gather all 30 straws and arrange them nicely side by side, you’ll notice how much more easier it is to pick them all up and then proceed to distorting their shape all in one move and direction. In the same vein, negative thoughts are like scattered straws and the untrained mind is like the hand trying to grab them all in one pick. By constant practice such as meditaion or better still mantra meditation, one will gradually be able to arrange these thoughts and then have them conform to whatever shape or form we desire. I hope this blog helps those of you struggling with having prodcutive thought patterns, and I hope it helps those who are more advanced in this practice to be able to affect the world on a more positive energy level.

Till next week, do read, share and follow for more.


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