The concept of divine inspiration

Dear readers,
I’m glad to share with you all once again another interesting topic today. I hope you all are faring well. Today we will be looking at Divine Inspiration and how faith can be a propelling factor to make this happen.
This is more of a thought process for me rather than me actually sharing some “realized perspective”, so kindly bear with me if my thoughts flow in a raw format. We all know how important it is to have some source of inspiration in our lives. Some people look up to elderly folks, parents, celebrities, you name it and I can bet you it just might be someone’s source of inspiration. I am not here to actually analyze the source of inspiration but to see what it does per say. On one hand, I’ll like to imagine that the “bigger” the source of inspiration, the bigger the achievement but I guess that wouldn’t be correct. The story of Robinson Crusoe who got inspiration from a spider to sail after 7 failed attempts would naturally put this theory to rest. In our modern times, we have a good number of Pastors who claim to have been “called” or at least inspired by some divine energy to go forth and save people.
On the spiritual side, we have someone like Arjuna, who got on the battlefield and seeing his relatives, developed cold feet and decided at the last minute to cow out. Krishna standing right next to him becomes his divine inspiration to put aside fear, false identification with the body, Illusion, Doubts, etc. while giving him clarification based on sound philosophical discussions. So naturally I ask myself sometimes a question I think we should all ask ourselves; What (Who) is my source of divine inspiration? How does it motivate me to be a better person? What can I do to be more in contact with my source of divine inspiration? What has my connection to this inspiration done for those who surround me? Is my source of divine inspiration a blessing or a curse to others? These and many more questions are the likes of what we should ask ourselves on a daily basis; at least I try to ask myself this.
The twist is often times, we may get connected to the “wrong” source of divine inspiration, or maybe better still let me say our desires and aspirations have a nice way of masquerading as divine inspirations. Deep down us, we have these desires that won’t go away and after years of trying to get rid of them, our intelligence aided by the fickle mind; this duo finds a way to try to weave our desires into whatever belief system we have. Thus, it is not hard to come across wickedness has woven into religion and presented as religious conversion, greed woven into spirituality and presented as spiritual growth and prosperity, lust is woven into our society and presented as expression and passion. The examples are limitless and so are the consequences, but what can we (I) do about this? Of course, on a bigger scale, there isn’t much I can do to influence people, probably because I don’t have that platform yet, however, I feel in my own little way here and now there are some things I can do to enhance my connection with my source of divine inspiration.
The way I see divine inspiration is like drinking through a straw. If the straw is clean, we get the drink straight, nice and easy. On the other hand, if the straw is clogged up with debris or stuff then when we try to drink, we would obviously have a mix of the debris and the drink. In plain terms, I think the way to having a better divine connection is trying as best as I can to just be as clean and as open as a straw free of debris. To make sure that my “inside” is as clean as my “outside”, otherwise, the drink would be mixed. Another way to see this is that if the source of inspiration (drink) is also not divine as we think or claim it is, then for sure we won’t get the satisfaction we are seeking and/or we may get contaminated depending on how “toxic” it is. If the goal is to drink water and we have a straw filled up with sand, then we may drink water but end up with dirty water in our system. If the goal is to drink water to quench our thirst and we have milk in the glass, for the time being, we may feel good, but the thirst would come back and until we have water we would never be satisfied.
So, every day as I go through life I try to make sure that my inner reflection or internal dialogue is in line with my external dialogue. That my heart reflects what I do and not hide who I really am. That my desires are as simple and clear as possible so that whenever I connect to a source of divine inspiration, whatever is magnified by this connection is positive. I must say as humbly as I can that in real life this is somewhat difficult because we are caught up in a material body and living in a material world, and we are constantly being bombarded with all kinds of suggestions etc. Thus, to navigate through all of these while maintaining a sane mind that has desires that are pure and sincere takes a lot more practice and determination. It would be more of a journey than a destination and the more we try to better the journey than try to arrive at a preconceived destination the easier it will be to achieve this.
Last but not least, we have to consciously fine-tune our desires so that when we make this divine connection, we have positive desires magnified in our lives and not selfish desires. We are definitely going to have some desires that are personal but the way we go about realizing them shouldn’t be selfish neither should it bring harm to others. Till next week I hope we can all try to think through some of my thoughts here and see how to apply them in our lives.
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