Beauty; in the eyes of the beholder?

Dear readers,
I am happy to be able to connect with you all today and I hope you all are faring well. Hope you all had an amazing Independence Day celebration (for those of you living in the States).
Recently I came across a rather funny video online showing women take off their makeups to reveal their real faces. Needless to say, I was both surprised at how much the make-up industry has evolved and also how far people can go just to conform to certain expected standards. Growing up as a kid, I can’t really remember seeing women with the level of makeup that there is now, maybe because I am not in a woman’s body or maybe because I just didn’t notice. As a teenager however, I remember that girls back then would have a lipstick on, some eyeliners and that was it. The narrative today is totally different, as you see teenagers giving tutorials on YouTube that can bring about total transformation of a person.
If we really want to understand the word beauty we probably have to define it. Now I am not talking about the regular definition of “beauty”; the aggregate of qualities in a person that gives pleasure to one’s senses. Externally this definition is what we are used to and it explains why many people are not comfortable in their own skin. When beauty is looked at from the bodily platform, then it is easy to get caught up with how we look, walk, talk, laugh, etc. When these qualities fit a particular standard that we aspire for or one that society dictates that we have then we say that “a person is beautiful”. The question that remains unanswered though is “what about the soul?”. We spend so much time trying to beautify the body while constantly neglecting the soul; the real reason the body functions in the first place. An allegory is given of how one is polishing a cage while refusing to feed the bird in the cage.
No matter how much gold or diamonds we use to decorate a cage, if the bird inside is not fed (or better still, let loose, back to where it belongs) then it would die for sure. The soul is eternal while the body is temporary, the soul never dies and only moves from body to body in a process called Reincarnation. Thus, one who has real knowledge of the “self” knows that while the body should be taken care of, we should not forget to give proper care also to the soul in the body. Let’s take a slight shift from the spiritual perspective to a rather metaphysical perspective. There is an African proverb that says “True beauty stems from a good character” (This is the closest translation I could give), however, I hope you get the idea of the message.
I guess most of us would rather prefer to have a partner/spouse/friend who has a rather average look but has a heart of gold than be with someone who is jaw-dropping gorgeous but has an appalling character. In fact, while most Men will notice a woman’s body at first glance, they would rather remember a woman with qualities that are pleasant and kind. Yes, no doubt people with certain physical attributes will most probably attract more attention than others, however, we all know that the reason why anyone would like to be with them is for how they look. Sooner or later, it is either they get tired of how you look and seek someone who is more beautiful, or they just hop on to the next beauty that surpasses yours (and there will always be someone more beautiful, no matter how beautiful we think we are). At this point, many of my readers may ask, so are you trying to say you would date an ugly person just because they have a “heart of gold?” Come on now be real! I get it and we naturally come to the physical aspect of this matter.
Beauty as they say is in the eyes of the beholder. A person might seem beautiful to you, while someone else thinks that they are just an average person. So, it is safe to say that we all judge or measure beauty, even externally in different shapes, forms or sizes. While one person admires men with six packs, another prefers men with a daddy-bod, someone thinks curvy women are beautiful, another begs to differ saying that slim women or athletic women are beautiful. The balance is always shifting according to different perspectives from different people. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to beauty; even on the physical platform. Now having said that, why is there so much effort to make-up the body to fit in some general definition of beauty. Fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake lips, fake noses, fake hips and butts, fake teeth etc. The list could go on and on, but I feel you all get the idea.
If one has to correct a deformation from birth or an accident or a bodily trait that either makes movement difficult or gets in the way then it is understandable. When the goal is to “fit in” rather than to preserve, then that is where the misconstrued idea of beauty comes in. Now I know we live in times when matters like this could be very touchy and generally, people are of the opinion that we should all be allowed to do with our bodies as we please as far as we are not “hurting anyone”. While this may be true to an extent, the question is “why hurt yourself?”. Obviously, no one is going to stop you from trying to make-up your body to fit whatever standard of beauty you deem fit; however, it should not become a criterion for someone to love you or be with you. If you have to adjust the way you look for people to love you, then it will never be good enough. There will always be one fault or another in your body.
Invariably, the body will get old and at that point no matter how firm, solid, strong and fit it looked in its prime, there would always be an end to that. What doesn’t fade is a positive character, that will linger on no matter how old the body gets. Let us begin to use our free will to bring about an age of higher consciousness and vibes. Let us try to become vessels of love and compassion.
Till next week do read, share and follow for more.


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