Father’s Day

Dear readers

It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all yet another interesting blog today. I hope you all are faring well and having the best of summer time.

In the US and UK, yesterday was Father’s Day, I am not sure if it was in other parts of the world, nonetheless I’ll like to say Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there and all potential fathers too. My post today is dedicated to my Father. Of course, it would be impossible to describe his qualities in one post but I shall try to do justice to it. I learnt a lot from my Father growing up and till today, I am still learning from him. There is no doubt that as an adult I may very well have a difference in opinion from him, and there are times when I feel that maybe my way is the best, still I admire his insights. There are a couple of words I’ll like to use to describe him, however please note that these are just but a few of his qualities.

Visionary: I marvel at his foresight and ability to see way beyond the present situation at hand in many circumstances. Most especially as one who served as a pioneer in an International society, it is pertinent to have people who know how to lead, can lead and can motivate people to work towards a goal. The ability to show people what is possible even when the circumstances at the now may not be very favorable.

Pioneering/Entrepreneurial: Not once, not twice, I have seen my father go to places where he had no connection, whatsoever, knew no one, and yet built what we can call an empire in record time. Not many people can do this. Sometimes I imagine what would have been the outcome if he had directed all this talent into pure profit. However, he is more of a selfless visionary, whose sole desire is to see others grow, not caring much about himself. Not only can he create new things, he also can sustain existing projects and make them into successful enterprises. One of his many projects is the Food relief initiative he has running now for close to 14 years in Africa. This initiative distributes food to the needy 6 days a week, serving at least 400-500 plates of freshly prepared Vegetarian/Vegan meal.

Determination: Back in the early 90’s my Dad went to a foreign country far away from home trying to salvage the situation of a failed project. He took a huge Bank loan to help purchase the building for a Temple at the time when the Interest rate in that country was the highest in the world. Even his spiritual Mentor was shocked at his guts. Not only did he repay every single dime plus interest in time, he also made that project an outstanding example for others in the region. His skill and qualities would later give him recognition with the President of the country. (I have decided not to mention the name of the country for safety reasons).

Public Speaker/ Excellent Writer: If anyone knows me personally and feel that I have some skill in public speaking and if you appreciate my writing either through my blogs or my book, then you can be relieved to know that I probably got some of these skills from my Dad. Of course, over the years, I have also put in practice and time to sharpen whatever skill I have in public speaking, and I still do to this very day. My Dad can talk himself out of any situation and when he writes, he can convince anyone. In my younger years, I can remember talking myself out of some very sticky situations and all the while just trying to use my dad’s wits to dazzle those whom I spoke with. When we both sit to discuss philosophy, I can bet you it is a display of wits at its finest. In fact, we could very well have a reality show of us doing this.

Intelligence: This is one quality that I’ll say he has on both sides of the spectrum. Some people are book wise but not life smart, and others are life smart but not book savvy. He is comfortably both. He encouraged me to get my Bachelors and Master’s Degree, but he also made me realize that life was a school of its own and in that school, degrees didn’t really count. As a teenager, he will tell me “If you can convince me with enough reasons why you want to do something, trust me I’ll let you do it. However, if you can’t then sorry it is not happening.” So, imagine a 16-year-old boy trying to outdo his Father at the battle of wits whenever he wanted to do something he knew he might not get permission for. No doubt, many times I’ll lose but it helped me sharpen my intellect a lot, so much so that in front of my peers, I was an intellectual force to reckon with.

My dad was so much of an intellectual that he used to tell me when I was a teenager, “I need to keep my brain active all the time”. This was his reply whenever I told him to rest after working so hard. Then his Asian friend taught him Chess, and from that day on, my Dad found another intellectual leisure for his brain. I can proudly say, he taught me how to play Chess and watching us play against one another is a spectacle to behold.

Hard Working: Despite his very intellectual nature, my dad is never afraid to get his hands dirty to get a job done. He believes in putting in the work, to make things work. In fact, people can call me anything but Lazy. Lazy is one description my Dad and I will never be given. He walks his talk and I try to do same. If we say something, be rest assured that we can do it.

No – Nonsense: When it was time to play, my Dad was a good team player, but when it was time for business, he meant it. To this day, I come off as a bit too serious for people of my age bracket and even older folks notice that my demeanor is way beyond my age. This is not a show or something to claim I am too good, but qualities I got from my dad. In other words, I have learnt from him that one should try as much as possible to reduce time for bullsh*t. If it doesn’t add value to my life, to other people’s lives, or at least create some positive impact then you won’t see us there.

Some of you might be “woow” your father must be a “Demigod”, well even though he doesn’t see himself like that I must say he just like any Man, has his short comings. Now the beauty of his short comings is that; I see what I must do to NOT get those too. Thus, even in his short comings, he is still teaching me a lot. Happy Father’s Day Pa, I am still trying to figure out this thing called life, I am not where I want to be ultimately however I have come a long way, and you have helped.

Till next week, do read, share and follow for more.


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