Racism; a skin disease.

Dear readers,

It is a great to be able to share with you all today yet another interesting blog. I hope you all are faring well.

Today I felt I harp on a subject matter that has been a delicate one ever since Man knew what his body looked like, one that has divided us all and caused some of the most horrific events in the history of Man’s existence on this planet. It is none other than racism; or should I say “skin disease”. Why do I call it the “skin disease”? Well soon enough we will find out. Before I start out allow me to indulge you in a little incidence that happened recently on Facebook.

This was a couple of day’s right after the Royal Wedding and a Facebook friend of mine; let’s call him Mark (not his real name), had shared a picture of the couple. A friend of his, a woman according to her profile, commented saying the wedding was a waste of money etc. I replied asking if she felt the same about Kate’s wedding or was it just because a person of colour (Meghan) was involved? In the series of replies that will follow our discussion she said “All black people are so conscious about their body colour…” I responded by asking her if she had interviewed every single black person on this planet before coming to such a conclusion. Later on she said “it was her opinion” not something based on any facts. Need I mention here that when she made the statement categorizing all black people, my Facebook friend Mark, liked it but didn’t comment.

As the discussion went on and I started to call her out for making such a general statement about people of colour, Mark replies to one of my comments saying “hey we are not this body, so play nice”. For those who do not understand what that means; basically Mark and I share a similar faith of Vaishnavism and we as most spiritual groups too believe that; the body is just a vehicle to the soul. The soul is the real essence in the body and as such one should not become attached to the body, rather one should focus on liberating the soul. This is a philosophy I have learnt, and I have been practicing since I was a kid. So Mark telling me this was somewhat like preaching to the choir. What I found surprising was, why he didn’t say this to his friend when she made an outright statement about people of colour? Yet he somehow found it necessary to tell me; who was just asking the lady in question as to how she came to such a conclusion.

In reply to his statement I asked him, why he didn’t correct his friend and how come he kept quiet until I made my statement. I asked him if he just consciously omitted it or it was just his “body” taking sides. (Mark and the Lady both happen to be Caucasians). I tried to comment on the post but noticed it was taken down, I check and yes you guess right Mark had “unfriend” me on Facebook. It was both funny and sad at the same time. It was funny because Mark is a guy who is in his 60’s if I am not mistaken and to see someone so “mature” act like that was really funny, on the other hand it showed the state of mind of Mark. He would rather unfriend someone who pointed out a gross statement made about people of colour instead of correcting the person who made the statement. On the brighter side, I was happy as I had one less bias person to deal with, on the other hand I was sad as I wish I could have impacted him better to help him.

What do we draw from all of this? I am not here to tell you that racism exists, you already know that. If you don’t then, maybe you haven’t witnessed it and to this I say bless your heart or maybe you are transcendental to things of this nature. What I really want to bring to our attention is that even those who practice one of the most philosophical religions on this planet, with the highest dissertation of the temporary nature of the body, can still be racists. In other words, your religion doesn’t make you a good person. You make yourself good/bad by your conscious actions. If Mark, my Facebook friend who has been practicing a religion that preaches the superior nature of the Soul to the body, can still be bias about the body then we can all see that bodily identification is a real “Skin disease”. To see another living being as black, white, red, yellow etc., is to see poorly. Those who cannot see past the hair, complexion or shape of a person are those inflicted deeply with the skin disease of bodily identification.

If you are not comfortable in your own body then it is certain that you will try to find fault about the body of other people. However when one knows that the body is just a vehicle that carries the soul in this material world, then he comes to the level of real knowledge and real vision. Hellen Keller once said; actual disability is to have sight but lack vision. The same can be said about those of us who still judge, relate and associate with people based on their body. I don’t care if you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan, Atheist, Agnostic, etc. if you cannot get the basic idea that we are more than the physical body and as such making differences based on the body is a low mentality, then I think you might need to re-evaluate what you practice. People will hide behind many garbs to deceive others about their real stance but for how long can you do that.

Now reality flash: will racism stop? I don’t think so. For as far as we have a material body many people will continue to identify with it. At best we can help them see, but not let their nonsense become ours. Till next week do stay connected. Read, like, share and follow for more.


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