Dear readers,

I hope you all are faring well. It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all yet another interesting blog today.

Yesterday was Mother’s day and many of us took our time to remember our Mother’s and pay homage to them. Should I decide to write about my Mother here, I guess I’ll have to make series upon series as one blog cannot do justice to her. Nevertheless I shall try to at least say a few words before linking up to our general topic of Mothers. My mum as I remember her when I was a kid, is a disciplinarian. She made it clear that first I was her child and then friend. Considering the times we live in now, I feel this aspect of motherhood is slowly being lost. I feel sad at some videos I see online, when I see the way some mothers are treated poorly.

My Mum made it clear to me that mediocrity wasn’t an option, you either go big or go home. In fact I remember her saying that whatever you do, good or bad, be the best at it. Not that she encouraged me to be bad, however her philosophy was “ If you are going to go down the bad road, knowing the consequences of your action then you better be the baddest that ever lived.” She made me see that excuses were for the weak, and weakness was not in my DNA, blood or family line. She stood tall herself and wasn’t the one to wait on help. My mum, a multi-talented woman also showed me that sometimes, success is not a one way road but a multi lane high way. I learnt to multi task, and maintain composure while doing so from her.

Though weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning! To many this is just a line in the Psalm, but to me it was an armor to go through life. Unlike the present day generation, my mum emphasized that to win I had to stand out, and standing out meant exactly that. She pointed out that getting on the treadmill of life wasn’t the issue, however remaining on it was the point. To this day, I never worry about those who get on that treadmill before me in whatever area of their lives, because I know one thing for sure; you can never out run me. It is either the “treadmill of life stops or I run till I can’t run anymore”. I wish I could blend in things about my dad here as he also has the tenacity in him, however I’ll just have to wait till Father’s day. To this day, all I do is to make sure that her effort in my life is not in vain. Just like my dad, my mum always urged me to be better. Don’t settle for less when you can be more!  Improve yourself! Work Hard and Pray! These were some of her words as I grew up.

Those who know her, will say she is like a lioness; Fearless, strong and won’t hesitate to take down an entire pride of lions if any of her kids were in harm’s way. Just like the queen on a chess board, she is extremely powerful. In fact so powerful that many people see her in me. I am the product of the very best I must say and this has its price. Naturally people expect more from me, I have tried to live up to that, until recently when I realized besides God, my spiritual mentor and my mum, I really don’t worry myself anymore about people’s opinion. I can also say Happy Mother’s Day to you.

That been said, we should also know that besides our biological Mothers we have six other Mothers; making them seven in total. The Queen, The Nurse, The Cow, The Earth, The Spiritual Mentor’s Wife, the wife of a priest and one’s real mother; these are the seven types of Mother’s we have. The Queen has the major role of looking after not only her King, but the entire nation as well. To this day, the special place of a Queen in any Kingdom has been emphasized time and time again. We see this power come to life in the game of Chess, where the Queen piece moves around the board, as she pleases without restriction. The Nurse is the mother who delivers us at the time of birth. She helps our real mothers to bring us into this world using her knowledge of child birth and delivery. She also assists our real mothers in taking care of us when we are very tender. The Cow’s place as our mothers, though seriously abused today by money making industries, still cannot be overlooked. She takes but a few blades of grass and gives a lot of milk in return. She is practically one animal whose milk all animals can live off from. Every part of her body is fully functional and even her bile products help fertilize our soils as manure.

Mother Earth as fondly called by many is a Mother we cannot ignore. She holds us up every day without complain, she provides us with food, herbs and various kinds of natural resources. She gives us gems and treasures in the form of precious stones and minerals. In fact her body flows with rivers and oceans that help sustain our lives. She nourishes all the other mothers who in turn nourish us, and thus is very sacred. The Wife of the Spiritual mentor or guide is also a mother, because she does a great service of looking after the spiritual guide who helps us in our spiritual growth. In other words she can also be our spiritual mentor.  The wife of a Priest is a mother and looks after not just the priest but everyone who comes to the priest for help. Her blessings and good wishes are just like those of the priest in our life.

Last but not least is our biological mother who gives us life and carries us for nine months in her womb. We cannot imagine how much pain and sacrifice she goes through just to see us grow and survive in life. Her service is selfless and pure. No one can repay her or be like her. Even gods revere her position and honour her existence. We all owe our mothers a life time of gratitude.

Till next week, do read, share and follow for more blogs. Happy Mother’s day!


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