Your Calling

Dear readers,

I hope you all are faring well. It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all yet another interesting blog today.

Today I’ll like to share with you all a very important topic; one that can be applied to those who are trying to pursue a career in spirituality or even for regular folks. It is none other than the subject of “higher calling”. We hear many priests and pastors especially, who say they were “called” by the Lord to begin a ministry. While some are genuine, many have also abused this statement and used it to amass personal monetary gain. The legitimacy of the calling is not our concern today, rather we will focus on what happens when you answer to your call.

Recently I watched a video on Facebook by a pastor who gave some interesting insight on the matter and I decided to develop on some of his points and share it for everyone who is in need of some clarity. A calling is like being “marked”. (This is the analogy that he used). When you are marked by God and he calls you to do his work, there is a different route carved out for you immediately. Those who answer to this call, are definitely going to face a lot of tribulations and also a lot of blessings. To access both of these, one has to answer the call first and foremost. Naturally one may ask “what does it entail or mean to answer the call from God to do something?” I can give you a philosophical explanation of how this works, however topics like this are better understood when we make them less esoteric. Thus I will rather give you examples to illustrate the importance of answering your call.

Let us imagine that Michael Jackson didn’t become a musician and rather went on to become a Doctor, Let us imagine Michael Jordan didn’t play Basketball and rather went on to sell Insurance, Let us imagine that Oprah Winfrey didn’t become a TV personality but went on to work in a call center. When you are done visualizing this, imagine the amount of lives these people have touched by the path they followed and what would have happened if they had not been there. In other words, when we answer to our calling, we align with God’s purpose for our lives and we walk in his mercy and grace, and this enables us to achieve the impossible. In the Bible, David is someone who answered to his calling and God walked with him. His life’s story is an example of what happens when we answer to our calling. However before we can be called, we have to be busy improving whatever talents the Lord has given us. Our talents must be improved upon on a daily basis. David would play the harp all day in the fields and at the time, one would think it was just a pastime, but when the time came for him to be called, this “pastime” which was actually a talent that he had polished, was what God used to bring him to the Palace. Many times we have talents that we do not use or nurture and wonder why we are not having breakthroughs. God wants to call us, but we are not ready.

When we do what God asks us to do, we will never have to seek permission, rather people will send for us, as David was sent for. He didn’t need connections or filling out resumes. We must also note that when David went to the palace, he went as a servant not as a leader, even though he was destined to be a leader.

On getting to the Palace, he continued to use his talent to serve but God wasn’t done with him. He had other plans for him. Now when we get called to follow our true calling, sometimes the initial stage might not truly reflect what the end will be; do not despair for you are a work in progress. God wasn’t done with David yet. Now, when the time came, David was asked to take food to the battle field for his brothers, he could have said no, but he saw this as an opportunity to serve. He went and he confronted Goliath and he was victorious. When we answer to God’s calling, sometimes we might have to do things which may seem beneath our “status”, do them anyway. For by doing these things as service, we constantly remember that we are on a call, and the Lord will definitely take us through the right route.  Sometimes God just wants to see if we have the humility to shoulder the responsibility of higher things. Our opportunities are wrapped in obedience.

Those who answer their own call and refuse to be deceived by another person’s call, actually walk in grace. When you are answering to your own call, you walk rather than run. This is because, God dictates your pace, he knows when you will arrive and has everything set up to make this happen. When we answer someone else’s call, we have to run behind them to play catch up, because it is not our call in the first place. The call process of the Lord is NOT going to make sense. No matter how much you try to understand it, it won’t fit into your grasp. We will wonder sometimes “well if God wants me to do so and so, then why isn’t this happening”. Well that is because he only needs your obedience.

If we ever get confused about what to do, then all we have to do is spend time in the presence of God and do the last thing he asked us to do. When we are answering to our real call (God’s call), we become an answer to a problem. To become an answer to problems, we need to sometimes go back and serve. When this happens we do not need any promotion or approval, because we are already approved by God. When we are called by God to follow our true calling, we torment what torments those who are our leaders. That means we become the solution to the problems that our leaders have, as such we naturally become leaders.

I hope this inspires someone to listen to their real calling. Till next week, do read, share and follow for more.


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