Earth Day

Dear readers,

It is a pleasure to be here sharing with you all another exciting blog today. I hope you are faring well. Happy belated Earth day (I don’t know if one can say that lol).

Since yesterday was “Earth Day” I felt I do something in relation to that today. I do not know what the global connotation of Earth day is, however I can infer by the exhibition I saw yesterday, that it is a day set aside to celebrate our planet and see how to make it more sustainable. There is a continuous debate going on around the world, as to how our activities as human beings, are affecting the “health” of the planet and should we choose not to amend our ways, we might very well cause our own extinction.

I remember growing up as a kid (I’m an 80’s kid by the way), and I can hardly recollect having seen the amount of waste around as we have today. Not to say there was none, however today just beats the stats by a large gap. Plastic wasn’t really a thing, and milk still came in a glass bottle. We played outside till late and the streetlights coming on in the evening was the universal call to go home. We were not afraid to drink water straight from the tap, in fact that was a favorite pastime for many of us as kids, after we played soccer. Parents were not worried about the water having lead or some kind of poison. It was okay to hang out with friends of different background and when you got hit by a kid, especially among boys, you wrestled it out. No parent sued another because two boys were wrestling on the playground.

In school, the teacher was a second parent and had the right to discipline you and even report you to your parents; who in turn thanked them sincerely and made sure that you learnt whatever lesson you were meant to learn from the disciplinary action you received. Parents knew they needed the teachers and the teachers vice versa. The neighbors could chastise you if they saw you acting out of order and they expected your parents to do same to their kids, if the need arose. Everyone knew that it took a village to raise a kid, and so together, we all made it better and easier. Today you can’t even correct kids in a class without receiving threats of legal action from their parents or guardians. Do not even think about corporal punishments, you might never get out of jail for that if you tried it. *Disclaimer* I do not in any way advocate, physically abusing kids.

I got my behind spanked as a kid, and I didn’t die from it. Did it make me a better person as compared to those who weren’t? I don’t know. However I do know that it made me understand that there were boundaries never to be crossed when dealing with elders, parents and adults. Today, I see kids fighting and even beating up their teachers and I cringe at the thought. As a kid, we never even thought of that in our dreams, because we knew the consequences were dire and instantaneous. Back in the days, we could walk into people’s yard and pluck fruits off their trees, eat it and walk away. The worse that happened was we were asked to pick up leaves we knocked off the tree, while trying to get the fruits. A few days ago, I saw on the news, a young black boy gets shot at (luckily it missed him though), because he knocked at a door asking for directions. I just cannot get it. What happened to people being kind? Growing up, if a kid showed up at your door asking for directions to his school, most folks back then would drive you to school and made sure you were safe, NOT pull out a shotgun and try to blow your brains out.

To imagine that this happened to a kid, while his father is actively deployed to Syria, serving the nation, makes me wonder to what good is all this war mongering? Who benefits from these wars, who suffers the effects, we all know is large disparity. When we went shopping back in the days, everything was organic, at least as far as I can remember. To be honest, that word “organic” didn’t exist, because it was just unheard off that some kind of “food” were filled with chemicals and others weren’t. We could take an apple and eat it right off tree, without having to soak it in Soda to reduce pesticides, after probably having washed it a gazillion times. We have succeeded in tripling or even quadrupling our food production by using chemicals, yet the planet still suffers from famine and food shortage, and more people are dying from cancer from these chemicals. So what have we achieved? Food meant for humans is been fed to animals, animals are raised in horrific conditions just to be on someone’s plate, and our health is worse than ever. Where are we headed?

If this planet was a bus, many of us would alight already and discontinue the journey, sadly we cannot. The government instead of saving the lives of its citizens, is rather teaming up with greedy corporations and poisoning food and water, because the alternative is expensive and that is where the business starts. As kids we would dance in the rain and play rain soccer, till we were covered in dirt. Our immune system grew stronger because we were not over protected from the elements or dirt. Today, it is illegal to collect rain water, how did we go from playing in the rain to not being able to collect rain water? I can go on and on telling you about how our dear earth had changed, how the ice at the poles are melting and images of Polar bears, looking skinny are circulating the internet. I could tell you also about how the temperatures are now insane and how the seasons no longer follow the months. I can tell you how it is almost May and it is still snowing in most states, yet people feel global warming is a hoax.

In a nut shell, whatever you do, whatever you eat, or whatever activities you perform, know for certain that it is having an impact on this planet and even if you escape the long term effects, your kids and grand kids probably won’t. Be safe, be conscious, be Eco-friendly.

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