Teach me, Dear Lord

Dear readers,

I hope you all are faring well. It is a pleasure to be here once again, sharing with you ancient wisdoms for modern day problems.

Today I’ll like to share with you all a prayer that I have written, and it would be my first written prayer for this New Year. From time to time, I like to pray to the Lord in non-scripted prayers that are heart felt. You can find another one here from last year.

Dear Lord, today I come before you as lovingly as I know how to say thank you first and foremost for everything that you have done for me, all that you are doing, and all that you are yet to do, that I am not even aware of. I sometimes get lost in my numerous thoughts of the things I think you should be doing, that I sometimes cannot see those things that you are already doing. Teach me sincere gratitude, Dear Lord.

Dear Lord, today I come before you as dutifully as I know how, to tell you much I am eager to serve you and maybe boast about how much I am serving you. However just as I am about to continue blowing my horns about the things I am supposedly doing for you, I feel a little nudge and see my Guru’s smiling face. As if to show me how insignificant my service is, I begin to remember the numerous services that my Guru rendered to you while physically present on this planet, and all of a sudden I see that my “so called service” is but a spider’s effort compared to his Herculean endeavors. I remember how my Guru spent his last breath doing nothing but your service, in different areas of the world, even though he had to bear many physical, emotional and even political hardships. In that moment I feel ashamed of my pride. Teach me sincere service attitude, Dear Lord.

Dear Lord, today I come before you as meekly as I know how, to say prayers to you both standard and personal. I repeat daily prayers by your great devotees, and also say my only little prayers as best as I can. In all, every time that I call upon your name, I am sincerely grateful that you have somehow or the other given me access to this special “telephone number” of yours, that whenever and wherever I call you, without offences, you will respond. As you know I still battle with the Mind and only by your mercy can I tame him and make him a true friend. Teach me sincere prayers, Dear Lord.

Dear Lord, today I come before you with a broken heart, to show you how much pain I have suffered while trying to find love in the material world. In my futile attempt to become You as the Supreme Lord and enjoyer, I have cultivated relationships and have been heartbroken because I forgot you. Time and time again, you have made me see that you are my true lover and I belong to you. Nevertheless as I try to act and play the role of a lover here in this world, please help me be a lover of your devotees. Bless me that even when I have to become a “lover to your devotee” I will do so knowing that I am only a caretaker and you are the eternal lover. There is nothing impossible for you to do, and I believe that by your grace I can do this better, being more conscious of you. Teach me sincere Love, Dear Lord.

Dear Lord, today I come before you with my short comings, all of which you know so there is no point of me listing them again. Every day I strive to better myself and make some progress in the improvement of my life, in an all-round manner. However, improvement in the material world is like swimming upstream against current and there is no gain saying it can be tough a times. Nevertheless, I have no fear because I have you. My righteousness is like a filthy rag in your presence and only your grace can save me, of this I have no doubt. Teach me sincere improvement, Dear Lord.

Dear Lord, today I come before you with a long list of my achieved austerities, thinking I can impress you by telling you how many Nirjala Ekadasis I have done, how many Bhisma Pancaka’s I have observed, how many Caturmasya Vratas I have observed and how many rounds of Japa I chant daily while sleeping very little hours. In my futile attempt, my Guru smiles at me and says “How much compassion have you been able to show while doing all these austerities? Has your long list of austerities made you more loving or more critical?” In that moment I get it, and I see that my Guru’s greatest strength was not just his long years of celibacy and austerity, but his loving disposition to everyone who came across him, even those who tried to sabotage his work and tarnish his reputation. Lord, I am not on that level yet, but help me. Teach me sincere compassion, Dear Lord.

Dear Lord, today I come before you with my list of pain and distress, showing you how much I have to endure while trying to serve you. I complain about how people misunderstand me, how they try to misrepresent me and how much I have to deal with just trying to execute my prescribed duties. In that moment I feel as if you were unfair and not seeing all that I do for you, but my Guru shows up again. He smiles and says “Have you forgotten everything that I taught you? Why has such weakness of heart come over you? Does the Lord himself not declare that his devotees never perish? Does his famous song; the Bhagavad gita not promise that he never forgets our endeavors?” I nod in affirmative. “So why are you worried?” Then I remember how much he also had to put up with, but eventually his glories are sung all over the world, and I sigh in relief. Teach me sincere surrender, Dear Lord.

Till next week do read, share and follow for more.

Note: The prayers I share on my website, are not a show of any form of advancement but my sincere meditation on the Lord. The aim and purpose is to inspire us to pray to the Lord more in a way we understand the most. I hope this helps and touches someone out there.


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