Dear readers,

Happy belated New Year, for those of you who missed my first blog of the year. I hope you all are faring well. It is a pleasure to be here with you all today.

Today I’ll like to harp on a subject we are all familiar with and one that we all have; birthdays. Mine was a few days ago and I must say I appreciate all those who took out time to wish me well, those who made preparations and cake, and those who bought me gifts. I am forever grateful. Whether we celebrate it or not, each and every one of us has a birthday, or a day we took birth in this material world.  Of course, the setting is different for everyone. Some of us are born into rich families and others into not so rich families, some of us are born as the only child and some are born alongside others or into a family with other children. Irrespective of the way, place, country or time we were born, there is a common denominator in taking birth in this material world; and that is we all came in naked, helpless and crying.

In fact, it is a thing of worry for the Doctors who help deliver us and for our parents when we show up into this world and we do not cry. The Doctors give us a heavy pat on the back, as a shock just in case we are unconscious or have fluids blocking our air ways. Pause for a minute, before we run into what happens after we leave the hospital. How did we get to this point in the first place? By what means did we get the parents that we have at the moment of our birth? Was it by some natural selection? The truth and answer might be difficult for many to grasp nonetheless I shall try to explain it in the simplest way I know how. First and foremost, there is no question of chance when it comes to taking birth and having a new material body. Our current body is a sum total of the activities and desires form our previous body. To get a better grip on this subject matter please kindly read Reincarnation. It will do you a lot of good to click on the link and read that first before continuing if you are new to the concept of reincarnation.

So having a new body in brief is as a result of choices, activities and desires form our previous life time and as such we have been granted a new body to fulfil all our unfulfilled desires and given another chance to try to put an end to the repeated circle of birth and death. In other words, our birthday is but another chance to get it right, especially in the human form of life. In the human body, we have intelligence and we can discriminate between good and bad, and as such we are accountable for everything that we do. Animals on the other hand act out of instinct on four major propensities; eating, sleeping, mating and defending. If we as human beings do not rise above this four tendencies and center our lives on them, then our human form of life which is a very valuable gift is considered no better than that of an animal.

At the time of birth, we are given a name, a country, a race, a religion, an address, etc. we have no say in these things, at least not until we are 18. Some of us never even bother to change them but we spend our entire lives defending them, like we had a say in getting them. We base our entire identification on these false designations, so much so that it becomes the center for division among us all. One may think “I am a white, male who is Christian, or I am a coloured female who is Muslim” , based on what we have been told and labeled. Truth be told we are none of these designations and the earlier we realize and break free from these false identifications the better for us all. Every year that passes, takes us one more year closer to our graves, and whether we like it or not, Death is a universal truth waiting to happen to us all.  If we understand this, or at least try to understand this, then what can we do to salvage the very limited time we have on this planet? We begin by asking questions. Who am I? Where did I come from? Am I this body, or my mind or my ego? Where do I go to after death? At the time of death, what happens to me? These questions would be the basis for a life changing journey for most of us and they will give us a new sense of direction and purpose in our lives. We wonder why our current civilization is so shallow despite our recorded rise in scientific inventions, we wonder why people are so empty on the inside despite having so much externally, we wonder why those who have so little material possessions are usually those with the biggest hearts and not vice versa.

We can put an end to all these wondering and dilemma if we know the answers to these aforementioned questions. So the next time it is your birthday, I am not saying do not celebrate, however in the midst of that “celebration” ask yourself these questions and if the answers do not come, then it is probably time to start making the right enquires in the right direction. Sometimes people feel we spend too much time talking about death and say maybe we should focus more on life and “enjoy it”. What they fail to realise is that we are dying every day, every second, every minute, every hour and on every “birthday”. The final part of us leaving the body is just a culmination of our slow daily death, thus when we are aware of that fact, that the present living state is but a hidden dying reality then the best way to “enjoy life” would be to “live life fully conscious of the fact that today might be the last”.

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