Compatibility in Relationships 2

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I’ll like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I pray that this season brings you all good tidings and joy. For those of you who are Christians, I pray that you find time to go deeper into the mood of this season and daily endeavor to be more Christ like.

There is no gain saying that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he came to teach the message of the Supreme Lord; his Father. To as many who follow his teachings dutifully and lovingly, the inner meanings of the Bible are revealed to them. Being Christ like is more of a daily endeavor than a weekly Sunday to Sunday activity. The more our dear Christian brothers inculcate the true mood of the selflessness of Jesus Christ, the more loving Christians we shall have the world over.  I implore you all to try to extend a hand of fellowship and kindness this festive period and avoid been distracted by the constant need to indulge in consumerism.

Last week I commenced a topic on relationships and compatibility, today I will be doing a sequel to it. For those of you who missed it, please click here to have an idea on the subject matter before coming back to read this part. In my previous blog I enumerated the 8 factors that are critical in Vedic Astrology when a long term relationship is to be considered between intending couples. As a recap, these factors are; 1. Natural refinement (Varna), 2. Natural liking between the two individuals (Vashya), 3. Positions and degrees of the constellations (Dina), 4. Intimate physical compatibility and sex (Yoni), 5. Mental compatibility (Grahamaitri), 6.Temperamental compatibility (Gana), 7. Destiny i.e. Wealth, Longevity etc. (Rashi), and 8. Influence of health on couple and future children (Nadi).

In the part 1 of this series, I gave some explanation on the first 4 factors, and today I shall try to discuss the remaining 4 factors. Without further ado, criteria five is the mental compatibility of the intending couples. If couples feel a strong physical attraction but find it difficult to connect mentally then it is only a matter of time before the relationship begins to hit rocks. Such a relationship can be described as sailing troubled waters, no matter how strong the physical attraction may be. This criteria scores 5 points, thus the ideal score will be 5 out of 5, which means the couple can connect very well on a mental level. A zero out of five means there is no connection mentally and this can be very disturbing, in other words for there to be a good compromise they should at least score 2.5 out of the required 5 points. The higher the better. Should they score below average on this criteria then the intending couple have to be careful not to find fault with each other especially when it comes to strategizing, decision making, planning, and other areas that require mental choices, as these are areas they will experience a huge difference.

The sixth criteria is Temperamental compatibility. This criteria scores a solid 6 points and the ideal will be to have 6 out of 6. A compromise will be 3 out of 6 and low will be any score below 3. This criteria deals with the temperament of each of the intending partners. It is basically divided into three parts, the Dev gana, Manushya gana and Rakshasa gana. For those who are not familiar with Sanskrit terminology, in simple language it means, Celestial temperament, Human Temperament, and Demoniac temperament. A suitable match for example will be if each partner is from the same gana that is say Dev gana and Dev gana. A person from Dev gana can have a suitable match with someone from Manushya gana but not with someone from the Rakshasa gana. When couples have very opposing temperaments then quarrels, and fights are almost inevitable and it is only a matter of time before they split ways.

Due to the large points awarded to this criteria it is usually difficult to ignore it, save and except if there is a balance in another criteria on their chart. The seventh criteria is Destiny and this has to do with longevity of the intending couple, wealth, etc. Just like others, this criteria also awards scores for high compatibility. It has a total of 7 points and the average will be to score at least 3.5 to have a good compromise between the intending couple. A score lower than 3.5 means there is incompatibility and a remedy should be sought after. If the couple have low scores in other key areas then the charts have to be analyzed in detail. Scoring lower than the average of 3.5 in this criteria means there will be issues in areas such as longevity of both partners, issues with having kids, unhappiness and dissatisfaction just to mention a few. In modern times many people take this system of Vedic astrology for granted and I can tell you quite frankly from personal experience, that the results can be devastating if ignored.
If the overall score of the match is 15 or less out of 36 then the fault of the seventh criteria is highlighted, if the score is above 20 then the positive effects are highlighted.

Last but not least is the eight criteria is the influence of health on the intending couple and possibly their kids. There are generally three divisions of the Nadi criteria, and the best match is to avoid someone who has the same Nadi as one’s self. Marrying someone with the same Nadi can lead to health issues of the partners, having children who are weak or sickly, trouble marriage life, decrease in affection between the couple, just to mention a few.

In a situation where the Man and woman have the same zodiac moon sign, then the fault which arises from incompatibility of their 8th criteria (influence of health), can be ignored. Family life is an aspect of human existence where many of us will spend practically half of our lives, thus it is pertinent that we are very careful when making this big decision. One wrong move can leave us impacted for life. I hope this helps someone out there. No doubt this is just a tip of the ice berg and in order to take full advantage of this knowledge one has to take the time to make a proper chart before committing to a relationship.

Till next week, do read, share and follow for more.


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