Vacuum; the low after all highs

Dear readers,

I am very happy to connect with you all today, most especially because I launched my first book last week and all things been equal it should be released next month, fingers crossed. Believe me when I say, I have spent almost half of my existence on this planet putting the pieces that make that book up. I do hope is serves it purpose and helps those in need of guidance.

That been said what are we going to discuss today?

This morning while doing my mantra meditation, my mind took a quick “break” and in that split second a couple thoughts flew in.

  1. What is that special “feeling” that creates such an attraction between two people down here that makes us forget who we are?
  2. If our spiritual essence is all blissful and all knowledgeable and yet we are caught up in this mix of material existence, then its either we are easily influenced as living entities or the material nature is very strong.

Just after these thoughts, I tried to bring my mind back to the mantra meditation I was doing but they kept haunting me. Hours later as I prepare to write my blog for this week, I am torn between presenting this thoughts in an “unfiltered” manner, just as they rummage my mind or to refine them and present them as a polished finished thought process. I felt I’ll rather go with the latter.  The whole point of writing is to be real, authentic and genuine. To connect with people without filters and to share ideas, insights and thoughts with people in a manner that helps them see beyond the physical, hence the name metaphysical perspective. Everyone in this material is searching for that one person who completes them and makes them feel special. Some people try to find this person in a friend, a spouse, a family member etc.

Often times our search doesn’t yield much and even when it does, we can’t spend eternity with them, because death snatches them away and we are left all lonely and then vacuum sets in. As a teenager and even till this day I write poetry and the theme is always love but that of intense love in separation, usually of a lover not there or of one who is broken hearted. I shared these poems a few times with people and once half way through, a friend of mine paused and said “who did this to you?” I asked; what? He pointed at my poem and looked at me saying “I mean this, who hurt you this bad bro? These words strike a deep chord with me, I can feel them as if it were me.” He was in for a shock when I told him they were just my inner thoughts and not based on actual events in this life.

Well years later with more understanding of certain spiritual truths, I have come to see where those deep yearnings came from. The real self, deep down cannot stop searching for the Supreme Lord and that was why no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t write about something else. The interesting part is that there is more to this feeling of vacuum. I have seen the lives of very rich, successful and famous celebrities, who have it all and then the next thing we hear is they died of substance overdose or suicide or fell in a depression. It beats me hollow every time. So with all that money, fame, glamour etc., you were still not happy? Why? In front of the cameras we can put up a fake smile, we can show off our flashy lives on social media and all that fun stuff, however when we go to bed at night, when no one is watching, far away from the cameras and paparazzi, reality kicks in. The soul languishes in pain and cries bitterly. Maybe you may have experienced it. Our eyes cannot stop shedding tears and we feel really heavy on the inside and we don’t even know where the pain is coming from.

It is at this critical moment we should pause and reflect. During moments like this, when our soul is tired of pretending and living a life that doesn’t reflect its true nature, we need to wake up and do the needful. When our pain is unbearable and all the fences we have built to shield ourselves from reality are down, we need to wake up and do the needful. Suicide, substance abuse are all just temporary escape routes to hide from these nights of reality that hit us hard. We can run and hide but not for long. That vacuum won’t fill up, no matter how much we try to, especially if we are using the wrong things to fill it up.

There are days I sometimes catch myself fighting such pain, thinking and rethinking. Then I remember that I am blessed by the best and shouldn’t settle for anything less. I am the eternal servitor of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and as such He definitely has my back. He just wants to know that I trust him enough to let go and let him fill up all and every type of vacuum in my life. Letting go is not something we are accustomed to because we always fear the worst might happen. Fear is born of ignorance and because we do not really know the capability of the Lord, we are in ignorance which in turn brings fear.

You can be rest assured that you are not alone, and that there is always help around us if and only if we are ready to access it. Most importantly is the fact that there is help right within us, if we decided to connect on a deeper level beyond all superficiality. The Lord is sitting right inside our hearts beckoning on us to turn towards him, even for a second and connect deeply. We have to become like whales in the ocean, they swim deep down. We have to go deep in our relationship with the Supreme.

Till next week, do have a blissful week ahead. Share, and follow for more.

PS; Image credit doesn’t belong to me.


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