Festival of Life

Dear readers,

It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to share with you all once again yet another interesting blog today. Last weekend was filled with fun activities, lots of people and a very busy schedule. Many people had a great time with the festival of colours and the inner child in everyone was let loose.

During this period of festivity alongside having to manage schedules and see that the guests that were visiting were getting the service I was allocated to do; on time, I had some quite thoughtful realizations. There is a famous artiste who mentioned in one of his songs that “life is one big party when you are still young, but who’s going to have your back when its all done.” Similarly, just like a real party, the party of life also has its different stages.

Stage 1. Planning: Usually before a big event a lot of energy is put into planning and preparing in order to be able to achieve all that we set out to do. We try to make sure that we have everything in place to guarantee the smooth flow of the event and we make a list of things we need. Life’s party is similar in so many ways. This stage in our lives is the period of youth, when we make a lot of plans and dream about all the great things we want to do, at various points in our lives, usually leaving little or no time in it for God or matters self-realization.

Stage 2. Item acquisition and shopping: When we have dates set out and all that, we often proceed to buy the things we think we need, the things we want and the things we hope our guests would like. We may spend little money or a lot of money depending on our budget. Some of us might even go for an overdraft and empty out our accounts. It’s all a matter of choice.  Similarly in life we also try to acquire different types of education in the hope that this would give us the capacity to achieve our dreams. We spend a lot on various forms of formal or informal education, often times neglecting the real education that we need. We may think we know the type of education we want or need or the type that may help us succeed however if we don’t have proper education about the soul, we sooner than later find out that we have not really learnt much.

Stage 3. The Event: The D-day arrives and we are all pumped up and the anticipation is in the air. We begin to expect visitors. Some show up on time, some late, some don’t even show up at all and some call us to cancel. We however hope that irrespective of the turn up, we can still have a great event. During the event we try to serve everyone as much as we can, sometimes we do and sometimes we just can’t please everyone. We try to see if we can also be a part of the event from time to time without getting lost in the service of attending to people, and at other times we try to socialize. After the event, some guests stay till late, some leave just before it gets dark, and some may even sleep over and then leave the next day. Invariably all the guests leave at some point.  The D-day in our lives is divided into various parts and could be seen from different perspectives. The first part is when we finally get to achieve some of the goals we set for ourselves. Usually we achieve some and sometime we don’t. If we fail to set spiritual goals then we haven’t really lived a fulfilled life yet. The second stage is when we get the “guests” that show up on time (puberty, body growth, etc.), those that show up late (wrinkles, aging, body pains, etc.), those that don’t show up at all (long hidden terminal illness that pop up at the last stages) and those that call us to cancel (repeated sickness, failing body functions etc.) however despites these “guests” we still go on with our life’s party.

Then after the party or at the time of death, we have some guests leave on time (friends usually leave first), then we have those who stay late (intimate friends and distant relatives may be at our death bed a little longer) and those that stay till the next day (close family member who mourn us to the grave and for a few weeks or months after we pass). If we pay so much attention to life’s party without trying to connect to the ultimate spiritual party then when these “guests” arrive we are not prepared to host them.

Stage 4. The Cleanup: This is probably the most difficult part of any party. The mess created after every party, has to be cleaned up. Even if we get a few volunteers, the fact remains that we need to do the greater part as the house belongs to us or at least we are responsible for the cleanliness of the venue.

 At the time of death we may be able to have a good reading at our funeral by many people who might have known us, they may say a lot of nice things, we may even have them read out our achievements or our acts of philanthropy etc.  All these will nevertheless remain here and only a few good merits from these activities go with us to the next life. These so-called good merits are in themselves things that bind us further. If we have failed to do the most benevolent act which is to save the soul, then we have actually had a party that wasn’t successful.  Thus we need to see and remember that eventually this house (body) we have, would be thrashed up (grow old) and the best cleanup we can do is to give our souls a better place to live in, preferably a body that is free from birth, disease, old age and death.

I hope these few words help us see things better in a broader perspective. Till next week, do read, and follow for more.


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