Question on our World Events and Crisis

Dear readers,

Welcome to another day in my blog session. It is great to be able to connect with you all here.

In the light of the recent events happening around the world, I have taken a little time out to reflect a little more and to share with you all these reflections. It is no news that the US has been through one Hurricane and is bracing to receive about four more. With Hurricane Harvey, Irma, then the ocean bed in the Bahamas drying out, to heavy hailstones damaging cars, livestock’s and property in Spain today, all I can think of is what is actually going on?

Why is mother Earth or Nature clapping back at us to severely? Why are all these events happening back to back with an almost undeniable increase in severity? Are we totally innocent and are just been “victimized” by nature, or are we abusing the Earth so much that she is tired of our unsustainable methods of development?  Are we conscious of our choices in matter of lifestyle, energy, food and clothing? Do we see this planet as a shelter to every living entity in it or do we as human beings feel that without us the planet is nothing?

What do we really contribute to this planet? Is it in proportion to what we take from Nature and the environment? Are we treating every living entity we encounter with love and compassion? Do we place the collective good of the planet and others before ours, or do we just try to fleece the environment as much as we can until we have taken more than we would ever need? Is religion nowadays just another medium to have a social gathering? Is religion missing spirituality? Does our religious belief aid in the preservation of the ecosystem or does it encourages us to destroy it? Are we brutally ending the lives of people and animals in the name of religion? Are we stretching the Earth beyond her limits when it comes to getting natural resources? Are we polluting the environment and thus reducing our life span by the very choices we make every day?

Are we avoiding natural, effective plant based medicines that have been proven to cure many terminal diseases, just because our “pharmacies” will “run out of business?” Why are we spending billions on ammunitions and warfare, and yet complaining every day about world hunger? Why have we modified plants that were simple and healthy all in the bid to make them look “better” only to discover that we have in fact created the very thing that is now killing us in droves? Why are we suddenly making a fuss about organic food been healthy and better and how GMO’s are not healthy when we consciously injected these plants in the first place? Why do we waste so much food every year just because they don’t look a certain way or have a certain shape, and then proceed to hold international seminars on how to curb world hunger?  Why are we feeding away our food stuff to a few livestock’s just to satisfy our desire for flesh when the same amount of food can feed hundreds of people?

Why start a war when we know very well that those who suffer the most are women, children, old people and the majority who have no clue why these wars are fought? Why is that those who start a war and send young men who are husbands, fathers, brothers, etc. to fight, never send their own sons? Why struggle so hard to get a political office when you know deep down inside you, that you have absolutely no plans of making a change and that all you care about is lining up your pocket and bank account. Why is it that a continent as rich as Africa with almost all natural resources available in large quantity, be termed as poor? Why is it that a continent that has planting season all year round be termed hungry? Why do we make so much propaganda about stolen diamonds and resources gotten from war zones only to sell the same precious stones here in the West at exorbitant prices? Why do we interfere with the political situation in other countries when we know very well that the state of our own economy is far from being perfect? Why is this planet in debt? To whom do we owe all these trillions, aliens? We claim to be the most advanced species on this planet and pride ourselves as “higher animals” yet we are the only specie that pays to live on a planet that we didn’t create? We claim the children are the future yet we abuse them daily? A man is not a gentleman if he hits a lady but a woman who slaps and man and calls him derogatory names is hailed as being feminist? I know some of you might get uncomfortable with some of these questions especially the last one, but that’s the whole point. Maybe it’s time we get uncomfortable and see that something is wrong.

Maybe when we stop hiding behind our numerous camouflages and reveal our true selves, that is if most people even know who they really are, then we may hope to find a solution. One may ask ok, after pointing out all these what do you suggest as a solution, for it is easy to criticize but not easy to walk the talk. One day at a time, and one human at a time I am making a conscious difference starting by making sure that my words, actions, and choices are not a problem to this planet. We are often quick to criticize those who manage the affairs of state but also fail to realize that those people were once just like us. So I feel the best time to teach a president is when he is still in high school, and not when there is chaos in the white house.

Till next week do follow this space for more. Until then read, reflect and internalize.


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