You are not ready for this!

Dear readers,

It is yet another week and I am indeed happy to share with you all yet another interesting discussion today.

As spiritual practitioners we are always sure to be caught up in the never ending internal war of ideal or real. In as much as we strive to achieve this perfect stage of idealness or even near perfection, I must say that the rise should be one of gradual ascent than one of artificial meandering. I would like to share a few thoughts that may bug the minds of a practitioner or maybe simple thoughts that we may face every day as we try to make good use of our time in spirituality.

  1. In an ideal situation, we are supposed to be God conscious 24 hours of the day, fixing our mind, intelligence and senses on his name, form, quality and pastimes. Reality; we find it difficult to even go through one round of Japa meditation (soft chanting of the holy names of God), without having the mind wonder off like a stray dog. Do we give up, whine about it or become sad? Absolutely not, we forge ahead with patience, consistency and determination.
  2. In an ideal situation, those who are householders are supposed to support those who are renunciates and give charity to all. Reality; many householders find it difficult to even make ends meet let alone support someone else. Does this however justify not giving charity? No, it doesn’t. We start from whatever small we have and if really are bereft of things to give, then we can always give love, compassion and appreciation to those around us.
  3. In an ideal situation, one should understand that this material world is a temporary place and that whatever we do here is not eternal and thus we should focus more on those things that are eternal. Reality; many of us live like we have a contract with God to be here eternally. We don’t care about life after death, we think we are invisible, and that everything is meant for our enjoyment, especially if we have our material lives somewhat successful. Does this negate the fact that we still live in a temporary world? No, so why not be in this world, but not of this world. Stand like a lotus flower in the water but do not get touched by the water.
  4. In an ideal situation, marriage should be holy sanctified and considered sacred. It should be meant for raising God conscious kids. Reality; the marriage institution has gone through a lot these days. It seems like most people just marry for the wrong reasons and the few that do for the right reasons cannot even live theirs happily without constant criticism from the so-called advanced modern day society. Sex in marriage isn’t for kids anymore, and many people marry and for whatever reason see kids as an inconvenience. Does this mean we should no longer get married? No, we should rather try to fix this from the base, from the family unit. If our families lack solid spiritual foundations built on sacred values, chances are that they will fail for sure.
  5. In an ideal situation, Spiritual mentors are supposed to look after our spiritual life and help us realize our true self and get back to our original home; the spiritual world. Reality; we have pseudo-spiritual leaders who take advantage of their followers and try to make a show of renunciation while living double lives. We have pseudo – spiritual leaders who have no sense of self control and who preach detachment. Do we now lump together all spiritual leaders as cheats? Absolutely not, one must know the signs of a genuine spiritual master and thus be able to make the right decision when seeking to surrender to one.
  6. In an ideal situation, there should be abundance on this planet with enough resources for everyone. Also in a community there should be abundant resources for all those who live in it to share. Our planet should not face hunger, or starvation. Reality; despite been so blessed with a lot of natural resources from Mother Earth, we are still suffering so much. Why? Abuse, greed and lack of knowledge as to whom these resources belong to. If we however take what we need and not what we want and also think about the feelings of other people, who may very well need to use the resources we have over-accumulated then there will be no issue of hunger or world starvation.
  7. In an ideal situation, after we have come to the spiritual path, we should all become holy and sanctified. We should understand the trivial nature of this world and focus on higher spiritual values. Reality; we seem to find people with the most bizarre natures and behaviors in a spiritual setting with a lot more prejudice and material conditioning than we may get in the secular world. This is because just like a hospital holds a lot more sick people at once in one space, than we may find randomly, the spiritual community holds a lot more people who need cleansing in one space than we may find in the secular world at one given time. Naturally we may expect more, but we should know everyone gets well at their own pace and time. The point is to get well and leave the hospital, take your medication and stop worrying about how the next patient is taking theirs, especially if you are not the Doctor.
  8. In an ideal situation, after reading these points we should reflect and make positive changes in our lives, be it material spiritual, or otherwise. Reality: many people will see this as just another post or blog, many will read their own meanings into it without asking questions, many will see it as just another guy blowing his “self- righteous horn”, many will not even understand. Does that mean I should stop putting out great content to sensitizer people? Absolutely not, I will continue because I understand that I am part of the change I need to see and I am just as accountable as anyone who reads this.

Share this post with others, read it, internalize it. Till next week follow this blog for more.


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