Subtle Dependency

Dear readers,

It’s a pleasure to be able to share with you all today yet another interesting topic. I hope you all are faring well.

A couple of days back it rained quite heavily and the wind that accompanied the rain was pretty intense thereby resulting in our power lines shutting down. When the power is down, automatically the internet also is inaccessible. In this little space of roughly 48 hours, a lot of things came into perspective. One of them is the immediate exposure of our total dependence on things that we have “created”. We create things with the intention that they will make our lives somewhat easier, however when these amenities are absent even for a short period of time, we become so vulnerable. This is one clear difference between the living entity and the Supreme Lord. The Supreme Lord is described as Atmaram; one who is self-sufficient.  He is self-sufficient because He doesn’t need anything or anyone to be Himself or to feel complete. We on the other hand; as infinitesimal spiritual living entities, are constantly in search of something to satisfy or complete us.

In one of the ancient scriptures known as the Isopanisads, it is mentioned that the Supreme Person is perfect and complete, and from him comes so many complete wholes such as this cosmic manifestation. Whatever comes from him is also complete in itself, however even though all these complete wholes are emanating from Him, He remains the complete balance. This means that he is not bound by the laws of material nature which subject us to various limitations, because even the laws of material nature function under his sanction and jurisdiction. In our quest to create a “perfect and complete” environment for ourselves here on this planet we have forgotten to take shelter of the Supreme complete person. It is interesting to note that even though we are perfect and complete as spiritual sparks emanating from the Lord who is also perfect and complete, we cannot experience this “completeness” in full until and unless we begin to act in that capacity. The only way to act in full capacity or knowledge of our complete self is to actually realize that we are first and foremost spiritual beings beyond the gross and subtle body.

When we realize this as a fact and thus act in such consciousness then we may aspire to operate on the level of completeness. One of the reasons why our attempts to “recreate” a perfect and complete life here on this planet fails, is because we do not acknowledge the proprietorship of the Supreme person. We feel that everything in this world is meant for our gratification and that we are lords of all that we see and survey. When we actually work with the knowledge that everything animate and inanimate belongs to the Supreme Lord and that we should only take as much as is allotted to us as our quota, then we may hope to achieve this state of completeness. More so, there is a guarantee that comes with acting in such consciousness. It is mentioned in the same upanisad that one may aspire to live for hundreds of years if he acts in such consciousness, because he is not bound by his work. Thus herein lies the answer and secret to living long. Scientist have searched endlessly to no avail for the “fountain of youth” in a bid to prolong or extend life. What they fail to realize is that we cannot discover the “elixir of immortality” in matter or dead substance. We can only get life from life, thus if we desire eternal life why not get it from an eternal source?

We may try to create medications upon medications that may slow down or even hide our aging process, however to tap into the immortality that may people crave so dearly, they must begin to act in proper consciousness of the Supreme Lord, knowing him as the proprietor of all that we see. When the living entity acts in such a consciousness then the mentality to exploit things, people or the resources of this planet automatically diminishes. This is because we cannot exploit something that doesn’t belong to us, if we really acknowledge the ownership. The more we try to exploit the material energy to create a perfect and complete situation here, the more we become frustrated, because for each problem we “solve” we are faced with  ten new ones. A good example is our foodstuff today. There was a time when a man could plant and harvest only the amount of land he could till or get others to help him till and cultivate. If he wanted to get more plants, he had to engage the help of family and friends. Today one man can farm and till a land meant for probably hundreds of people and produce a lot more. This seems very positive and people may wonder what is wrong with such a great positive step in our endeavors as humans. Well with excess comes waste, a couple of years back France put a prohibition on food stores and supermarkets throwing away “unfit food”.

This naturally brings us to the next point, in an attempt to create our own concept of “perfectly shaped and good looking food” we have altered the chemical composition of our food and plants and have created poison which is now exterminating us in droves through the disease called Cancer. A good number of years back, no one cared if the vegetables didn’t look perfectly shaped as far as they were not rotten or spoilt and people had their health intact. Today we have perfect vegetables but very bad health, so what advancement have we really made? How is this perfect and complete?

Just before my reader begins to think this writer is anti-technology or anti-improvement, I’ll like to crave your indulgence by saying I am not and the very proof is I am using one of the inventions of technology to share this thoughts with you. What I speak up about is the exploitation of nature, with disregard and little or no recognition for the proprietor. Without stretching this topic too long I’ll say the last 48 hours gave some time to reflect in the absence of these amenities. I hope we all take time to do so once in a while. Till next week do have a great day ahead.

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