Dear Readers,

It’s a pleasure to share with you all yet another interesting topic this week. Yesterday was father’s day and I’ll love to say happy belated Father’s day to all Father’s out there. Being a Father is more than just having the capacity to produce babies, it comes with a lot of responsibility and naturally all those who wear this crown are really special people.

In this light, I’ll like to speak about something which many of us may be familiar with already or perhaps might have heard of; Karma. Karma or the Law of retribution, as some call it. The word Karma simply means that we are accountable for every action we pose and these actions can have effects on our lives, either in the past, present or future. Even though many people find it hard to “believe” in the Laws of Karma, this doesn’t change the fact that the law is universal and always acting. The laws of Karma are like Newton’s third law, which state that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If we can accept Newton’s law as scientific, then we must also realize that the laws of Karma are similar and even more efficient. Contrary to some belief system, that the laws of karma are just “cold and heartless” because they hold us accountable for events which we may have committed in a life prior, the laws of Karma are actually needed to keep some balance in the universal system. A quick look at our modern day Justice system, we may have seen cases where by a criminal is investigated for years and a track record of all his misdeeds are documented and used against him in a court of law. The criminal doesn’t tell the judge; “O how can you judge me by those crimes I committed 5 years ago, I can’t even remember I did them”. Similarly some people find it difficult to accept the laws of Karma because it naturally brings to light a very crucial topic; Reincarnation.

The laws of Karma go hand in hand with reincarnation and thus anyone who is adverse to the principles of reincarnation cannot easily accept the laws of Karma. Often times the reason why people find it difficult to accept the principles of reincarnation is because it places a lot of responsibility on them; something many people do not like to have. The fact that we are responsible for everything we do, no matter when it happened, is a thought many people cringe at. So basically what Karma says is, not only are we responsible for the results of our actions but these results can be transferred to another life time if need be. Should this be difficult to comprehend, let’s take the example of retaking a course at the University. Sometimes when a student fails a course in a semester, he is asked to carry the course over to the next semester and retake the exam.

The idea behind is to make sure that whatever has to be learnt in that course is learnt and only then can the student be allowed to move on. Similarly Karma clapping back at us is not in any way “cold or heartless”, we all get what we sow. we cannot sow corn and somehow or the other expect to reap apples. Another interesting point is the fact that our karma is not all bad and gloomy. There are people who have good Karma in this life as a result of extra pious activities they have performed in a previous life. The presence of pious credits from a previous life accounts for the seemingly inexplicable blissful life some people have now, despite the fact that they do not have to work so hard. In the same vein, many people have to pay a lot of Karmic debt this life time due to mismanagement of certain privileges in a previous life time or due to gross misdemeanor.

On the brighter side, not all Karma is bad and not all is fixed. We have the power to change whatever Karmic pattern we have in our lives because our lives are defined by the choices we make. The proof to this is certain inspiring stories of people who come from very poor backgrounds but work and become financially successful. This is to show that we can change our karma in certain areas if we decide to put in the necessary work required. Of course there are certain people who feel that Karma is fixed and cannot be changed, however this is a misconception. If Karma was fixed then we wouldn’t have to do anything, because whatever has been pre-destined would happened. This conception would have left many rich people today still poor, if they had believed that they couldn’t change their poor background status by working diligently and legitimately.

Just like we have good and bad, we also have good and bad Karma, both are results of our activities. For those who engage in activities that are bad and nefarious, there is a resultant karma waiting for them to reap. Likewise those who perform pious activities also have good karma in store for them. There is an interesting twist to karma, which makes it sometimes difficult to comprehend and this is due to the intricate nature of the laws of action and inaction. In this light sometimes we have people act in a way we calculate to be “bad” but in the long run they actually are doing something pious, even without their own knowledge. When this occurs they get pious credits all the same, irrespective of whether they knew or not. This goal of life however is not to go about doing good deeds just because we want to acquire pious credits in this life and beyond. In actuality the aim of our activities should be to please the Supreme Lord, because by so doing we are free from the resultant actions of good and bad karma.

When we understand this point and endeavor to apply it then our lives become successful.  I hope this sheds some light on the matter. Till next week do read, share and follow for more.


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