Greed 2

Dear readers,

I hope you all are faring well. It’s yet another week for us to share insights on topics which are spiritual, informative and thought provoking. Last week we spoke about Greed, and in order to aid readability I had split the discussion in two. This week we shall try to look at the subject of greed from a deeper perspective, as it relates to the spiritual practitioner on a metaphysical level and how this can be used to strengthen our relationship with the Absolute Truth.

In our dissertation last week, we had the chance to look at greed on a physical and somewhat subtle level and how its effects have taken a toll on us as people and on our planet. To this end it may seem that greed in itself is a vice and nothing much can be gotten from it based on the facts from our first part discussion. It may come as a surprise when I say now to you all that, when greed is refocused and used in the right direction, it is a wonderful virtue in itself. Just before you all get worried about my last statement I must mention for a fact that there are two kinds of greed: greed for material objects and greed for spiritual advancement. The former we have deliberated on to an extent in the first part to this blog, the latter we shall try to develop in this blog.

One thing we can all agree on is the fact that when people are greedy, they never seem to get enough of anything, there is the constant want for more. This quest and strive for more all the time, is what usually gets them in problem. Now for a second imagine if that constant want for “more” had its precedence in matters of spirituality. Imagine if instead of wanting to over accumulate money and material possessions at the detriment of even our health, we actually were eager to accumulate information about the Supreme person. Imagine if instead of trying to hoard resources at the expense of people’s lives, we actually began to hoard esoteric delineations about the Supreme Being. The question now is how do we go about this? For a start we need to know what we are after in the first place. Just like those who accumulate wealth, know for certain that their primary objective in life is to amass wealth, the spiritual practitioner should also know and use his greed to the same effect. He has to understand that his entire life’s mission is to amass relevant and practical information about the Supreme Being.

Amassing this information is but the first part to redirecting the greed tendency, because as with material accumulation, once we have it we spend it and then get some more. Similarly, when the spiritual practitioner has understood his goal in life and has begun to use his greed tendency in amassing relevant and applicable information of the Supreme, then he moves to the next stage of actually “spending or using” this information. The satisfaction people get from being greedy is short lived and thus they are in a constant quest for more, but the satisfaction gotten from being  greedy about the topics that pertain to the Supreme being are indescribable and of immense satisfaction. This is so because it is mentioned in the revealed Scriptures such as the Bhagavad-gita that those who are devotees of the Lord derive great pleasure in discussing about the glories and pastimes of the Lord. It is in such a gathering that the spiritual practitioner must develop and exhibit the greed to hear more and more, without limit.

By regularly hearing and reciting the pastimes of the Supreme Being and by exhibiting intense greed to hear more and more on a regular basis, all that which is troublesome to the heart of the spiritual practitioner becomes practically destroyed and loving service to the Supreme Lord is established in his heart. When loving service to the Lord is established in the heart of the spiritual practitioner then he becomes free gradually from all the vices of this material world. For the heart which has the topics of the Lord’s activities as its sitting place cannot hold other nonsensical matters. When the greed to hear more about the Supreme being’s activities intensifies in the heart of the spiritual practitioner, not only does he become free from the dualities of this world, he gradually elevates his consciousness to a state of pure goodness and thus begins to search deeper for the personal aspect of the Supreme Being. During the course of this search and further intense greed to know more about the Lord, he becomes totally absorbed in the contemplation and daily remembrance of the Lord. This is a very high stage in our spiritual quest; when we are totally absorbed in the remembrance of the Lord.

When we cultivate intense spiritual greed, not only do we automatically eradicate material greed but we also bring our consciousness to a higher level where we can understand more esoteric matters about the Supreme Being. We cannot fully understand the esoteric nature of the Lord’s activities if we are still chained to activities such as anger, lust and greed. These vices among others ruin our material and spiritual life together. The spiritual practitioner should thus strive to be among people who have for a goal, developing intense greed for spiritual topics on the Supreme Lord. If the spiritual practitioner fails to take the association of such people and associates with those who are still conditioned by material greed, he puts himself at a risk of gliding back into his previous ways of material greed.

If we truly desire a panacea for the global issue of over accumulation and greed, then we must begin to redirect our greed and use it instead in the work of the Supreme Lord. It is only then we can hope to have a planet that is peaceful and full of resources for our collective use.

I hope this strikes a chord with you all, do read, internalize and share with others. I hope to see you all next week, till then Follow for more.


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