A traveler’s notepad

Dear esteemed readers,

I am glad to share with you all once again yet another exciting topic today. I hope you all are faring well.

Last week I had quite an intense week and I was again on the move, traveling and as usual I took some time out to jot down some notes. This time unlike my experience while waiting for a connecting flight, I was actually discussing with the driver and since it was a private hired vehicle it was just the two of us and we had some time to look into various aspects of life. In this blog I have extrapolated the ideas we spoke about into the realms of spirituality, I hope you find a thing or two.

We spoke a lot about the complexity of the human nature and how we can take a deeper insight as to why people act the way they do, and during the discussion something struck me. Here I am speaking with a man who drives people for a living and his job is to take you to wherever you need to go; safe and sound. He is not obliged to have a discussion with you, however if you start one with him like I did and it is engaging enough he was sure to participate. (Sometimes in our spiritual quest we may cross paths with people who have just a relationship of duty with us, yet if we step outside and beyond the boundaries of just duty we can discover things we never thought we would. If we for some reason fail to create relative bonds which are of deep values then we continue to exist on a superficial level).

The driver then went on to reveal a little more about himself and his personal life, telling me how his job kept him on the road for most days of the week and how he had to deal with a lot of “distractions” that came with being on the constant move. He mentioned how once he had engaged in a bitter argument with his wife and he just left and was away for two weeks. I was shocked and asked him what her reaction was. He looked at me and said “well you know”. I asked how long they had been married and he said 8 years plus. ( During the course of our training years as neophytes on the path of spirituality, there are times when the practitioner may find himself falling short of the required qualities and there are times when it seems like he is sure to lose because of the constant setbacks; but that is where the spiritual mentor comes in. He always lends a hand and as such never allows the disciple to completely fall off track, if there is at least the sincerity to continue.)

After a long talk about family life we then began to talk about what motivates or inspires people to do the things they do, and to what extent people go just to achieve their motives. We both saw that beyond the face value attached to people it is rather difficult most times to actually understand what people were thinking or what they really had in mind. It is for a fact that when we interact with people all we have as our barometer is their words. He gave an example saying “for instance when I pick clients up they tell me to get them to a destination at a particular time for reasons such as meetings, conferences etc. I do my best to get them there, now if they really attend meetings or conferences after I drop them off, I have no idea”. (In the course of our spiritual endeavor we will definitely encounter different types of people, those who are on the path strictly for pure spiritual inquiry and those who use the path as a means to achieving their various hidden agendas. Now only time filters out the grain from the chaffs. The question is are we true to ourselves when we take up spirituality or do we just tread the path to fulfill our hidden desires?)

During the course of our discussions he also mentioned how many people destroy valuable social ties and network due to greed, lust, over endeavoring and poor judgment. Even though he claimed not be particularly spiritual his words were simple and honest. He cited examples of people who didn’t appreciate what nature had provided for them and felt there was some green grass on the other side of the fence.  (The endeavoring spiritualist must be sure and careful to guide himself against things that pose as obstacles on his path of spirituality. He must be true to his vows just as he is true to his life, to flip vows around like they were nothing but mere words was as dangerous as playing with the fangs of a serpent, pretending they were mere toys. Once the spiritualist makes a vow to his mentor, even if he later finds out that his mentor is not as “perfect” as he thought, he had the duty of following that vow through.)

When it was about an hour to my destination I needed to make a call and we stopped at a mini mart so I could top up my mobile credit and I wanted a specific amount on the recharge but the attendant didn’t have the exact figure. To be more specific, let’s say I wanted a top up of $2, but the attendant had only recharge vouchers of $1. So I asked her to give me two $1 vouchers as it still added up to the same thing. The driver and I laughed at the incidence and I was surprised why the attendant didn’t suggest this to me and thus make a sale instead of saying they didn’t have. The driver then told me some people usually won’t take it unless it was exactly $2. (In spirituality many people come looking for various things, many don’t even know what they are looking for; some find it and can’t even use it. However often times we don’t always get the things we seek as we think they should be, nature gives us as we deserve and as we need to have in order to learn and grow better.)

I will allow you all contemplate on these nice exchanges I had with the driver, and I hope you all learn a thing a two. Till next week, read, internalize and follow.






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