Love 301

Dear readers,
Welcome to another exciting and informative week, I hope you all are faring well. A couple of weeks ago we undertook a very special task of trying to analytically understand what love is, in its pure state. This endeavor gave birth to two love series; 101 and 201. I shall discuss certain points here, assuming that you have read the first and second part. If you haven’t, please make it a point of duty to read them so that you can easily follow the trend and line of thought.
Today we shall take yet another quality of love and try to elaborate on it. This week the quality of non-enviousness is our subject matter. When we say love is free from envy, what exactly do we mean? Once again, do we mean that those who profess love to one another should not exhibit any sign of envy if they see their beloved with someone else? Well this is freedom from envy in its most physical or gross form. We shall however look at what it means for love to be free from envy at a rather subtle level. Envy is a feeling of discontent or resentful longing, aroused by someone else’s possession, qualities..etc.
As I mentioned earlier on, in its gross form we can conveniently say no one wants a lover who is envious of his/her progress. It would be counterproductive to have a lover who is envious of you, when he/she is supposed to celebrate your achievements with you, rather than loath over them. In Love 101, we defined love as that which gives pleasure or satisfaction to the Supreme Lord’s senses, and we gave a reason why this is the highest definition of love we can come across. In that light we also saw that we cannot experience real love if we do not operate on a level pure enough to receive real love. Thus in 201 we discussed how real love is experienced when we understand who we really are, that is; our real self. Understanding our real self; the soul, is but a step into experiencing real love. For love to be experienced there has to be a lover and the beloved. In this case the Supreme Lord is the beloved and we are the lovers.
The sum and substance of our lives here on this planet is to cultivate love for him and to experience that love to its fullest. However how can we love someone we are envious of?
Now some of you might be taken aback, saying “but I am not envious of God, why should I?” Well consciously, we may not be, but unconsciously we are trying to compete with him in one way or the other. How? By trying to Lord over the very environment that he has created for us, by trying to become enjoyers of the world instead of Him, and by trying to enjoy everything without Him. Yes, this may still sound esoteric to some of you, while some of you may already begin to grasp what I mean. Nevertheless I shall discuss further. In our futile attempt to become “Lords” in this world which is ephemeral, we have lost sight of the simple understanding of what Love is; giving satisfaction to the Supreme Lord. Thus all that we do, the goal is to give pleasure to ourselves, and because of this we would sometimes even become hostile to anything that comes in between us and our so-called “enjoyment” even if it is God. A quick example to illustrate this.
Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to give $20 for a religious cause but easily spend over $200 in a spa? Have you ever caught yourself consciously being sad or disturbed when you were told to observe a religious act, even when you knew it was for your own benefit? Have you ever indulged in pre-marital intercourse, even when almost every scripture says we should deny the pleasures of the flesh and seek higher pleasures? Have you ever wondered why Man is so keen on making robots that are very humanoid? An attempt to replicate what God has already done, and possibly the closest they will ever get. I can go on and on.
Truth be told, we have the tendency to want to enjoy everything in our sight and survey because we are actually envious of the supreme position of God. Many wonder, why should He get everything? When we are envious of other people’s achievement and progress, it is also an indication of how less we have learnt to love. Instead of celebrating the progress of others we try to thwart their efforts by creating stumbling blocks to make their lives difficult. If we can do this to fellow Men who have but a few achievements, imagine how we actually treat the Supreme Lord. The reason why the envy towards God seems ” subtle” is because unlike envy to other people, we cannot see it physically. No one knows all the plans we make to “out do” the laws of nature, which by the way are God’s laws. We make so much arrangement to defy these laws and even alter them if possible, why, because we are envious.
Even though great Scientist like Planck and Einstein have all said that Science without God is a waste of time, many pseudo scientist’s today, are all trying to “outwit” God. However in time, the most subtle and powerful force of the Supreme Lord; Time, gets them all. The envy we exhibit towards the Supreme Lord even though subtle in most cases, and done unconsciously, is still very much present. It takes a very clear understanding to see it. This understanding comes only from proper knowledge of the real self. If by now you are still not convinced that we are actually envious of the Supreme Lord’s qualities then let us a take a quick look at some interesting points. The Supreme Lord is thus called because He possesses six opulences or qualities in full. He is the most opulent, strongest, most renounced, wisest, most beautiful and most famous. Man can have one of these or maybe two to a large extent but not to the fullest. The world’s strongest Man is not the world’s richest Man, and Mr. Universe who may be the world’s most handsome doesn’t have the wealth of the richest man or the renunciation of the most renounced Man. So in one form or another we are trying to compete with qualities of the Lord, this is our envy.
In the study of revealed scriptures we are made to understand that even certain vices can be dovetailed in the Lord’s service, we can use anger by being angry at our deviations, we can use greed by being very eager to hear about the wonderful pastimes of the Lord and so on. However envy is one we must try to rid ourselves of.
I am really trying to keep this at a readable length and avoid making it too long, but there is just so much to say and so little space. Till next week, Do read, reflect, internalize these points and follow for more.


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