Love 201

Dear esteemed readers,
Kindly accept my warmest greetings. I hope you all are faring well.
Last week we introduced a very important topic and I had promised more, therefore this week I shall try to develop further one at a time some of the qualities of Love cited in the Bible.
Love is free from pride : At first glance this looks pretty much self explanatory, and one would say of course no one wants to be in love with someone who is proud and/or arrogant. Everyone will at least desire to have someone who is humble and simple. When we take a closer look however we can understand the concept a little more, because we then have a better definition of the word pride.
When we look at pride from the perspective of ego, then we can analyze the topic even better. There is no gain saying that when ego gets in the way, relationships strain and if relationships must thrive then we have to curtail our ego. The question is what is this ego? Ego is defined as a person’s sense of self esteem or self importance. So whatever we deem as our true self determines our ego. So what is the “true self”? If our ego is defined by importance based on the body then we have false ego or pride, if however our ego is defined by importance placed on the soul the we have real ego. Thus the answer is the soul is our true self.
If we make the mistake of identifying the body as the self then not only do we jeopardize our chances of experiencing real love but we also shackle ourselves to an identity that is false and keeps us prisoners of this body. Just incase you are somewhat confused by all this new information let us take a quick recap; love is free from pride, and pride can be also referred to as ego. Ego is divided into two; real and false, and since ego is a person’s sense of self importance, the importance of a false self cannot really be important. This means if our self importance or esteem which is our ego is defined by our temporary bodies instead of our soul which is eternal then we have false ego, and this type of ego prevents us from experiencing real love.
When the Bible says love is free from pride, it wants us to see that real love is free from false ego or identification with an ego that is defined by the body. So if real love is free from bodily identification, naturally one would wonder what we would call the mirage we have today which is mistaken as love, because it is based mostly on the body. People confess love when they can give some satisfaction to their bodies, so naturally to most people love is about two “bodies”. This however doesn’t reflect what the scriptures describe as Love. So if real love is defined by our real ego which is the true self, which is our soul, then how can we experience that love?
This is the question no one is asking, and the one we should all actually be asking more. There are two parts to this answer; one is easy to grasp with our limited mind but the other is beyond our scope of understanding and esoteric. Infact the second is not just esoteric but the very essence of true spirituality. For the sake of general comprehension we shall look at the first part to the answer. The way to experience real love with our true self or our souls is to understand the very essence of what our soul really is. We cannot love anyone until and unless we truly love ourselves, now loving ourselves isn’t just about taking care of our bodies, or accepting our body as it is. Loving ourselves is taking time to find out more about the soul, its origin, the reason why it is now here, its nature, its original residence etc. when we find out more about the soul which is our true self, then we can actually see if our activities here and now are helpful to our true self. What do I mean? We cant claim to love ourselves truly if we are constantly engaged in activities which bring continuous entanglement to the soul. If we are not “feeding” the soul with the food of the soul, just as we feed the body with food for the body then we do not truly love ourselves. This is but the first part of the answer to the question; how to experience real love with our true self.
Now because we have people who are not operating on this level, there is less and less love in our communities, families, churches, mosques, temples, offices, countries etc. Everyone is operating on love defined by pride, or false ego or false identification with the false self. Thus we are constantly feeling “empty” inside because that vacuum is there and nothing but real love experienced by our true self can fill it up.
I would let you all reflect on these points and next week we shall delve more into the subject. Till then read, reflect and follow for more.


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