Humans, Elementals, Aliens and Demigods 2

Dear readers,

Welcome to yet another exciting week on your favorite philosophical blog space. I hope you all are faring well. Last week I introduced a rather esoteric topic and in order to keep it relatively readable I had to keep the length in check, thus this week I shall try to elaborate more on the later part of this dissertation.

Last week we look at humans, Elementals and brushed slightly on aliens, in this light we shall elaborate a little more on aliens and then close with demigods. In our planet today we have very little information about other planets and in some cases if there is any information at all, some government agencies secure them as “classified”. This has left many people to either speculate about the existence of other beings on other planets or to think the whole idea is just one big conspiracy theory and that these beings do not exist. However like I mentioned in the first part of this dissertation, it would be funny to think that we are the only planet that is inhabited by living beings in the entire universe. Such a claim would be very unsubstantial. I remember as kid I had to learn the names of the “9 planets” only to learn some years back that the number of planets were no longer 9.

Now science seems to have discovered “more” planets, those who have access to certain information from very old texts knew ever since that there were more than 9 planets and when mentioned many people thought it was folly to even think so. What am I saying in essence? There is a lot unsolved mysteries that science cannot solve, why? Because they are part of a problem they are trying to solve. The existence of aliens or extraterrestrial bodies on other planets is no longer news as there have been many cases of sightings and even abductions by strange beings. Whether we believe it or not these beings exist and in most cases it is not possible to see them just by riding a sputnik to some planet far away from here. One may visit the white house, but that doesn’t guarantee automatic access to see the president. Similarly we may artificially try to visit these planets but that doesn’t guarantee that the beings there will make themselves visible to us.

In the universal geography there are three divisions namely the higher planetary regions, the middle planetary regions and the lower planetary regions. Planet earth is situated in the middle planetary region and thus from here we can either go higher or lower. The ability to visit other planetary systems is not a feat that is managed simply by building space ships, because like we see today even if you manage to get there, you cannot survive there because your present body is not suitable for that environment. Thus it is safe to say that those who want to visit these planets to establish contact with these extraterrestrial beings must go through processes to develop a body suitable for going to and surviving on these planets. The higher planetary systems have the demigods and in some angels, the middle planetary system has humans and other humanoid beings, while the lower planetary systems have beings that are lower that humans is physical structure but more opulent.

The demigods as the name implies are gods in charge of different functions in the universe. Now for those who do not subscribe to a theistic point of view this is not to encroach on your belief but to state things exactly as they are. If we as human beings know that the president runs the country through governors and deputies, as small as the country is as compared to running an entire universe, what makes us think that such intelligence is peculiar to us only. Similarly, the Supreme Being who is above any duty and obligation has his deputies who are demigods who see to the daily running of the universe and other planetary functions. Demigods have many outstanding qualities which make them superior to human beings and thus higher on the hierarchy of living entities. One of such qualities is a very long life span as compared to our short life span of 100 years here on earth; a mark very few people attain. Demigods are also known to have the ability to control matter and thus can preside over a particular material element such as the wind, rain etc.

Life a s a demigod has its perks and unimaginable opulence is one of such attributes, something that becomes an impediment most times in their lives. With an extra ordinary amount of wealth and opulence sometimes these demigods begin to feel and think they are the Supreme Lord himself and as such they become proud of their immense power and opulence. This could lead to a fall down from such an elevated position. For those who are adepts of the Christian faith, the concept of demigods or angels falling from their position is not a new idea. Lucifer was said to have been a highly placed angel who fell from his position due to been inimical to the supreme Lord. There is a glimpse of the presence of demigods in the Bible but not information is given about them. Angels are just one of the many beings who live on the higher planetary systems and there are many more.

There have been cases of people who with the right knowledge and practice can invoke these beings to manifest physically visible to the Man’s naked eyes. As intriguing as such an experience may sound it could be dangerous and have devastating effects if the wrong being is invoked or if the being sees your call as just a trivial waste of time. Some psychics have also been known to communicate with elementals and learn things from them; however in a sad turn of events many have been found dead in their houses with no trace of their killers. This is in no way to scare those who are reading this piece but a sound warning to dabblers or those who feel spirituality is meant for amusement, to desist from practices that are esoteric without proper guidance.

I hope this meets you all well, and do remember to share and follow this blog space.


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