Humans, Elementals, Aliens and Demigods

Dear readers,

It is with great delight that I again share with you all yet another interesting topic on this platform. I Hope you all are faring well.
In previous articles I have made it a great point of duty to share information that helps people in general irrespective of their socio-religious affiliations and to achieve this I have taken great care to divulge things that are easy for everyone to assimilate. Today I shall however go outside my usual circle of operation and divulge a little more about some very interesting topic, one that usually generates a lot of controversy or even conspiracy theories. The million dollar question is; are we alone in this universe or even on this planet? Well believe it or not, the answer is NO, we are not alone. How do I know? There are a myriad of ways to prove the existence of other beings present in our universe and even planet, that are beyond the scope of science but logical enough go be understood scientifically.
I shall start my dissertation by elaborating a little bit more on the most familiar of all the above mentioned beings; Humans. It may come as a surprise to some of you that there are thousands of species of human beings, probably many people only know of white, black and brown humans. Well there is more than just three species of humans. The Eskimos may be seen as brown but do not necessarily fit into the category of brown people from Asia, because we all know they can survive at temperatures that many people cannot. Another interesting fact is, if you take one person each from west, north and south Africa, the chances are you will get three very distinct and different looking people with very different physical attributes even though they are from the same continent.
Besides physical characteristics which science may try to attribute to adaptation and evolution, we can see that there are many other attributes which make us very distinct individual species of the human race. Some human species can do favorably well in hot climates and even have bodies designed to resist heat and ward of radiation while others cant even stand such temperatures. On the other hand we have other species who have become so in tune with nature that they seem to possess abilities which others see as supernatural. I wont dwell too much on human beings as we have enough examples around us to study with our physical eyes and all we need to do is step out of our little bubbles. I shall however spend more time talking about those beings many of us cannot see with our naked eyes, at least until we either develop ourselves spiritually enough to see them or are in their own dimension.
Next on the list are beings called elementals, they are so called because they have bodies which is predominantly dominated by one of the elements and are found to live in that element.
The elements are Air, Water, Fire, and Earth with a fifth Ether. Some categorize them into gnomes, undines, sylphs and salamanders, just another way to describe them as per the elements. Elementals are similar to humans in certain ways and also different in certain ways. Depending on which element they originate from, their attributes also differ. For example elementals of the Earth element are strong, they live long, they possess great wealth, healing abilities and vary in height. Water elementals are elegant, beautiful, possess great wealth, healing abilities, very knowledgeable and can unravel mysteries easily. The air elementals are strong, some are mischievous, rather easy to communicate with as compared to the other elementals, they are good in revealing knowledge which is not easily attained etc.
The fire elementals are very powerful, good teachers, possess healing abilities etc. it is worthy to mention that the above characteristics are just a brief description of their qualities, as to describe in detail their qualities here would be impossible. This is because every elemental is different and unique and each has very outstanding qualities. Now one may begin to imagine that these beings may be very powerful and even superior to human beings, but it may come as a surprise to hear that despite these amazing qualities that the elementals possess, they are still inferior to human beings in the hierarchy of living beings and with the right training and practice they could be seen and even made to carry out different tasks.
Many psychics of the past and even the present have been able to communicate with these elementals and have gained a lot of knowledge from them. Next on our list are Aliens, or at least what people refer to as aliens. Contrary to what is depicted on TV and movies these beings are not all slimy and deformed. However one correct depiction of them is their advancement in technology. The reason been these beings come from realms which are not as conducive as planet Earth and as such need a lot of technology to survive. I know many people feel technology is a sign of advancement but to be honest, the level of advancement of a civilization is the degree to which they are not dependent on technology. If people need technology to do everything then it shows how un-conducive their environment is, and how limited they are. The elementals for example do not need machines to move from place to place and can move at the speed of their mind and thoughts; this is a much superior means of transportation as compared to machines with issues of pollution. (I know this seems contradictory as I said humans are superior to elementals, however the positive side of being human is we can develop abilities too and even surpass them).
It is also a wrong idea to think that there is no life on any other planet in this entire universe just because we cannot “see” them yet. There are so many things we cannot see that exist right before our very eyes, but with the right help we eventually feel their presence or see them. Before the electron microscope was invented, no one would believe that there was a thing called bacteria or even virus, but now we do. If I have to parachute from another planet and land in the sahara desert, I just might leave thinking that there is no life on Earth, because there will be most probably just sand and dust all around. To think that an entire planet exists “vacant” is even contradictory to the laws of science which says there is no empty space, even the most empty of spaces has air and air has microbes, etc.
I would like to take a pause here and let my readers digest these and next week I shall deliberate more on Aliens and Demigods. Till then have a blissful week and do read, like and follow my blog space.


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