Imperfection to Perfection

Dear readers,

It is great to be able to once again share with you all these inspiring and informative dissertations. Today I have a special announcement to make on our progress so far as a website and blog space; we have crossed over 1000 unique visitors within a period of 9 months, approximately 111 visitors every month. It is a humble start and I really appreciate your support so far in spreading the word for this webpage, Thank you all so much. There are better days ahead and with your continued effort WE can achieve even more. In fact I say we should double that figure before we hit our first year, what do you think? Definitely! Then we have a huge 1 year anniversary. Yay!
It is in this light that I intend to share something that has to do with moving from a state of “zero” to the level of a “hero”. I must admit that often times in life when we strive to achieve certain heights and goals, the journey could be intimidating if we aren’t well prepared, and even when we are, it is a hurdle to surmount. Our perspective today will be on achieving perfection in our spiritual quest however as usual I shall try to give a very basic example of the same approach using everyday life example. Take for instance this webpage; it is my goal to male this page a leading resource for all those who seek guidance on matters of spirituality. To become an oasis open for all those who thirst in the desert of spirituality, irrespective of religious or social affiliations.
Thus to achieve this I have a part to play by providing you with the necessary information, and you all have a part to play by reading, understanding, inquiring, applying and ultimately sharing this with others. In this way, side by side we can achieve the aforementioned objective. In spirituality it is similar, in that we also must decide what we desire to achieve in our spiritual pursuit. We have to consciously make an effort to achieve this goal while taking as much help as needed from spiritual guides and mentors. This much many of us understand and try to implement, the part that we sometimes have issues with is what I am going to speak about today, and that is the transition period. In between the perfected stage of being a compassionate and seasoned spiritualist, and our current state of imperfection, we all have to go through a lot of hills and valleys. We will fall, stumble, stand, run for a bit and there are times when we feel like we have been knocked down and we can’t stand back on our feet to try again. Our dark night of the soul is so dense that we doubt if the sun shall ever ride again in our spiritual quest.
Rise we must, if we desire to move from imperfection to perfection. There is a saying that every saint has a past and every sinner a future, and holding this in mind we should strive for perfection and criticize others less. The journey int real spirituality is one which is filled with a lot of trials and tests and you can be rest assured that these tests wont stop coming until we reach the stage of real perfection. If we give in to these tests or fail to learn from them, we jeopardize our chances of attaining perfection, if we give in to our old habits that make us focus on our bodies instead of our souls, then we inhibit our chances of attaining perfection, if we lie to ourselves and make a show of advancement even when we are not as advanced as we pose to be, then we also inhibit our chances of attaining perfection.
One other important point to note is the fact that we must push ourselves to attain perfection but we mustn’t push ourselves to self-pity or undue pressure. What do I mean by this? Usually many spiritualists in the process of transitioning from the stage of imperfection to perfection begin to put undue pressure on themselves, trying to move in irregular leaps and bounds instead of sure and steady baby steps. There is nothing wrong with trying to achieve perfection in a timely manner; however it should be at a constant pace of improvement and not haphazardly. We are all different and to compare our progress with others could be positive if we use it as a motivation, but also detrimental if we try to copy out of pride, envy of for the sake of cheap admiration. Our spiritual progress should be filled with both form and substance, not either of. Our cloaks and robes should match our inner mood and our prayers should be from a place of feeling and reflection as opposed to mere parroting of prayers from holy texts.
In addition to all of these points, we must remember to be honest with ourselves in our transition from imperfection to perfection. We must accept our shortcomings and flaws and only them will we be able to fully transcend them. Sometimes certain spiritual practitioners feel it is a sign of weakness to accept one’s flaws, as acceptance means refusing to grow. I find this to be untrue, as one cannot outgrow a flaw he doesn’t admit to have. If we down play the severity of our deviations and shortcomings, then we cannot fully access the required energy we need to surmount them. As spiritual practitioners we must know our level and admit that pending when we attain the level of perfection, there will be some irregularities in our practice and the more we practice fervently the more they dissipate.
As spiritual practitioners our goal is not to become puritans or become “holier than thou”, rather we want to reflect and radiate genuine love and appreciation for the holy scriptures and masters in whatever line we follow. We must also understand that in as much as we are not trying to be puritanical we also should not condone deviation in our spiritual practices. The moment we can hit a right balance between these two principles, then we reach a state of real perfection.
Once again thank you all for the 1000+ visit milestone. You are all awesome and I sincerely appreciate your support. I look forward to sharing another topic with you all next week, till then do read, like and subscribe.


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