Fate, Destiny and Action

Dear Esteemed readers,

It is an awesome week and I am happy to once again share with you all yet another interesting topic. I hope you are all well and fit despite the low temperatures at this time of the year.

Today I shall endeavor to shed light on a very interesting yet mind racking topic, which leaves many people pondering; fate and work. Many scriptures do tell us that we all have our lives predestined and to a certain extent we get what we deserve according to our karma; pious or impious results of actions. This information has left many people confused and has turned others into wholesome non-believers. I mean can you blame them? If this concept is not properly explained to people, there can be two dangerous consequences it could have on spiritualists. 1. Many people spiritualist end up becoming fatalists; saying that whatever is destined to happen will happen, thus just prepare for the inevitable death. 2. Others become lackadaisical and also say if everything is pre-destined why should I worry myself, all I need to do is sit and wait.

Both of these mindsets can actually mar our progress on the path of spirituality, because as spiritualists we can neither be passive or inactive, nor can we become pessimists. As spiritual seekers we must always be positive and active. So the big question is; how can we allay the fears of those who think spirituality is about these two categories and how can we dispel the ignorance of those in them? First and foremost we must acknowledge the fact that indeed fate is real and to a large extent affects our lives, whether we believe it or not. We must also understand that to a considerable extent something’s in our lives are pre-determined and we cannot change them, they include the family into which we are born and the place etc. (there is an interesting twist to this so do bear this in mind as I shall explain later on). That been said and done, how do we tackle the first misconception? In as much as we all know that we will die anyway, at some point in time, we cannot use this as an excuse to refuse to execute our prescribed duties. As long as we breathe and move about in this physical human body we owe ourselves and all those who are dependent on us the simple execution of our duties.

To refuse to perform our duties on the pretext of waiting for death is to selfishly deny ourselves the opportunity to grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise. Thus the real answer to this misconception is that; instead of trying to stop all activities because we “believe that everything is predestined” and we will die anyway, why not try to carry out our duties putting first things first. That is since we do have the understanding that death is inevitable, which in itself is a wonderful realization, we should rather carry out our duties in such a way that we give utmost priority to those things which are most beneficial to our growth in all aspects especially our spiritual growth. When we couple conscious duty to the knowledge of the inevitability of death, then we achieve realized knowledge about the true nature of fate and work.

The second misconception is from those who use destiny and fate as an excuse to become lazy. The first category of people aren’t lazy but they have a care free attitude not holding anything serious, the second category however won’t even do anything because they believe that destiny will bring everything at its own time. Well the sad truth is, even for the maintenance of our body we have to do some sort of work, thus no one can just sit idly without doing something. We should also realize that even if we have some very precise readings about how our future is going to unfold, we must bear it in mind that we have to actually position ourselves in a way that we can always be recipients of our real destiny. A vivid example is someone who consults his astrological chart and gets to know that in this life time he is going to be a famous Doctor and will earn a lot of money from his profession. If he decides to sit back at home and think that nature will magically transform him into a Doctor then he is in illusion. The charts have given him a bearing and thus he has to align himself at all times in strategic positions to be able to receive that which is “predestined” for him.

On the other hand, if he takes this information well and applies to study in a medical school and go on to get an appropriate medical license then he has actually used the knowledge of fate and destiny to his advantage. One major excuse people in the second category give is that, since everything is predestined why should they try to do anything? They believe that working is irrelevant because we only get what we are destined to get and that which is apportioned to us cannot be changed. In my third paragraph I gave a hint which I promised to revert to, and as mentioned there even things which seem fixed can be changed if we really desire to. One would ask but how can one change his country of birth or his family. It is no news that today people hold dual citizenship, and are no longer bound to remain in their country of birth provided they can fulfill the conditions necessary for making the change. We have also seen people born in one country and then adopted into another family in a distant country far away from theirs.

These examples go on to show us that even those things which seem fixed can also be changed if we possess the right leverage. What this leverage is will be a topic for discussion at a later time. I must however state that as enlightening as this information is, one should not blindly think that he can circumvent the laws of destiny and try to change his fate at all times by applying certain keys to life. Those who try to overly re-write their fate usually have a lot of hard time doing so; best is to accept some and learn from them and submit our fate into the hands of the master fate maker, the Supreme Being.

Thank you for your time this week and I hope to connect with you all next week. Do like and subscribe for more informative topics.


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