Levels of God realization

Dear readers,

It is yet another beautiful day in the new year of 2017, and I am happy to share with you all yet again another interesting topic. I hope you all are having the best of the New Year and season.

Today we shall look at a very important topic, one that is of very great significance for any true spiritual practitioner; understanding the levels of God realization. Every religion or faith teaches about how to realize God in our lives however certain vital information as to how to progressively understand this absolute truth is not usually divulged. The reason been many religions or faiths do not present a systematic approach to the subject matter either due to lack of adequate information or due to the inability of those preaching the word of God to  actually present it themselves.

In the case where on finds himself in a spiritual circle where the levels of God realization aren’t discussed due to the limited information provided by his/her scripture then it would be in his best interest to make further research into the matter. If the case is that of the spiritual’s leader inability to explain this due to lack of comprehension then the followers should do well to study their scripture more. That said and done, how can we realize God?  The topic of God realization is one that is not only deep but also very instructing for the spiritual practitioner. When one has proper knowledge of the various stages of God realization, not only does it give one a clear perspective of his level of understanding of God but also helps one to make the necessary adjustments needed to progress further or deepen one’s understanding.

God realization is of three levels; God as the energy that permeates everything, God as the localized spirit in every living entity and God the possessor of super excellent attributes in full. The first level of God realization is seeing God as the Universal energy that permeates the universe. Many religious groups worship God on this level, referring to God as the Divine light, Divine Sound, Divine Energy etc. In all fairness God is all of this, and more. This level of realization of God deals mainly with his impersonal aspect and there is very little or no relationship in this level of realization with God. Those who realize God on this level are usually impersonalist; that is they do not believe in the fact that God has a form and image. They say it is impossible for God to have a form or image. The moment we say something is impossible for “God” then perhaps we are not referring to the supreme God, because for him nothing is impossible.

The next level of God realization is that which sees God as a localized spirit present in all living beings, some even refer to this presence as the God-the Holy Spirit. This level of God realization is higher than the first because it actually acknowledges more about God than just his external attributes. It goes beyond seeing God as energy, light, sound etc. to seeing God as the living force present within every living being. More so, those on this level of God realization actually have more compassion for other living beings, or at least it is expected that they do, because they see every living being as a temple of the Lord and as such are careful not to inflict any type of pain on others. On this level, prayers are directed to God seeing Him more as a guide in our lives, as compared to seeing Him as just some great white light in the first level of realization. Even though this level of realization is one step ahead of the first and includes some personal aspects of the Lord, it is still not complete because God is not accessed in his fullest capacity.

In the third stage however, God is realized as the possessor of super excellent qualities in full. This level of God realization reveals that God is the possessor of strength in the fullest, knowledge in the fullest, renunciation in the fullest, wealth in the fullest, fame in the fullest and beauty in the fullest. No other living being except the supreme Lord can possess all these qualities in full. A human or Demigod can possess one or two in full but never all six in full. All this qualities are seen manifested in his form and activities also in full. Those who are on this level of God realization actually understand that God has a personal form and those who know this worship him in truth. Usually when people hear about the personal form of God they find it difficult to wrap their minds around the concept, because they are limited by the knowledge of our own type of body and form.

Thus when you say God has a form they immediately begin to imagine God with a form like ours that is subject to birth, disease, old age and death. This is however not the case, as the body of God is always full of Knowledge, eternity and bliss. His body doesn’t deteriorate and as such is not conditioned like ours. His body is the source of all other bodies and is non-different from Him thus it is eternal. Unlike us the living entities, our bodies are different from our souls and as such we have a limited time in this physical body. The Bible even confirms the fact that the Lord has a form when God himself says “let us make Man in our image and likeness”. This is a clear indication that we do resemble the Lord in image but ours is conditioned by many factors while his is not.

I know this might be a new concept for many people to digest thus I shall probably take a pause here to allow you all digest and internalize these thought for a while. If we truly wish to advance as spiritual practitioners we must understand that until and unless we develop a personal and loving relationship with God in truth, then our worship is limited.

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