Happy New Year Dear readers!

I want to wish you all a prosperous new year and most of all a fulfilling year in all aspects of your life. I would also want to thank you all for your continued support and participation in my blog posts, this year promises to be better. April this year which is about three months from now, this blog will be one-year-old and by then I hope we have reached a considerable milestone in our reader base. This can only be possible by your love and support.

When I started this blog, it was due to the burning need to fill up a vacuum that was present in the lives of people around me who sought answers to matters that were beyond the physical. I was urged by many to put into writing some insights I usually shared in my lectures and that loving push became this blog site. Thus it is my deepest desire to offer you all wonderful insights on various topics all year round. In this light, if you have a topic you will love to know more about, you can always leave me a message in the comment and I will make sure I put up a blog about it. I write in a manner that is as non-sectarian as possible having in mind my large and variegated reader base who come from all walks of life and religion, so if at any point in time you read through a blog and feel it is leaning towards a particular religion kindly do revert to older blogs as it might be a particular instance and not a general occurrence.

This year my commitment to you all is to provide you with as much clarity and information on all topics by giving deeper insights into them. There are a few plans put in place to see this through and as the year goes by they will naturally unfold. Finally, before saying a few words on our topic today, I would like to urge you all to please share this blog space with others, why? We are all morally bound to share whatever helps us with others so that they can also benefit. The content I provide here is not for just a selected few, it is for everyone and the only way everyone can get it, is if we try to put it out there more. So please do encourage friends and family to read, share and subscribe. By subscribing you don’t miss any of the action and interesting stuff. I mean why would you want to miss any new post?

Today I felt I harp a little on a topic everyone is sure to hear for at least a month or two starting from the 1st of January, and it is non-other than New year resolutions. Every year we all make resolutions or decisions to do things, to live in a certain way and to improve ourselves generally and for some of us it is just another thing to do, while for others it is a conscious progressive effort towards self-improvement. Walk in to the gym during the first two to three weeks of the year and you might have to wait to use a treadmill or lift weights, then somewhere around mid-February, the number reduces and by march more than half the crowd is gone, ever wonder where they went to?  What am I driving at exactly? It is a wonderful idea to have a New Year resolution so long at it reflects some of your dedication to the decision. That is, if you decide to do something this year it should be something you have been consciously working at and the decision this year is to work more in that direction.

Often times people make what I call the 0-100 new year resolutions, meaning they make a resolution in an area they have been totally dormant and then on the 1st day of the year jump head long into it, only to fall out in a few weeks. Resolutions are not a 31st December to 1st January thing; it is a daily ongoing decision. We have to make them every day. If your resolution this year is to lose weight, then from last year it would do you good if you have consciously tried to eliminate high calorie food and at least go for walks every two to three days. This way you take baby steps while mentally building up the psyche needed to go in to turbo mode later on. If you haven’t made any preparatory step(s) last year in your weight loss program, then this year at least start with sure baby steps that you can do.

Why is it necessary to work towards a resolution instead of jumping straight on without preparation? When we take baby steps towards achieving something or a resolution, we gain confidence from the little victories we achieve; this creates greater propulsion into taking the bigger steps which we all call resolutions. Usually when people ask me what my resolutions they are somewhat disappointed when I don’t respond with the usual tone of “Oh this year I will start this and that, or do so and so”. For me my New Year resolutions are a continuum of my activities from the year prior and any resolution I make is to better myself in all of them. This doesn’t mean there aren’t areas in my life I might delve into for the first time, however usually I have done my ground work in that area prior to my full on swing.

For example, if this year someone decides to pick up the reading habit and makes a resolution to read a hundred books this year, it would be nice to ask what their reading habit was prior to this resolution. If they hardly read any book, then it is best to start small. I know some of you might feel, isn’t this just a way to make people dream small and downplay their potential? Absolutely not, rather it is a practical guide to helping people make resolutions they can keep without feeling the “strain”. If last year you read one book a month all year round, then this year it is safe to say you would have the mental discipline to make it two a month.

In summary, all I am saying is make resolutions from a position of strength that is from an angle you have been working on and then build from there. Work through your resolutions by taking sure and precise baby steps, and then grow from there into the big stuff.

I hope this meets you in good health and spirit.


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