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Compliments of the season! I hope you all are doing well especially during this time of the year.

This would be my last blog for the year 2016 and I must say it has been an amazing journey so far been able to share all this wonderful insights on esoteric subjects with you all. I want to use this opportunity to thank all of you who have subscribed to my blog I really appreciate your support. We have achieved much this year and together we can achieve more. For those of you, who haven’t subscribed yet, do join this amazing train for an amazing ride. My next blog will be on the 2nd of next month; next year so a happy new year in advance is also in place I guess.

Without further ado, today’s topic is one that reflects the general sentiment of millions of people around the world; that of a prophet with a salvation message. Almost every major religious body in the world has or at least believes in the existence of prophets and their roles as messengers of God. However who are prophets exactly? Why do we listen to their message, and what is so special about their lives?

Simply put prophets are messengers of God who share a goodwill message, usually of salvation or redemption. One of such notable personalities is Jesus Christ. As the Bible clearly indicates, Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to earth with a message. (John 3:16) In Islam Mohammad (saw) is also a prophet who is known to have taught about the teachings of Allah. Both of these personalities are revered by adepts of both religions as very special people, some Christians even place Jesus on the same level as God and some others even refer to him as God. In as much as this may genuinely be out of great reverence or appreciation for his message, the holy books such as the Bible and Quran both make it clear that God is different from his messengers.  Now it is interesting to note that there are prophets who come to earth to speak about God’s message but somehow or the other they seem to speak the message from different perspectives. One may wonder why.

The answer is simple, been that God reveals Himself to people according to time, place and circumstance. Thus putting these three factors into consideration he sends his messengers to speak to them on that level. The time and place Jesus appeared is different from the time and place Mohammad appeared thus definitely the circumstance at the time was also different. So how does this affect the message? The basic tenet of every religion is the same; Love of God and that never changes, however what seems to change is the activities of practitioners. Say God was to send a prophet to earth today to preach and deliver people, you will all agree with me his methods will be different from those Jesus applied over 2000 years ago. For instance when Jesus was on the planet physically there were no mobile phones or devices and thus there was no question of internet pornography. Thus no disciple ever asked Jesus if it was a sin to look at naked people having intercourse in a mobile device. Should a prophet appear today, he is sure going to have that as an issue to those whom he preaches to. So the current time and circumstances in which he is going to appear also affects his preaching strategy.

This seemingly different preaching strategy is what makes many religions differ on the outside, because the message in that religion was delivered at a particular time and under certain circumstances. This in no way discredits any teaching which is universal and beyond time, such as the principle of loving every creature. This is not affected by time, place or circumstance thus any prophet who preaches against such a universal principle is questionable. One major factor that plays a vital role in the type of message people receive from a prophet is the level of their consciousness. If the people at the time of the prophet’s appearance are naturally pious then the prophet doesn’t have to waste his time trying to make them pious first. He just goes straight on to his message. On the other hand, if the people are impious and of low consciousness, instead of giving them the real message which every prophet brings which is to love God, he has the task of first of all making them free from impious acts and sin.

In the Bible for instance we see Jesus saying to his disciples that there are many things he would like to tell them but they weren’t ready. Thus technically speaking he didn’t even give them most of what he had in store for them because of their consciousness at the time. How can you give people such a very high and esoteric knowledge of how to Love God, when they doubt what you say, or when they even want to kill you?

Thus Jesus had to spend a good portion of his time performing miracles in order to create faith in the hearts of people, he did this and many other things to facilitate his preaching mission. Miracles were not the reason why Jesus came to earth; they were a by-product of his coming. His coming was to inform people about “his father’s house in which there are many mansions”, his mission was to teach people about “Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name”.  Thus if adepts of Christianity today lose focus and think for a moment that the life and mission of Jesus Christ was to heal people and raise the dead then they have lost focus of the real message. His message was about God the father, God’s residence and God’s name. Somehow or the other due to the antagonistic nature of people around him at the time, he couldn’t even divulge all the necessary details he would have. However if we look closely at the lives of these prophets we can notice certain features which are very obvious. They lived simply and cultivated high knowledge.

Jesus Christ didn’t have fancy glass church, didn’t have chauffeured Limousine or May Bach, he didn’t have body guards and didn’t live in a fancy mansion either. Thus to be Christ like would be to imbibe both his message and his life style. There were fancy things during his time on earth but he didn’t indulge in them. This is not to say that people should live in poverty, but if they strive to actually assimilate the teachings of the prophets in full then they have to focus more on the life style of the prophet. This in itself serves as a barometer to check all those who pose today as prophets but rather live to fleece their innocent flock or congregation. Today we rather have prophets who live large and flamboyantly but whose thinking doesn’t reflect high knowledge. We have prophets who pray for the protection of the congregation but walk about with armed body guards; we have prophets who say prosperity is a sign of spirituality, whereas the Bible says the pure in heart shall see God, and many other distorted messages they preach which totally elude the essence of the scriptures.

My duty is not to criticize but to sensitise  people to become more conscious of their scriptures by applying time to study deeper.

In as much as I would love to say more on this topic, I would like my readers to assimilate this much before divulging more. I hope this meets you all in the best of health and the best of the season.

Like, share and subscribe. Happy New Year in advance.


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