Managing Desires

Dear readers, it is yet another week for sharing wonderful insights on very esoteric topics. I hope you all had a great weekend.
Today we shall discuss on a topic more personal and relevant in our spiritual quest and something we all face practically everyday; the concept of desires.
As living beings with various impressions and contacts with different forms of energy and multi interactions with numerous people we are sure to be subject to a wide range of desires acquired through these various channels. We also live in times when there is always something out there to desire, to want and to long for. The media constantly feeds our mind and we are almost at the mercy of the steady influx of advertisements which further stimulates our thoughts and desires.
Due to the fact that we are entities with desires, one sure factor which we cannot rid ourselves off is the factor of desires. We will always have them, we cannot be “desire less”. Contrary to some school of thought who claim to be able to rid people of their desires by teaching them some “techniques” or meditation process, it is rather more of an irony as the desire to rid oneself of desires is also a desire in itself. Suffice it to say that due to lack of proper understanding of the concept of desires many people have fallen into such cheap traps.
So what is wrong in having desires anyway? Well to be frank there is absolutely nothing wrong in having desires; provided they are selfless and God centered. The average person has many desires run through his mind and consciousness everyday but how many of theses desires have anything to do with pleasing the Supreme Lord or even geared towards that direction. We desire big houses, big cars, big bank accounts, big titles, honorifics and positions, we desire to basically dominate everything that we see or interact with. Why is this so? The intrinsic nature of the soul which is our very core and essence; our true self, is that of one without limitations. So naturally it has the nature to want to do anything it pleases unrestricted. Second and most important reason is because the nature of the soul is that of eternal bliss. Thus the soul is constantly searching for that which will give it unlimited bliss. The only problem is that it does so by trying to connect with limited things.
One cannot find unlimited bliss in objects that are limited in themselves. It would be as though we try to power a torch eternally with cells that last only a few months, futile one would say. Well the sad part is despite the fact that we never seem to derive that unlimited bliss while constantly trying to fulfill our desires, we somehow or the other think if we can just fulfill the next desire maybe, just maybe we can get that bliss unlimitedly. So how does one get this unlimited bliss that I speak so much about?
We have to redirect our desires to an unlimited source,one that is inexhaustible and one that is very similar to our very own nature. This source is no other than the Supreme person from who we have all emanated and so it is only natural that when we dovetail our desires with activities related to the supreme person then not only do we get the satisfaction of fulfilling our desires but we also have the great benefit of pleasing the Supreme being from who we then derive unlimited bliss. By using our desires to please the Supreme being we are sure to get unlimited bliss because the Lord is sure to reciprocate with us and His reciprocation is always more than we can imagine.
One important idea to consider with desires is that they don’t reduce by trying to satisfy them neither can we fulfill them all. Trying to satisfy our endless stream of desires is like trying to put out a flame by pouring fuel. It only gets bigger and bigger and burns with more intensity. Thus naturally we should try to seek the company or association of those who aren’t into the “fueling” business, that is we seek the association of those who know how to redirect our desires not by trying to endlessly fulfill them all but by using them for the satisfaction of the Supreme being.
The explanation given here is the gross form of desires which most of us have and can easily manage, with the right training, attitude and association. However we also have desires which are subtle and beyond what we have usually. This is a lot more difficult to deal with and is what many spiritual practitioners face as obstacles in their spiritual quest.
I will speak about this in my next article, probably a part two of this or a continuation. Till then do have a blissful week ahead.
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