The US Presidential Election; my observation

Dear readers, it is wonderful to be able to share with you all today another interesting topic. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. For those who are gaudiya vaisnavas the past week was the last week of a very special month of prayers, fasting and reflections.

Last week most of us are aware that the results to the presidential elections were announced and by a large percentage of electoral votes Mr. Donal Trump won. Before I continue it is pertinent that I say I am totally non-partisan as regards the past election and I particularly have no candidate in mind whom I endorse. With that said and done now a few realizations. Those of you who followed the campaigns from the early stage up to the debates will definitely remark it was one of the most vulgar in terms of choice of words and quite unpleasant. One candidate was rather less selective in his choice of words and had little or no issue addressing whomever in whatever language.
The other candidate was somewhat careful with speech but people had their reservations about her intentions and her agenda,owning from past experience and recent developments from investigations. Nevertheless despite the vast difference in the approach of both candidates, it came as a shock to many people that Mr. Donald Trump won. Well to be honest I wasn’t surprised and in fact I had told a few people before the election that he might as well win. Why did I make such a statement?
I watched him closely since he made his intention known to run for office and despite the riots and protests at his rallies, despite his strong offensive language, despite everything people were still voting for him. Now if people could vote him to win the primary party election and make him win, it was there and then I said he might as well win the general election. What can we deduce from this from an approach beyond the physical calculations and statistics? There were many polls that said Secretary Hillary Clinton would win however I saw them more as wishful thinking than of reality. The polls were merely projecting their hopes and expectations. The sad thing about expectations is that it is often times different from the reality on ground. The reality on ground is that at any point in time people will vote a leader who is a reflection of their true nature and character. One may beg to differ but the reality is just too glaring. If you have a leader who is prone to embezzling public funds, it is an indication of the people. At least according to democracy, the leader is for the people and by the people. One thing we often forget is he/she is also FROM the people, not from outer space. The current president elect wining the election means one very certain thing; majority of the people in the US, at least those who voted including the electoral college have no issues with the ideology and paradigm of Donald Trump. So since democracy is about majority, suffice it to also say the extrapolation is safe should we say the majority of people also share and support his ideology.
Please it is very important that I stress that this post is not about bashing or name calling the president elect, but if people are not satisfied with what they have chosen then it shows the state of things in reality. In my own words I describe the new president elect as an unfiltered representation of the “majority” of people in the country, or at least of the millions of people who voted. Another irony of the matter on ground is that weather Americans admit or not, there is a subtle resistance to the idea of a woman becoming the President of the United states (POTUS henceforth). The irony lies in the fact that most third world countries are described by the US as been anti-democratic or significantly low in their quest for women empowerment. Truth be told, there are more women in the parliament in Africa than there are in US and UK. Africa and other third world countries have produced female presidents even though they adopted democracy after the US and the US is yet to have one. These facts are all verifiable and I urge you to do so. There were statements of many celebrities stating that they would leave the country should he become the POTUS, and many Americans have actually started to contemplate leaving as the sites of Canadian immigration was said to have crashed a day after the results were announced. So you wonder, on one hand many people want to leave and on the other a vast majority voted the same reason why others are leaving. Seems quite delicate. Do not be confused however as it is mentioned in one of the oldest scriptures known to man; the Veda, that in this present time a Man will be classified as intelligent and chosen as a leader based on his financial status. This declarations were made thousands of years ago but the accuracy is spot on.
What should be the general approach to things now? Running away from the country is a very little way to solve the problem, save and except if he starts his mass deportation plan and people feel it better to leave gracefully before that happens. The real solution is addressing the root cause of this problem, and that is the present culture and education of people in the US. If people have the right education and I am not talking about just book knowledge now, then they will be able to stand for what is morally, ethically and spiritually right. They wont wave or falter no matter the circumstance.
I feel for those who feel disenfranchised, those who are in a state of shock and those who feel this result doesn’t reflect their real choice. However if your voice or vote wasn’t heard or read then it shows that it must have been overshadowed by a large majority who feel otherwise. That should also tell those living in the US the current mind set and ideology of the “majority” of people at least of those who voted.
Another important lesson is that we can see that majority or popular vote is not always the best way to decide who leads people.
Now besides all the gloom and somewhat despair, I have learnt a few things from President elect Mr. Donald Trump, as no one is totally negative. It is said that an intelligent man is one who is be able to pick gold even from a trash can. ( This allegory doesn’t in anyway refer to the person as a trash can please note).
So what have I learnt? 1. I have learnt that in life it is best to be you no matter the situation than put up a two face attitude. No matter how much we criticize Mr. Donald Trump I’ll say at least from the very beginning he made everyone know what he stood for and what his ideology was. He didn’t try to be nice then transform over night after being elected. 2. When applying for a job or position sometimes it is not about the qualifications you have, it is about whom you are. (This is a joke to an extent 🙂 )
3. If you are truthful and remain “unfiltered”people will overlook certain faults you have no matter how grievous. 4. Majority opinion is not always the best. 5. Focus on you and nothing else when chasing a dream., i.e be focused.
Anyway, I have quite a lot to say about the election result however I shall limit this here to assist readability. I hope no one gets offended by my slight observations, at least if people could stomach certain statements from the last campaign in the US then I think my words here are nectar. However if you still feel offended by my observations then please forgive them; my words.
Hoping this meets you all well. Feel free to share this with friends and family. Cheers.


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