Sustenable Development

Dear readers,

I hope you all are faring well. This week we shall be taking a little veer of the usual spiritual topics and try to look at things on a more global perspective.

Today we shall look at very crucial topic when it comes to global development and the growth of many nations around the world. There is no gain saying that indeed the benefits of the modern civilization and technology are indeed immense and have definitely made life easier in a lot of ways. It is also no surprise that we can still harness a lot more from this planet in terms of growth. However the little curb in the wheel of our seeming progress is the question of sustainability.

How effective is our approach to development? How sustainable are our practices? How safe is it for us now and future generations to come?

These questions form the basis of many organizations the world over who strive to bring back sanity to our current situation on this planet. We are currently faced with a lot more problems about the atmosphere than we ever did in the past. The constant depletion of our ozone layer is increasing the amount of UV exposures we have and thus triggering the rate of cancer. The unsafe practice of many Industries is not only getting them shut down, if and when they are reprimanded but it is also shutting us down as a planet. The poles have faced a lot more melting than any time before and our insatiable need to satisfy our palates is constantly ruining our planets resources.

Not only are we getting our resources depleted in the quest to produce more meat, but we are also depleting our humanity and compassion. The picture looks quite bleak. Many people feel it is all propaganda until a close relative is diagnosed of a terminal cancer. Many people feel the current state of our planet is just some conspiracy theory, until they realize that some countries now actually have to sell “clean air” to people. The nature of many of us “humans” is we feel as far as our end of the boat isn’t full with water it doesn’t matter if the other end is full of water. What we fail to realize is that we are all in this together and sooner or later everyone is affected. The world is more of a global village now more than ever before and we are not only tied through foreign policies and trade but through every single decision we make as a country individually. The real question that we should be asking however that most people however fail to ask is how can we go back to basics? How can we attack this epidemic at its root?

The quest for more and more which never gets enough, has brought us into this gloom. We feel this planet is here for us to exploit and utilize till it is sucked dry of resources. We also fail to realize that this planet was here before we were born and it will exist even after we die. It doesn’t belong to anyone of us or some group of elite or some big organizations. Who does it belong to then? It belongs to the person who created it and we are all just tenants. This tenancy has a limited lease and that lease is our life span year, which is maximum 100 years. This span now thanks to our unsafe practices also, has been reduced to way less now. When we understand that this planet is the property of the supreme Lord and we begin to treat it and all the resources thereon as the property of the Lord then we shall actually begin to grow responsibly. When we understand that we need to take that which is allocated to us and not try to over accumulate then we can actually thrive better on this planet as individuals and as nations. The constant desire to over accumulate things is creating a false need in this planet and we are dying from it. The supreme lord in his kindness has made this planet bountiful enough for every specie living on it, but humans have made it a living hell for all others in it including themselves.

In a recent survey in the US, many people were asked what they feared most and a lot of people said sharks. The statistics show however that the chances that a person gets attacked by a great white shark are quite slimmer as compared to being shot by a relative. We are actually the most dangerous species on this planet. This mentality has grown from the fact that we think we are the controllers of all that be around us. We feel we are masters of this world, only for death to snatch us away.

We haven’t being able to see past our limited senses that we own nothing here, we came with nothing and will leave with nothing. There are millions of birds in the sky but never do you see two birds collide in flight. There is never a thing as over-population of birds; instead many exotic birds are going extinct thanks to us again. Animals who are supposedly “less intelligent” understand the principle of “take what you need and leave the rest” that is why they always have enough. That is why they never have shortage. We who are supposedly more intelligent have only succeeded in creating avenues to get more and more. We need more gadgets, more money, and more pleasure, more of everything at the cost of anything. The sad part is we probably won’t change and things will remain the same even at the point of possible self-extermination. Why? because we are so blinded by our greed. The only language we speak is “I and Mine”.

Dear readers we all talk about change and everyone wants this change, we see it is the best thing to do and we all speak so much about the positive effects it will have. The truth is many are not ready to make this change, especially when it has to do with taming their egos or reducing their sense gratification.  I’ll let you all deliberate on these few words and will definitely join you again next week.

Till then do share with others if this inspires you.


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