The Illusory Energy

Dear readers, It is nice to be able to share with you all again this week. I hope you all are faring well. Today I’ll like to share with you all a very important topic which rather sadly has been misinterpreted by many.

Before discussing what this illusory energy is all about a quick look at the terminology. Illusory is coined from the word Illusion which simply means to accept as reality that which is not. So what is the illusory energy? The illusory energy is the energy of God which is responsible for keeping those living entities who have misused their independence, conditioned in this material world. One may further inquire why the Supreme Lord would put us under this energy. Well the simple answer is He didn’t “put” us under this energy. We chose to be under the influence of this energy. By nature every living being is of a marginal energy that is; we have the tendency to be influenced positively by higher energies or negatively by lower energies. When we choose to be influenced by the lower energy of this material world then we come under the illusory energy. So what does this illusory energy do?

This illusory energy which is found in this material world is subservient to the Supreme Lord and acts under his desire. In the Bhagavad – gita it is mentioned that the material nature is working under the directions of the Lord, producing all moving and non-moving beings (BG 9.10). It also oversees the activities of the living entities here by keeping those who have abused their free will and letting go of those who have been able to use their free will in the service of the Lord. So how does one abuse one’s free will? Well as living entities the Supreme Lord doesn’t interfere with our free will. He gives us the ability to love Him or to love matter. It is this liberty which when misused keeps us conditioned in the material world. But why does the Supreme Lord give us free will that puts us in trouble? Well it is not the free will that he has given us that puts us in trouble. It is the way we use that free will. Every citizen has some amount of freedom to act in a certain way unhindered by the state. If however one citizen chooses to use his freewill to rob a bank and gets arrested, can we say it is the fault of the state for allowing people to be free to move about that is why the robbery occurred? No we can’t say that. If the Supreme Lord knows we have the tendency to misuse our freewill then why doesn’t He take it from us? Then we can no longer talk about freewill if He takes it from us. Besides how can there be real love when freewill or liberty to choose has been taken.

Just as a side note it is worthy to mention here that the illusory energy described here doesn’t fit into the description of Satan/devil in most religions. Contrary to popular believe by other religious bodies, Satan is not in rivalry with the Supreme Lord. If he has that much power to be a rival to the Supreme Lord then how is the Supreme Lord greater? This is one serious misgiving that needs to be redressed. The illusory energy on one hand is part of the Lord’s energies and works in accordance to the dictate of the Lord. Satan on the other hand is portrayed as been God’s arch enemy and rival, who is so powerful that he can keep souls “eternally” away from God. This is a serious mistake in the philosophy. The illusory energy is like a Prison Commander or Superintendent, whose duty is to see that every prisoner does their time, respecting the laws of the prison and when their time is up if they have been of good character then they are allowed to go back into the society where they belong. The prison Superintendent doesn’t work on his own accord but takes instructions from the state. He is not in competition with the state as to who gets to keep the prisoners. He doesn’t have the power to keep you in prison if you do your time following the necessary laws that allow you to get out. In the same vein the illusory energy of the Lord is only acting on behalf of the Lord to purify us adequately until we make the necessary transition required to move out of this material world of misery. Now that we have an idea of how the illusory energy works, it would be nice to know the symptoms of one who is conditioned by this illusory energy. Those who feel they are this present body made of matter, those who feel that this material world is all in all and that there is nothing more after this, those who do not accept the existence of the Supreme Lord, those who feel that there is nothing after death, those who feel that the aim of life is to gratify one’s senses and to live on the four animal propensities of eating, sleeping, mating and defending. These people are said to be under the influence of the illusory energy. The illusory makes sure that people who fall into these above mentioned categories but not limited to them, remain captive in this material world of birth and death. So what happens to one who doesn’t use his/her freewill in the service of the Lord and dies while conditioned in this material world? Well he /she has to retake the test, they have to repeat the cycle of birth and death. How do we get off the grip of the illusory energy? By surrendering to the Supreme Lord, those who surrender can easily overcome this illusory energy. How do we surrender? by using our freewill in the service of the Lord.

It is worthy to note that contrary to some religious beliefs you cannot “kill” this energy of the Lord. You can’t “cast and bind” it. The proof is for years many religious groups have been praying for the “death” of this illusory energy which they refer to as many other names, but somehow or the other it is still there. This is because it is not in our jurisdiction to decide whether this energy exists or not, it is for the Supreme Lord to decide. Our duty is to surrender to God and be free from its influence.

I hope this sheds some light on this matter and clarifies any doubt there is. Please feel free to share with friends and others. Till next week do remain blessed.


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