Dear readers, it is a pleasure to be with you all once again. I hope you all are faring well. The last week has been pretty busy but quite interesting. I have been able to reschedule my activities and we are in ‘god-speed’.

Today I felt I share a very powerful topic with you all, Prayer. Irrespective of your religious background one thing that is sure is we are all encouraged to pray. Prayer is a form of communication with a divine force, energy or person. Just like we have chats, dialogues, meetings etc. on our physical realm, we also have prayers as a means of conversation beyond the physical. The question is why Prayers?

Besides the obvious fact of communication with the supernatural, prayers have been an integral part of the existence of living beings. In order to get the audience of a respectable personality here on Earth we have to write a letter requesting for “audience”. In this letter we employ the choicest of words and usually speak in a mood of reverence. When this letter gets to the person in question he/she pleased/displeased by the words may or may not grant the audience. In the Vedas we have numerous cases of the Demigods, the administrators of the supreme Lord, offer various prayers to Him in various occasions. Sometimes, they offer a prayer to seek audience, sometimes they offer a prayer to ask for protection, or sometimes just to glorify the Supreme Lord. The previous and present prophets and spiritual teachers have made very conscious efforts to teach us the mood, words and attitude to employ when praying to God.

In the Bible, Jesus Christ taught his disciples how to pray by employing the Lord’s Prayer; Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name…..” It is interesting to note that the introduction of the prayer gives praise to the name of the Lord. For in prayer the name of the Lord has to be employed. It is further mentioned in the Bible that the Lord is present where two or more are gathered in his name. This is also very vital information. First the Lord is non-different from his name and second by calling his name he is personally present. (Of course to the degree we surrender to his name to that degree we feel his presence, or even see him).   The Koran advocates the calling of the names of Allah, and all true Muslims are expected to daily recite his name and glories on their prayer beads. The next question is how should we pray? Well nowadays most people “prey” on the Lord, thus the need to learn from the past and present saints how to pray to God. The idea of going to God with a list to always ask for something is not the best of prayers.  Sometimes some of us even forget to pray until there is something really bad happening in our lives then we suddenly remember God. This is not the best way to make use of such a wonderful relationship.

No doubt it is given that irrespective of one’s material inclinations, weather full of desires, no desires or desiring liberation, one should worship the lord, it is still a 100 times better to worship and pray to the Lord without desiring anything in return. A simple prayer could be; O lord, O energy of the Lord please engage me in your service. This prayer is totally selfless, asking for nothing but to be engaged in the Lord’s service. By rendering service to the Lord the devotee derives great satisfaction because the Lord is equally satisfied by this service. One might ask here, how can there be freedom of expression if one is ‘taught’ how to pray? Well the truth is just like any endeavor in life, one needs to learn the basics and with time when maturity comes there can be spontaneity. There is no harm if we express our feelings in the most genuine manner however if we desire to give real satisfaction to the Lord through our Prayers then we need to follow in the mood of spiritual mentors, prophets etc. They can show us how to pray with a mood devoid of offenses. Thus in order to make quick progress in our spiritual endeavors it is in our best interest to constantly call upon the names of the Lord in our prayers. The Bible says that from dusk till dawn one should call on the name of the Lord.  There is no limit to how many times we should pray. Our prayers should however be genuine, selfless and filled with love. Prayer is the direct contact “number” we have to reach the Supreme Lord. It is free, and the only “Wi-Fi” required is our faith. Unlike other forms of communication, the Supreme Lord is never too busy to answer or “calls” or prayers. He is always on the line speaking to us; the truth is we are the ones rather not listening to him.

I hope this short dissertation on prayer begins to affect our mood towards prayers and how we pray. I hope it motivates us to genuinely pray from our hearts with love and devotion.

Please feel free to share this with family and friends. Till we meet again next week, do have a blissful week ahead.



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