God’s Descent contd.

Dear readers,

It’s a pleasure to be able to share with you all once again. last week I had given a brief of what we were going to explore this week. So without further ado, let’s continue with “God’s descent intro.”

In the Introduction to this blog I had mention three basic reasons why God descends, and I also clarified that His appearance on Earth included these three reasons but were not limited to them in any way. That is to say, these are principal. Usually many people have a hard time trying to digest the fact or concept that God in His granduer and full majesty could come “down” here below. It beats their thinking and reasoning. This doesn’t come as a surprise at all, for in the Bhagavad gita the Supreme Lord Himself says; “Those who understand the nature of my appearance are pangs of these material cycle of life and death”. This is to stress the importance of the Lord’s appearance on this planet.

The Lord’s appearance or descent on this material plane is not like that of every other living being. We as conditioned living entities,(and when I say conditioned I mean subject to Birth, growth, disease, old age and death) need to have parents and other physical parameters in place for us to be able to be here. The Supreme Lord however is Unborn, He is without a beginning nor an end. Thus He doesn’t need any of the physical parameters we need to appear. In this light we proceed to the next point, which is what form does the Lord take when he manifest here on Earth. Due to the fact that this concept of the Lord descending is alien to many people, it is worth to note that the Lord has a form which is totally full of Knowledge, totally eternal and full of Bliss. Thus even though externally in appearance like ours, it is free from the defects that ours possess. At this point I feel it is necessary to say many religions across the planet taking at least Christianity for example which is wide spread, accepts that we as Humans were created in the image and likeness of the Supreme Lord. We have a similar form, or appearance thus we are qualitatively like the Lord but quantitatively different.

The first point or reason for the descent of the Lord is to establish religious principles. In the Bhagavad gita, the Supreme Lord mentions that whenever and wherever there is a decline in religious principles, the Lord descends in Person. Through different ages, from millennium after millennium, the Lord either sends His representative or descends in person to re-establish religious principles which have been lost over time. These principles have been lost either due to been watered down, misinterpreted or just blatantly ignored. Since these principles were originally given by the Supreme Lord, He himself comes to re-establish them, as they should be. That is without the slightest adulteration. At this point one might ask; why would God in His supreme splendour come down here to give some principles? Why doesn’t he just send someone? The answer is simple. He does send His prophets from time to time, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, etc. However the reason for coming personally is to give principles which are free from any form of human imperfection or defect.

With all due respects to all religious bodies, today we can see there is a myriad of translations of many Holy books, according to the understanding of many, or less still just by the simple acquisition of a PhD, one becomes eligible to write his own commentary on a holy book. Spiritual Knowledge spoken by the Supreme Lord is passed down through a disciplic succession which is still been respected to this present day. This way no one can change or adulterate the Lord’s teaching. when however by the influence of time this chain is broken, the Lord comes to re-establish this chain.

The second reason is to annihilate miscreants. One might wonder why would God himself come down just to smite some few mortals. The answer is He doesn’t have to, because His energies can do away with any demon or miscreant no matter how big. Time alone, can take care of anything, and Time is but one of His many energies. However because the Lord has many pastimes while on the planet, He decides to sometimes engage in the annihilation of these miscreant just to give pleasure to His devotees. This naturally brings us to the third point which is to give pleasure to the devotees. When irreligiousity takes a staggering toll, the devotees of the Lord are afflicted by such changes in time. Their affliction is not that of the gross materialist who suffer due to ignorance but born of compassion seeing the plight of the living beings who are been misled. the Lord in His kindness, decides to come personally to reassure them by giving them His personal audience, something rarely achieved even by great ascetics and demigods.

By granting His devotees audience, the Lord also uses the opportunity to sport with them, receive their worship and adoration in person, and above all give them the absolute gift of all which is eternal Love to Him. This is actually the main reason for His descent and every other reason is but an excuse to see His devotees. The Lord cherishes His devotees and holds them very dear to His heart. Those who are constantly engaged in propagating the glories of the Lord are His devotees, those who derive joy and satisfaction when they speak about the Lord are also His devotees, and the Lord says they are very dear to Him.

The beauty of the Veda is that as a revealed scripture, it contains details about the activities of the Lord, not found in any other scripture. ( This is not to offend anyone from any other religious background, but a fact in itself which is easily verifiable.) Thus by consciously studying the veda’s under the guide of a genuine spiritual guide    ( please see blog on spiritual guide) one can begin to unravel the mysteries behind such esoteric pastimes of the Lord.

Hoping to share with you soon. Please feel free to share with family and friends.

Have a blissful week ahead.


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