God’s Descent intro.

Dear Readers;

I hope you all are having a wonderful week ahead. Last week I was supposed to embark on a special edition on why God descends on Earth however I published another blog due to question that was asked on Enlightenment.

Today however I shall introduce the topic and we shall delve more into it tomorrow. First and foremost it is neccessary to know that it is possible for the Lord to descend Himself or to send His messengers. To think that God cannot do something is to limit Him and He ceases to be God. God is without Limitation.

There are a couple of reasons why God descends and today I shall only list them and we shall look at them properly in my next blog. 1.To establish religious principles

2. To annihilate miscreants

3. To give Pleasure to His devotees

The above reasons are the major reasons in which others are embedded. Every religion accepts that at some point in time God descends or sends His messengers. It is thus imperative to look properly into this subject matter.

I Look forward to developing these points more with you all next week.



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