Do’s and Don’ts (Yama/Niyama)2

Dear esteemed readers, I Hope you all are faring well. It is yet another week and as usual I am here to share with you all some interesting views on metaphysical topics.
Last week we looked at dos and donts from the standpoint of a spiritual practitioner and developed the subject up to the point of the four pillars of religiousity.
Today we shall endeavour to look at each pillar and see how best we can inculcate the tenets of each in our various spiritual journeys.
1. Non-Violence:
The apprentice spiritual practitioner and likewise the seasoned practitioner should both try their best to practice the principle of non violence in all their endeavours. Violence could be gross or subtle and on the subtle platform it could be mental and or verbal. On the gross platform, it could be injurious or even fatal. Usually when the issue of non violence arises, many spiritual seekers think immediately of avoiding altercations with others. The concept of non violence is however not limited to human beings but all living entities. We can not claim to be spiritual seekers on the path of enlightenment yet our hearts are cold and hard to the sentiments and feelings of other living creatures. In simpler words, our words, thougths and actions should not be a source of misery or lamentation for any living entity whatsoever. Having this is mind naturally spiritual practitioner should note that even his means of sustanance could be a source of misery to other living beings. Thus he/ she tries to avoid any kind of food that involves the torture, killing, maltreatment etc of any living entity. His diet is violence free and thus naturally he grows to the platform of having all that goes into him and all that comes out deviod of violence. The essence of practicing non violence is to soften the heart, purify the body and prepare one’s mind for higher consciousness. How can matters that pertain to higher philosophy and love take roots in a stone like heart? How can a body contaminated with blood and made into a cemetry become a receptre of living force, of which the Supreme Lord is the highest of such living force.
2. Truthfulness:
Austerity of speech means been able to speak the truth at all times, for the benefit of others using choice words. One can not aspire to tune into higher dimensions of learning if one lacks the basic virtue of been truthful. The revealed scriptures are celebrated not only because they are the words of saints and that of God, but because they shed living truth to various matters in our daily lives. These truths are so essential that irrespective of when they were spoken we can still learn alot from them. Thatnis the beauty of truth. It can withstand the test of time, and doesnt need anyone to defend it. Anything that needs to be defended is not the absolute truth. To this one might say but by writing here you are also trying to defend some truths you believe in. Well to present truth for the benefit of others and to try to “defend” truth are two different subjects. It is a universal truth that anyone born here on earth has to die someday, this much everyone knows. This is a universal truth that needs no defence and with time manifests, weather we like it or not. That is the nature of truth. If however I make a statement and have to coerse people by trickery or force to adapt to the statement as a universal truth, then it is not truth in itself. By learning to speak the truth at all times, the spiritual practioner learns to control his speech and use it mainly for cultivating higher consciousness.
3. Cleanliness:
Cleanliness they say is next to godliness. The aspiring spiritual practitoner must lear to be clean inside out. External cleanliness constitutes, daily bathing, and proper maintenance of the body. Internal cleanliness constitutes, purifying the mind, heart and intelligence by praying, meditating on the Lord’s glories and activities, and daily reading the holy scriptures. However if the body itself is not clean external amd physically, the above internal cleasning which is more of a subtle cleansing can not take place efrectively. The spiritual practitioner has to be able to identify things which constitute contamination and things which aid purification. Thus by the use of higher intelligence reduce activities that pollute the physical and subtle bodies. Just like it is natural to take a shower after sweating,or to wash one’s hands after using the urinal, it is also essential to wash one’s heart of all impuritues accumulated over various life times. The chanting of the holy name of God is one sure means to purify the heart of such impurities. In every religious tradition we see that practitioners are encouraged to recite the names of God a prescribed number of times daily. This is just like a medication given by the Doctor with dosage. When our bodies are dlean and our mind, heart and intelligence are purified only then can lovimg service to the Lord be established permanently.
4. Celibacy:
Last but not least is the aspect of celibacy, one which is not only very important but very crucial for our spiritual advancement. In simple terms, celibacy here means either the total abstinence of sex life or the regulation of sex life with the spheres where it is permitted. At this junction, please permit me to say that sex life in itself is not bad, but sex life that contradict moral and religious codes is what is frowned upon. Sex life between married couples for procreation is a beautiful matter and is celebrated, however unrestricted and promiscous sex life without any moral or spiritural backing is not adbisavle and should be shunned. There is no gain, enumerating the various problems one could encounter by indulging is loose sex life, as the list could go on and on. Thus as spiritual practitioners we shall focus on the metaphysical aspect of sex life which pertains to purity, determination, mental and physical strength and longevity. These and much more are various by products one can achieve just by being celibate, however the real spiritual practioner is not even after all of these as they come naturally with time. So one might ask, then why be celibate? Simple, to reduce the mentality of material enjoyment that makes us think we are the enjoyers and everythign is meant for our enjoyment. Sex life been the highest form of materialmpleasure binds us to the material world by constantly feeding our inteligence with this mentality. Everything in this world and beyond is meant for the pleasure of the Supreme Lord and we are also meant to give Him pleasure. When the spiritual practitioner understands this, he comes to the highest level of self realization.
It has been a pleasure sharing these few words with you all, I look forward to your comments and questions. Please do share this blogs and others on the blog site with others. Thanks


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