Do’s and Dont’s (yama/niyama)

Dear readers,
I hope you all are having a nice day. It’s a pleasure to be able to share more with you all today.
Today’s topic is one that we find in almost every spiritual circle, institution, and place of worship. In order to assist spiritual practitioners in their quest for enlightenment, there are certain restrictions placed in every practice as well as certain rites that one must adhere to in order to fully achieve the benefit of one’s spiritual practices.
These practices include prescribed duties and prohibited actions, otherwise known as do’s and Dont’s. The aim of avoiding activities that are prohibited is to gradually purify the consciousness of the practitioner and raise him or her to a level whereby they can gradually practice without much distraction. Distractions on the path of spirituality can act as a hindrance to progress and also slow down the rate at which the practitioner can experience the inner bliss involved in their practice.
By also avoiding activities that are prohibited that is the donts, one can also gradually purge oneself of all impurities accumulated from involving in nefarious activities. Having established this fact, it is worthy of mention that practicing the path of avoidance of prohibited activities is not in itself a means to achieving the goal of spirituality. There has to be activities that are done side by side to assist the practitioner in also advancing. These activities are the “do’s”. A little example to help drive across this fact is a student who knows that in order to succeed in school, he has to avoid late night outings, he has to avoid gang related activities, he has to avoid the use of drug, etc. If he dutifully follows all of this, he has a good footing to progress in school, however doing all the above mentioned things without studying and also taking the examinations one can not expect to pass or graduate.
In the same vein, the spiritual practitioner should side by side add activities that foster attachment to his or her chosen path while simultaneously shedding off those things that pose as a distraction.
Some of these principles include, non- violence, cleanliness, truthfulness and celibacy. Any spiritual practitioner who desires to advance on the path of self realization has to devotedly follow these principles with the goal of realizing the real self and using whatever dispensation available to them for the service of the Lord.
In my next blog I’ll go into more details on the above mentioned principles, I hope this serves as a starter for the exposition yet to come.
Wishing you all a nice day ahead. Do feel free to share this with family and friends.


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