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I hope you are having a splendid week; it is great to be able to share with you all more realizations today.

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For those who adhere to the believe of a higher supreme being, whom we may address as God, Jehovah, Allah, Krishna, etc.,  today we shall look at the subject of the singularity or diversity of this Supreme being. Across many faiths and religious practices, we can see a special respect or adoration is reserved for the Supreme Being and in some we see that this respect and worship is accrued to many Supreme beings. This act or process seems to confuse many others who believe in the existence of a singular supreme Lord. To this we say there is nothing to be confused about and in a short while we shall try to allay this fear.  The position of a supreme being cannot be ascribed to many persons, because the Supreme Lord is one and He is without a second.

Many a times, the confusion of thinking that gaudiya Vaisnavism supports polytheism stems from the fact that Hinduism which is like a sister religion, acknowledges the existences of many demi-gods and goddess and allows some of its adherents to practice such worship. This has led many to either believe that gaudiya vaisnavism is one and the same with Hinduism and also a polytheistic practice. In the Bhagavad-gita, the supreme Lord Himself says men of small intelligence worship the demigods due to been attracted to the flowery portions of the Scriptures. What does this mean? Those who are into worshiping many ”gods’’ usually put forward the argument that it’s better to worship “them all” because they are not sure of whom the Supreme Lord is. Ignorance of a subject matter doesn’t however justify the neglect of such subject, thus proper inquiry on their part is needed to clarify the position of the Supreme person. Now when they make some effort to do some research they end up reading portions of the scriptures which praise the worship of different demigods and also mention the benefits involved in worship such demigods. Now, because such people already have their hearts filled with material desires and their intelligence so small, they accept the purports of these promises ascribed to the worship of demigods to be the summon bonum of the entire scripture.

The Supreme Lord has many higher beings working under His command and as the Supreme Lord He is not subject to any kind of work, and thus the administration of the cosmic manifestation is done by Him through his different energies. These energies are direct or indirect, manifest or un-manifest, among those which are manifest are the different demigods in charge of different parts of the running of the creation. Just like in today’s material administration, we have Governors, Ministers, Senators etc. they are all subservient to the government of the President and follow his lead. However unlike the administration in the material world, these demigods cannot “impeach” or remove the Supreme Lord because they were made by Him and are thus forever loyal to His will and doing. They cannot act independently of the Supreme Lord just as the cabinet of the President cannot act totally independent of him. Having established this fact it would be inappropriate to try to direct the honour and adoration meant for the President to the Ministers and Senators. Likewise, it is just as inappropriate to direct the worship meant for the Supreme Being to the demigods. Just like the Senators and Ministers, anyone who approaches them with some problems gets some assistance according to the limitation of the power they can exert. This however, does not make them the President and one who can approach the President definitely gets more solutions to his problem with less limiting factors. In the same vein, it is worthy to note that those who surrender to the Supreme Lord are totally covered by His grace and are even placed higher than the demigods.  At this junction it is pertinent that I clarify the limitation of the example of the material world’s administration been used. This example is used more like an allegory, and it is not an exact replica of the original subject in Toto. However in the study of Logic, one is allowed to use a smaller conceivable object to describe a larger inconceivable object in other to give clarity to one’s dissertation.

Furthermore, we can also see that in many of the world’s leading religions like Christianity and Islam, there is the mention of Angels, Arch Angels etc. These beings are all servants of the Lord and carry out His order. To worship these beings and expect the same result as worshiping the Supreme Lord will be self-deceit. The bible establishes further the concept of God the trinity and even in that concept which is also present in Hinduism, the Supremacy of God the father is made very clear. Now if someone decides to worship The Holy spirit, Jesus Christ and God the father on the same platform, that will not only be blasphemy, but a gross lack of knowledge and guidance.

The Bhagavad gita gives more clarity on this matter, by saying “those who worship the demigods go to the planets of the demigods, those who worship ghosts and spirits go to the planets of ghost and spirits, those who worship ancestors, go the planets of the ancestors, however those who worship me (The Supreme Lord, God) come to me.” Whatever the demigod’s accord their worshipers are only due to the sanction of the supreme lord and nothing is possible without His approval. Many polytheists try to defend their standpoint by citing various scriptural references, however when these references are properly scrutinized even the various demigods they worship all admit they are under the control of the Supreme Lord.

I hope this short dissertation sheds some light on this subject and I’ll be more than glad to answer questions on this topic. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Feel free to share if this blog with others. Thanks. Cheers


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