Dear Readers,

I hope you are all faring well? Today I decided to take a little break from our usual philosophical/spiritual topics and shed some light on certain recent issues happening around the world. While following news events around the world, one seems to be constantly bombarded with the seemingly endless flow of terrorism, war, mismanagement, displaced families, corruption, just to mention a few. In the face of such developments, many people usually feel the odd question pop up that why is all this happening if there is a God. Well without getting too much into the spiritual side, let us just analyze a few more recent happenings.

There has been a few continuous strikes in the last week in Europe, from terrorist groups, then shootings in the US, of police officers and many young men of coloured skin, all these just makes any people wonder why is all this happening? Truth be told we are currently living in an era of dis accord and hypocrisy, thus it comes as no surprise all the recent developments going on around the world. So in the midst of all these turmoil, how can a spiritualist or one on the path of self discovery navigate through all these without getting too affected. The four basic pillars of religiosity namely cleanliness, austerity, truthfulness and non-violence have been ignored and thus society is suffering greatly. Those who practice these tenets properly have certain clear understanding about how to interact with other living entities and as such make a lot more positive impact in their surrounding.

Those who practice the principle of non-violence know that it is very necessary to be cautious as to how deal with all living entities including lower living entities like animals, non-violence doesn’t end with just humans. However due to the unsatiated desire to feed the tongue, there has been the endless slaughter of animals and the effects of this act has taken a total turn on the Eco-system, still man has refused to accept these climate changes as a lesson. Thus due to the excessive tendency to kill other living entities, compassion which is born of non violence has been removed from the hearts of people and thus they transfer this actions to fellow humans by shootings and bombing. There are numerous facts to prove the weight of following these tenets of religiousity, however if the society at large is brain washed into believing that life is meant for sense gratification and uncontrollable consumerism, then of what use is he showmanship of modern day pseudo-religion.

There is a short story of how a barber while shaving a client got into a philosophical discussion with the latter and the barber said “there is no God, I don’t believe He exist, because if He did there wouldn’t be so much suffering today in the world”. The client out of respect for the barber didn’t want to offend him, so he kept quiet and when his shave was done he paid and left. Just a few steps out of the barber shop he saw a Man with full grown beards and un-kept bushy hair. Taking the Man by the hand, the client went back inside and said to the barber, “My dear Sir, there are no barbers in this town, just see how bushy this Man’s hair and beard is”. The barber smiled and said, of course there are barbers and I am one, I just shave you even, how can you say there are none?

The client replied, well the same applies to God. Many people fail to approach him in the right way and thus they can not feel his presence, however how can we negate the presence of God because people fail to approach him? If we do so it will be compared to saying barbers don’t exist because there a re people with bushy hairs.

The Barber saw reason and smiled. Similarly until and unless we approach the Supreme Lord properly, we can not rid ourselves of the problem of the material world.

Hoping to write more soon. Have a wonderful day ahead.Do feel free to share this in your circle.


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