Sound Vibration 3

Good day dear readers,

I hope you all are having a wonderful week.  This week we shall deliberate on the third part and hopefully final part of our sound vibration series. Last week and the week before we looked at sound as energy, its transmission between the source and the receiver from a metaphysical view and also we partially answered a two part question. Today we shall endeavor to answer the final part of the question. For those of you just reading this this part please read

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Let us quickly recap the question that was asked in our first segment. Q: Two things, much importance and why does the mindset of the talker/singer hold? (Never mind answering if you intend to touch the subject in part 2) a follow-up: should a serious student of spiritual(ty) abstain from sound, produced by atheists, as much as possible or is it not as harmful when s/he understands the sound through(from a) spiritual (perspective) (i am however referring to Vedic) perspective?

In the second question, the reader wants to know if certain sounds affect the mind and consciousness of a spiritual practitioner and if yes should they be avoided? By certain sounds the reader means sounds which are not spiritually charged or inclined.  The simple answer is yes. However on a deeper look, it would be nice to have a clear glance at how these sounds work on our consciousness and minds. As mentioned earlier on in part 2 of this series, I had clearly showed how different sounds produced have different effects and we had looked at a few examples. Today we are going to look at how these sounds could be of either positive or negative impact on our spiritual lives. When we hear the sound of a flute playing or say the piano, or water flowing down rocks we experience some sort of calmness and we tend to relax more. When we are relaxed are more open to “suggestions”, these suggestions could be positive or negative.

On the other hand when we hear gun shots, we are automatically at alert, afraid, and in some extreme cases some people might experience panic attacks from sound sounds. This is because the sound of gunshot is associated with death, pain, and grief, thus when we hear that sound we respond accordingly even without knowing. This natural response comes from our subconscious mind and the subconscious mind is like a bank where we keep “money” we don’t know we have. This “money” usually comes in handy when we need to purchase a feeling, a thought or an action. Similarly, when we hear sounds formulated on the basis of certain moods we also subconsciously assimilate that mood. When we listen to a love song with lyrics that are filled with love suggesting words we become open to that emotion and thus begin to act on that capacity. If we listen to a song if we watch a performance filled with nudity, we assimilate the sounds and visuals and also begin to act on that level. Thus a spiritually inclined person does everything within their possible best to avoid hearing sounds that suggest things of a lower nature and tries as much as possible to hear sounds that suggest things of a higher nature.

This is a constant choice we have to make as spiritual practitioners because we are bombarded on a regular basis with different sounds of low energy and visuals from different forms of media around us. It is on the Television, the radio, and the topmost of them all the Internet. As a natural follow up to the second part of the question, the reader asks if it is possible for the spiritual practitioner to listen to different sounds even those of low nature but still ascribe them to a higher energy due to his or her spiritual evolvement. Well the answer to this question is of two phases, a yes and no. I will explain. A highly spiritual person due to his or her years of practice might be able to draw gold even from a trash can as regards sound vibration, however despite their spiritual advancement, rarely would you see them trying to show that they have this capacity. Why is this so? They know the dangers involved with exposing our minds and consciousness to such sounds irrespective of our spiritual levels or realizations, hence they don’t gamble with it. Second is they are cautious of giving negative example, as a neophyte might see them engaged in listening to certain “non-spiritual” sounds not knowing that they have the ability to deduce the best from it. If the neophyte blindly copies their actions he is sure to have a devastating setback spiritually, thus the highly situated practitioner is careful of what he does.

More so, we have to continuously endeavor to perfect our hearing process, as this process in turn affects our speech and our actions. To the degree we are attuned to higher uplifting spiritual sounds to that degree we are able to assimilate higher consciousness and energy, however to the degree we associate or imbibe sounds of lower energy to that degree we are affected and also become vulnerable to lower energies and suggestions.  I hope with these brief explanations we have been able to shed some light on this topic. It would be worthy of note to mention that this topic is really vast and trying to explain it in about 4,000 isn’t very practical. The idea is to however give as much insight as possible without confusing our readers.

Should anyone have questions on this topic please feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below. I’ll also like to request you to kindly share this within your circle and outside if it inspires you in some way. Thanks for your time and have a great week ahead and I look forward to serving you all next week with another mind enlightening topic.



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