Good Day Dear esteemed Readers,
It’s nice to be back here, shedding more light on various metaphysical topics. As I promised last time, today we shall continue on the topic of sound vibration starting off with a question from one of our readers. The question asked would be the pivot for our discussion. Happy read!
Q: Two things, much importance and why does the mindset of the talker/singer hold? (Never mind answering if you intend to touch the subject in part 2) a follow-up: should a serious student of spiritual(ty) abstain from sound, produced by atheists, as much as possible or is it not as harmful when s/he understands the sound through(from a) spiritual (perspective) (i am however referring to Vedic) perspective?
A: First and foremost, a quick look at the questions one after the other. In the first question, the reader would like to know why there is importance attached to the source of the sound (in this case, the person talking), and how does the mindset of the speaker or source affect the listener?
This is more like a two in one question and in other to answer it fully we’ll have to dissect it in bits. It is important to note that the mindset of the source of the sound or the person talking is just as important as the sound they make. The mindset of the speaker gives the sound the required energy to take the requisite effect and action on the object (person listening). The Object responds to sounds that have the right energy to back them up and gear the listener or object into action. At this point a few examples will help us fully digest this idea. A Captain in a March pass issues the order, ATTENTION! And all the Soldiers immediately halt. Now if a mere civilian were to issue the same sound, with the same intensity the Soldiers won’t budge a muscle. Why? Well one might say well because he is not a soldier of course and he is not dressed in uniform. Well partly correct, however even among Soldiers in Uniform, not everyone issues orders and everyone follows. The Captain has been invested with the power to lead and control and his voice (sound), his image (persona), etc., all have the required energy to instill action into the object listening.
Another example is in Opera singing, there are notes that certain singers can hit that have the intensity to shatter a wine glass if held close enough. Another example is Music, say Salsa Music. The moment we hear salsa music, our bodies move with a certain rhythm, tempo and speed. Why? The music has the energy required to instill the required action in the object. You don’t see people doing the Tango to Salsa music, the sound is different and the energy likewise. More so, when we hold conversations with people and we try to share our minds, there is a lot of unseen energy exchange going on and this is actually the conversation on a much deeper, psychic level. With the right amount of psychic training, conversations are no longer just words been exchanged, it becomes a whole new level of energy exchange. Have you ever asked yourself, why does the President have to go through so much preparation before giving a press conference? Have you ever noticed that irrespective of the colour of the President, or age, there are certain hand gestures and mannerism that accompany some exact statements, which have been made by many Presidents across time?
If the mindset of the source or the speaker wasn’t so important why would they pay so much attention to such details? In the same vein, as spiritualist, on the path of self-discovery or righteousness, or salvation, it is important that we have the right mind set in whatever spiritual activity we undertake. The mindset is so important that it is the distinguishing factor on many levels. For gaudiya Vaisnavas, the mindset of the sadhaka is what places him or rather gives him the required impetus to move from vaidhi to raga marga/bhajan. For Christians, without the mindset of actually “receiving” the power to accomplish deeds, words spoken are just like empty barrels. There are many examples in the Bible but a quick one is the story of Jesus calming the Storm. In the dead of night out in the sea, amidst a great storm, the disciples of Jesus Christ were having a hard time rowing their boat, not to talk of keeping the storm off. Jesus woke up, saw their plight and uttered few words, “Peace! Be still” and the sea became calm. In Vedic times, we can remember King Vena was killed by great sages just by the utterance of selected mantra, powerful words/incantation/ sound. This was possible not just due to their mystic opulence, but due to the fact that the sages assembled had had enough of King Vena’s tyranny and their mindset and intention was to put an end to his body.
Similarly when we pray or meditate, our mind set at the moment is very important and goes a long way to determine the kind of result we get from our meditation or prayer. If our mindset during prayer or meditation is low and gross, we can’t access higher spiritual energies. We can’t become instruments for divine work and purpose and above all we won’t get any fulfillment. Thus going to Temple, Church, Mosque etc. is just a step, the main question is, what is your line of thought while you are in these various places of worship? Are you praying, while contemplating on things outside the circle of spirituality?
In summary, just like Electricity cables transmit Electric power, in the same vein sound transmits various energy. Let’s not also forget that sound is in itself a form of energy and when that energy is infused with energy we have double the effect. To the degree we know how to manipulate this energy to that degree we can use it to our advantage, however to the degree we do not know how to use it to that degree we become susceptible. Similarly, just as Electricity can be sent through wires, it can also be stored in batteries or capacitors for use in various forms, sound energy can also be manipulated into various uses depending on the intention from the source or person whence it came.
For a smooth and convenient read, I have decided to answer the second question in the third part of this series, and hopefully last part for this topic. Till our next read, do have a blissful day ahead. If this post inspires you or triggers thoughts or questions, feel free to share this blog within your circle. Leave your questions and comments and I’ll definitely answer them. Thank you. Cheers.


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