Sound has its presence in our everyday life and the absence of sound would be something “even words won’t be able to describe”, literarily. This cosmic manifestation is built on sound and sound sustains and maintains it. From childhood to old age, sound is part of communication, sound is education, sound is love, sound is fear, sound is war, sound is peace, sound is life, and sound is also death. We grow up registering different sounds in our subconscious minds, and brains and as each sound presents itself we receive, register and decipher the meaning before we react or respond. When a baby cries, the Mother hears the sound and then responds to the sound by being present to fulfill whatever need the child has.
When we hear the sound of bells as kids we know school is about to be in session, the same bell at a different time tells us it is recess and the same bell at a later time tells us it is time to go home. One sound produced three distinct times, and subsequently three different interpretations. This naturally brings us to our next point in focus, the differentiation of sound. In Calculus when the word differentiation arises immediately we know we are about to reduce a function, or in simpler words “break down”. In the same vein when we have various sounds around us it is essential to break them down to see which soothes us best. Often times as spiritualist we may find ourselves justifying various sounds we expose ourselves to by saying, they don’t really matter and thus it isn’t such a big deal. This concept is delusional and even today with secular logic it can be refuted. Let’s use music genre as a quick example, combining a saxophone, drum brush, a keyboard and we can create a simple jazz composition. If we take the same instruments, add vocals and replace the drum brush with drum sticks we can create Rhythm and Blues (RnB). Similarly when we expose ourselves to certain seemingly innocent sounds our bodies react differently because these sounds are translated differently by our subtle bodies and our subconscious mind, where majority of these sounds are stored.
The subconscious mind is so powerful that even in our semi-conscious state or our dreaming state we can still identify a sound or sounds. It is to this effect that we can see that of all our senses, only the sense of hearing remains fully active in our dream state. A sleeping man may not necessarily be able to see you walk in, or smell your perfume as you sit next to him; however the moment you mention his name, there is a high possibility that he’ll jolt out of his sleep. This is so because the sound of his name has been registered in his subconscious mind and when that fact coupled with the power in sound comes into play; his sleeping state can be altered. Not only can sound be used to alter one state of consciousness to another, it can also be used to alter the physical state of things. We have many examples of spiritualist who have developed high levels of mystic opulence that can change the physical state of matter by the simple utterance of high powerful words (mantras). If we look back into various spiritual texts or Holy Books we can see the power of sound in various aspects. In the Bible, the entire Creation starts by God saying “Let there be Light” and so it was. [Just as a quick side note it is worthy of note to see that when there is a sound there must be the origin of the sound, so if sound comes from an origin the sound cannot be the origin simultaneously. Simply put, sometimes we hear that God is sound, however many people never ask what is the source. God is all these and more.] In the Vedas we have a more detailed description of the Creation and the first thing the Creator experienced was sound. He heard a sound beckoning him to engage in austerities to give him the spiritual impetus to start the creative process.
Furthermore, sound as means of connecting with someone or a higher being is an area I’ll like to harp on a little bit. When we meet a friend we exchange words and pleasantries, when we meet a lover we also exchange words and pleasantries however the undertone is different, when we meet a superior we exchange words and maybe some pleasantries and we all know for sure the undertone and mood is different too. Similarly when we try to connect to a higher being or Personality, say the Supreme Lord or God, we do so by the utterance of sound vibrations we call prayer and there is no gainsaying the mood is also different. So in other words, sound arranged in a particular mood and with certain words directed to a specific higher energy could be a means for liberation from the entanglements of material nature. This sound can be called prayer, praise and worship, namaz, mantra; japa etc., the designation of the sound doesn’t change the function, which is to help Man connect to the absolute source of energy, sound and love, who is the Supreme personality of Godhead.
Everyone will definitely agree with me if I say that one of the most personal things anyone has is their name. If you hear someone call you by the name in a crowded place, you immediately know whomever it is that is calling me knows me, as compared to someone making sounds to beckon on you. More so, if someone calls you by a childhood nickname or a nickname only your friends knew you by in say high school, immediately even without seeing the person you immediately understand that the person calling you, knows you way more than your average circle of contacts. Similarly when we try to connect to the Absolute, the Supreme Lord by making sounds, we don’t get as much results as we might get should we call on a more personal name embedded in a transcendental sound vibration.
The topic of sound as it pertains to our spirituality is a vast topic and usually in order to keep my blogs within reading limit for most people I try not to make it too long, thus at this junction I’ll add a few closing remarks and probably do a second part of this blog. Our major life line in this material world is the sum total of what sounds we have ingested and produced during our existence here, thus if we produce sounds like a frog beckoning for a female to mate, we just might end up attracting the snake of death that traces our croaking back to us. Till we meet again for subsequent reading, do have a splendid day with lots of positive and spiritual sounds.
If this blog inspires you, or even teaches you one thing please feel free to share it with others so that they can also benefit.


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