Energy Depletion

Hello dear readers,
I hope you all are faring well. Today is the last day of this month and its been one month since I started this blog site and I’ld like to thank those of you who read and follow my regular updates. I hope to be able to regularly write on topics that inspire and guide those who seek some direction or just ideas on various issues.
The topic of discussion today is one many spiritualists or religious practitioners may have heard of, experienced or even dabbled with. There are so many groups and esoteric schools that speak about energy, energy levels, aura etc. These schools try to educate their adepts about the psychic nature of our energies while teaching them how to protect themselves.
As social entities we are in a constant mix with people from different walks of life, most of whom we have very little idea of whom they are in depth. We take the subway, we meet people, in the elevator we meet people, on the bus, at work, everywhere we go we are constantly surrounded by people with various energy levels and intentions. Now before delving into our topic, let’s quickly look at some very familiar instances we might have experienced at some point in time or the other during our interaction with people. Have you ever walked into a room full of people and suddenly feel as if the air was dense and something was right? Have you ever spent sometime talking with someone and walk away from the discussion feeling weak, tired and even drowsy, or having this “emptiness” inside? Have you ever been sad, down and feeling somewhat depressed only to exchange a word or two with a total stranger and suddenly feel revamp or re-energised?
Well if you have experienced one or more of these situations, there is no gain saying that you might have experienced some energy play at various level of subtlety. As spirit beings in a material body we are naturally very spiritual and psychic, however due to our association with matter we become deeply conditioned and our level of spirituality or psychic abilities drop drastically. Having this at the back of our minds we can see that in order for our psychic side or spiritual side to be dominant we need to feed that aspect of us constantly. One very sure way to do this is through sound. This is why many spiritual groups engage in either sound meditation or some sort of holy singing or chants. This enables them to raise their consciousness. ( The topic sound will be treated properly in subsequent blogs). When we engage in activities that don’t enhance our spiritual aide we fall deep into nescience and thus our energy levels deplete.
Since raising our energy levels could be difficult for some, the association we choose is very crucial and thus plays a major role in our spiritual lives. By associating with spiritually inclined individuals, with like minds and similar spiritual objectives we can harness into the “group energy” and thus raise ours by association. In gaudiya vaisnava philosophy we can directly experience this in the congregational chanting process or harinam sankirtan or group kirtans. Other esoteric groups have group meditations, divinations, circles, etc as a means of joining forces to raise their energy levels.
Substances that we ingest either as food or some sort of nourishment play a vital role in our energy balance. Those who are prone to drug abuse are more open to hallucinations and thus have an ethereal body open to all sorts of things because they have become porous. ( This is a very interesting subject where one gets to see how lower beings can manipulate our bodies if we fail to secure ourselves. Hopefully in subsequent blogs I’ll discuss this topic).
To the degree we keep our spiritual practices or sadhana in place to that degree we have our energy on the high side and to the degree we comprise our spiritual practices and sadhana to that degree we become porous to energy vampires and lower beings. The beautiful side about raising our energy levels isn’t just about having high energy level, or just about avoiding energy vampires but to be able to also help raise those who are in need of higher associations and seeking a chance to raise their energy through their consciousness.
In all fairness the topic of energy levels isn’t one to treat in a thousand words, however as usual in order to keep my messages brief and concise I try to press in as much as I can and hopefully the inner meanings can be deduced. If however there are things or points of interest my readers would like me to deliberate on, please do leave a message.
Till our next read do have a wonderful day ahead.


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