Time zones: Don’t compare with others

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Different countries around the world have different time zones and this shows in the time it takes from sunrise to sunset. Travelers moving from one place to another know very well that if they are in transit, there is no need to change their time piece or clocks if you wish, because despite the fact that the time is different their sojourn there is very short. Moreso, a traveler in a different country doesn’t worry about the difference his home time has as regards his new place, why? Because he has to function in his new environment and hence trying to function based on past time is of no use.
If we carefully extrapolate these ideas to real life and try to see things from a metaphysical perspective we can deduce a lot from these idea. Often times in life we set our lives clock based on so many time zones. These time zones include, parent time zone, friends time zone, peer time zone, society time zone, just to mention a few, however a few people, and I mean a very few people can snap out of these time zones and set their clocks according to their place, circumstance and space.
From a very early stage in our lives, we have our clocks set for us by parents and initially this is very good and usually needed. However if we do not reset this clock and keep trying to work our lives according to the clocks of our parents we begin to live their lives instead of ours. This can be seen in many choices people make just because parents insist that they should. There is a short story of a young man who spent seven years pursuing a medical degree, and on his graduation day he handed over his degrees to his parents and said ” This is the degree you wanted me to get, now am off to study Arts”. Not many people are able to actually snap out, and not many areas in life have straight forward paths like this example, hence setting our life clocks according to our time zone helps. Another interesting time zone many people set their life clocks to is the friend time zone. “Oh my friend is doing this, thus I must do it. My friend has this, I must get it, and so on and so forth.” This is a very common example and I’m pretty sure many people can relate this. Without much ado on these examples, the real question is why can’t people just set their clocks according to their own time zones?
The answer even though somewhat simple is quite branched, and the reason is because many people have identity issues. As gaudiya vaisnavas the first thing we learn is “we are not this body”. We are spirit souls who are part and parcel of the Supreme Lord. If we understand this on the surface level, we take a step forward and begin to make a lot of choices, from food to life style etc. When we understand it a little deeper we take another step forward to understanding our live’s mission and purpose and if we take a step forward we can actually get to the final point where we identify what our original identity is. However for the purpose of this blog we shall reference the second level which is beyond the physical, metaphysical we might say but not totally in the spiritual realm.
When we understand who we are as spiritual beings we understand that we are from a higher realm than the current one we are experiencing and thus when we make choices and “set our life clocks” we do so knowing fully well that we are setting our clocks according to our original home time. Now some people call this home Heaven, some call it Paradise, some call it Goloka Vrndavan, irrespective of the name ,the point is our life clocks should be set to a more eternal time. Someone who knows his identity as being an eternal citizen of such a spiritual realm can not set his or her clock according to the clocks of people on this planet, whomever they might be.
Every spiritual mentor who is bonafide will advise his students to learn every tenet of the spiritual path but ultimately acquire enough knowledge and wisdom to walk the path in their own lane, in other words set their own clocks. Now at this point, conservatives might say if we all set our clocks differently there will be chaos, etc. Truth be told, the clock of one’s life can not be set according to anything of a lower value, their will always be frustration. Real satisfaction will come only from setting this life clock according to higher spiritual values as they apply to YOU.
The ancient and the oldest scriptures known to man, the Vedas of which the Bhagavad gita is a part, clearly states that its better for one to do one’s work with fault than to do another’s perfectly.
There is only one YOU on this planet, with a specific mission and task to achieve and the moment you set your life clock according to some other values or people that are not eternal, your mission is aborted until you reset. Imagine how many missions have been terminated just because of life time zone settings.
Till the next blog, have a blissful day ahead. If this blog inspires you please feel free to share the link with family and friends. Save a life mission today.


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