Surviving Dark Nights

Before commencing, I’ll like to sincerely apologize as this blog is a day late, I have been very busy of late however I’ll try to ensure that I publish them on time in the near future. With that been said let’s proceed.
There are times when everything that can go wrong seems to go absolutely wrong, weather in our spiritual lives or material lives. These periods are referred to as the dark night of the soul, or times or trials and tribulations. Interestingly enough there seems not to be a single person whom I have met who is immune to this phenomena. From the most spiritual person to the least spiritual person, everyone has these times occur in their lives, either on a periodical basis or for some almost every now and then. It would be worthy of note to mention that it seems the higher the level of spirituality the more the dark nights. For very spiritually advanced souls these dark nights tend to serve as opportunities to be elevated to higher levels in their spiritual practices and thus they have to learn from these situations, grow in these lessons, and also use their lives as a model for less spiritually advanced folks. Knowing that these situations will exist at one point in time, it is helpful to have at the back of our minds one fact: whenever they occur, just accept them. Don’t fight it.
Dark nights could vary from person to person, it could be disturbances of the mind, controlling anger, greed or sexual impulses, it could be severe or chronic diseases which could be terminal, it could be could be allegations of character defamation, etc. Irrespective of whatever these dark nights are the bottom line is that they are very trying time and in other for one to traverse them, one has to get as much support as possible. Most people however feel that hey have been abandoned during these times by family, friends or even by their worhipable Deities, which is contrary to the most important principle of support. Now support could be either physical or spiritual depending on the circumstance. Physical support from people who have been through similar dark nights or who have been close to those with such experiences, would help those who are currently going through such to learn how to respond to such situations. Spiritual support from fellow god family could help the person going through such situations to have a deeper understanding about the situation and thus empower them to take on tests that are either on going or awaiting them with a more relaxed mindset knowing that they have help from higher beings, mentors and the Supreme Lord through the mercy of his devotees.
Furthermore, for every dark night that we endure or survive or pass we are actually being prepared for a higher responsibility and thus we get the training required in order to be able to function in that capacity. Just like for students to be promoted to a higher class there has to be an examination, similarly for the soul to be awarded higher responsibilities which mostly involves taking responsibility for other souls, one has to be ready physically and spiritually. More So, the individual must have firm faith in the Lord, even when it seems like the Lord is ”slow” to respond. It is said the Lord’s mill might grind “slowly” but it does surely. In the Bhagavad gita the Lord clearly mentions that his devotees never perish, and many religious groups also share the same view. The Christian mention that the name of the Lord is a strong tower and those who mention it are saved, Muslims mention that all those who pronounce the name of the All mighty God are protected, so one can clearly see that for the soul to walk through these dark night spiritually, he/she has to have a high level of faith. The faith mentioned here is not some fanatical one but one based on proper knowledge, and firm action in the direction of such faith. Having faith here doesn’t negate action in anyway, instead it gives one’s action a proper sense of direction.
In a nut shell, every living entity in this material world will at some point in time go through some dark nights or probably a lot of dark nights. The most important factor is to accept it, learn from , grow from it, and then be a light to those who go through the same.
I hope to hear from you all soon.


3 Replies to “Surviving Dark Nights”

  1. Hey , thank you for exposing this nice topic.

    Soo as far i understand in times of dark nights we must endure whit our service that we doing and keep the faith really strong and never give up on Lord.

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