Today been bright and sunny I decided to shed some light in my readers direction by sharing some positive and mind bugling thoughts as usual.
As simple as this one word question sounds, a lot of direction can be lost or gotten if answered wrongly or correctly. Many a times in our lives we seem to be on auto pilot as we make decisions or engage in activities because we have been told to do so, or because everyone is doing so, or because it “seems” we have to. The interesting thing about asking ourselves why, is that not only do we have a proper sense of direction but we also have a deep sense of fulfillment knowing fully well we are on the right track.
One good secular example is the modern educational system, many youths now choose higher education because the society says you need to have a degree to be you, a degree defines you and without it you are nothing. Now without asking the right questions many people dive head deep into acquiring degrees they don’t have an inclination for and acquire huge amounts of debts in student loans. This is not to say higher education is not useful, however know why exactly you need it. They graduate coming out almost exactly as they went in, except with a lot more frustration having to see the society lied to them, and a lot more un fulfillment. The same thing applies to spiritual life too, usually I always ask devotees the “why” question.
Why are you a devotee? Why are you coming to programs, mangala etc? Why do you attend classes? Why do you observe sacred fasts? Why do you dress as you do? Why do you chant? Why are you having this diet? Why are you going to India? Why are you keeping certain associations? Why do you have certain kind of friends? Just to mention a few. If one doesn’t have a strong enough “why” even the simplest things are difficult. However the moment you know and locate your why, you develop a strong sense of direction that most people can never understand, because they are not on the same frequency as you are. Once you identify your “why” you have a sense of fulfillment that is inexplicable to anyone and usually doesn’t make “sense” to someone who is trying to see things from their perspective. The moment you understand your “why” you are one step closer to unravelling the most complex intricacies in life.
More So, one might ask but is identifying the reason “why” the only thing we have to know, well of course not. If you identify the why and do not work in that direction it is also pointless, so in as much as we need to identify the “why” we need to work in that direction.
Furthermore, identifying one’s “why” comes with its own challenges, because usually it doesn’t fit into the society’s perception of how things should be done and you might see yourself on a one man journey or having to face opposition. The general tendency is to oppose whatever we feel is contrary to what we understand and believe in, however when you know why exactly you do whatever you do, in whatever field of your life you immediately rise above such dualities.
Thus the next time you are in any situation or about making decisions ask yourself deep down inside, why am I doing or about to do this? What does it serve in my life? Why do I feel the need to do this? Why cant I do without it? Simple as they sound, you will notice the immense power you get when these vague thoughts are addressed and begin to notice your life move as you direct and not just living as if your life is happening to you and you are just a victim in life.
In a nut shell, suffice it to say that the intention(s) behind every action is just as important as the act itself. We as Vaisnavas have one goal in mind and that is to satisfy Vrajendranandana Syam Krsna with all our activities, if your activities aren’t giving satisfaction to Krsna ultimately then we need to review our spiritual choices and decisions. In the same vein, if our material, emotional, psychological, and physical decisions aren’t meeting a particular objective that we have decided to achieve and not one dictated by crowd, vox populi, etc, then we are alive but not living.
Looking forward to hear from you all. Have a lovely day.


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